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Reversal of the Heart - Kyra by Inkheart7
Reversal of the Heart - Kyra
Since it's been a while since I made any fan-art based of "Reversal of the Heart" I figured, I'd come up with something new and in my own style. So here it is, i know no name is mentioned in the actuall but since the name is spread all over net of fan-sites, I figured, what the hell.
The Falls

The Queen must have regained consciousness at some point while the group was escaping through the tunnel, and by the state of her, they had to guess that she had just followed them through it out of desperation. Her man was a mess, her white coat was faded with mud and grime, and her cloak was in tatters, although some if not most of this damaged could have happened during the crash inside the courtroom. Whatever the case, the Queen was here and she was seriously ticked off, but despite that Goggles pushed himself away from the others and stepped in front of the group, if may have taken some time to drum the idea into his thick head but Goggles had come too far to allow his friends to suffer for his sake now, especially after they had just risked their freedom, their health, even their lives just for him. And there was no way that he would allow Icicle to do anything to them now.

“Leave them alone Icicle,” he demanded, staring fiercely back at the Queen. “Your fight is with me!”

“My fight is with everyone who would dare stand in my way!!!” Icicle screamed furiously. “And I’ll not be denied my wish Gizmonk, you and your disgusting friends must die.”

At those words Icicle then began to power up her horn, at that action the rest of the group huddled together for comfort, they could have ran but after seeing that Icicle’s magic is so powerful it could catch up to them in seconds, they saw no other way out of this. Goggles however stood his ground, for some reason he did not look frightened at all, it was as though his own fear had faded away into nothing while the others fears grew. Suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise, including the Queen’s, Icicles magical aura simply snuffed out from her horn for no reason.

“What?” she said, trying to reignite her horn but to no avail. “What’s going on with my magic!?!”

That was a question everyone wanted the answer to, it made no sense that the Queen’s magic would simply just stop just like that, Goggles however merely laughed, much to everyone’s further confusion.

“This whole mess started because you accused me of being a thief,” he stated, taking a few steps closer to the confused Queen. “Now it ends with me being exactly what you said I was.”

But that statement only made everyone even more confused.

“What are you…?” Icicle tried to say, suddenly becoming at a loss for words when she saw Goggles taking something out of his vest pocket.

The object Goggles now held in his paw shocked the very life out of the Jappanese Queen, and needless to say the others were shocked to see this too, however the Cutie Mark Crusaders only seemed to stay confused. There, right in front of everyone, Goggles held none other than the spherical red stone that was the Polaris Star, something he managed to snatch off Icicle’s unconscious body before escaping down the Diamond Dogs’ tunnel. Realising what Goggles was holding, icicle looked down at her own neck, she couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed it before, in fact Applejack, Pinkie nor the Diamond dogs could believe they hadn’t noticed before, while Goggles held the real Polaris Star in his paw, Icicle was instead wearing the fake Alicorn Amulet that Trixie had brought with her, undoubtedly something that fell out of her saddlebags during the whole fiasco back at the courtroom. Needless to say, Icicle was furious as the realisation finally managed to soak its way into her head.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!” she screamed.

“Turns out that little crash in the courtroom provided the perfect dust cover for me,” Goggles said with a smirk, “It’s interesting, you didn’t even feel it when your magic began to fade, by my reckoning I’d say you have about a minute of magic left before you’re nothing more than an Earth Pony with a horn!”

And to add insult to injury, much to the sudden surprise to everyone else Goggles then threw the Polaris Star towards the river, before anyone could stop him, the stone splashed into the cold running water and disappeared into the depths. After that Goggles crossed his arms with pride, seeing Icicle in such a state of distress gave him more satisfaction than he could have ever hoped for. However Icicle was more enraged than she had ever been in her entire life, not only had this Gizmonk refused to die, but he had also have taken away the one thing that she had desired the most, and by her blackest part of her soul, she wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

“Then I’ll just have to use that minute to take away what YOU care about most!!!” she screamed as she lunged directly at Applejack, knocking everyone else aside and pinning her to the ground with a deranged look upon her face. “Let’s see how well your friend does with a frozen heart!”

At those words icicle then struggled to use the very last ounce of her magic to form a single long shard of ice directly above Applejack’s chest, however before she could force the piece of ice downward, Icicle found herself being pulled away by the other members of the group.

“APPPLEJACK!!!” they all screamed as they all forced the deranged Unicorn of her.

As Icicle struggled against the might of three Diamond Dogs, an Earth Pony and a Sphinx, she began to lash out at everything and everyone, son such so that she instantly lost her concentration on her final spell and the shard of ice she created simply melted away after flopping to the side of Applejack’s head like a floppy piece of plastic. However while the elder ponies were able to restrain her, she still continued to fight, clearly she was as stubborn as she was soiled even in her obvious defeat.

“You miserable little peasants!!!” she screamed, breaking one of her hind legs free of Fido’s grip.

If Fido had been able to keep his hold on Icicle’s leg at that point then maybe things wouldn’t have taken a turn for the worse, however since he couldn’t hold on Icicle’s leg was free to deliver one final buck in no intended direction, and unfortunately for a certain young Earth Pony filly, whose curiosity had driven her to wander a little too close to the action, that buck collided with the side of her body, sending her flying directly into the nearby river.

“APPLE BLOOM!!!” The other Crusaders screamed in panic.

Needless to say everyone else shared in the Crusader’s terror as they realised what had just occurred, taking their attention off Icicle for a moment they all stared in distress upon seeing Apple Bloom trying desperately to keep her head above the water as the current of the icy cold river carried her closer to the rapids.

“BY CELESTIA!!!” Goggles screamed taking off after the filly with no hesitation.

“HANG ON APPLE BLOOM!!!” Applejack yelled, following suit.

Seeing the Gizmonk run across the bank of the river, trying to keep up with the filly she had just kicked into the water, Icicle tried her best to take advantage of the situation and go after him, however that what was when Jinx and the three Diamond Dogs shifted their weight and made sure that she was pinned to the ground.

“I would keep very still if I were you!!!” Sphinx snarled, her teeth bared in Icicle’s face.

Meanwhile, while Icicle was trapped with Jinx and the Diamond Dogs and an unconscious Trixie, Pinkie Pie, the remaining Cutie Mark Crusaders and Applejack struggled to keep up with the speeding current of the river that was dragging Apple Bloom further and further away from them, only Goggles seem to be able to get any closer with the help of his Gizmonk speed.

“HELP!!!” Apple Bloom wailed out, as she continued to struggle to keep her head above the water.

Seeing her little sister in danger and getting further and further away from her, Applejack tried desperately to keep up but to no avail, finally she saw that she had no other choice but to trust in someone else until she could.

“Goggles!!!” she screamed, grabbing something out of her saddlebag and throwing it towards the Gizmonk in front of her. “Catch!”

Instantly reacting, Goggles turned for a moment, just long enough for him to catch the rope that Applejack had thrown to him. Knowing full-well what Applejack had required of him, Goggles continued running as he began to tie one end of the rope around his waist, picking up speed as he tried to run ahead of  Apple Bloom. Finally after reaching a few yards ahead of the filly, the Gizmonk managed to find a small stump with a small, but strong lower branch still attached to it, to which he then tied the other end of the rope.

“Hang on kiddo, I’m coming!” he called out, making sure that both ends we knotted up good and tight.

As Apple Bloom was carried ever closer and closer towards where he was, goggles couldn’t help but gulp, this time there were no tail lighting up, no gadgets, no gizmos, just him and a rope. And frankly that’s all he really needed with what he was about to do next, once Apple Bloom was finally within reach, the Gizmonk took a deep breath and jumped from the bank and into the icy cold water, catching Apple Bloom just as she was about to pass by.

“Gotcha!” he yelled, wrapping his tail around her waist for extra support.

“G… Goggles?” Apple Bloom coughed, finally able to breathe as the rope kept her and Goggles above the water.

“Who did you expect?” Goggles chuckled. “Mare-do-well?”

With the situation they were in, Apple Bloom wouldn’t have been surprised if Goggles was some kind of a superhero like that, given the small size of the Gizmonk compared to her he shouldn’t have been able to catch Apple Bloom like that, and yet he found a way to do so by wrapping his tail around her while using all four of his other limbs like arms to support her weight in the water as the stump and rope he was attached to kept them in place like an anchor against the rushing current of the water.

“Applejack!!!” Goggles screamed. “I got her! Pull us in!”

Hearing this Applejack couldn’t help but sigh with relief as she and the other continued to run towards the two individuals on the river. However her relief was short lived once she caught wind of what was happening now, as it turned out the rush of the current was stronger than either she or Goggles had anticipated, within moments the rope Goggles and Apple Bloom were attached began to break apart.

“Oh Scrap-bunnies,” Goggles gulped, seeing that the rope was now only hanging by a thread.

At those words, the rope snapped in two and both Goggles AND Apple Bloom were carried off by the strengthening current.

“NO!!!” Applejack screamed, witnessing the events.

As they now both were swept amongst the foaming rush of the rapids, the Gizmonk held Apple Bloom even tighter to him so that she could at least provide some sort of protecting for the little filly, however the worst was yet to come. As the rapids began to level out, the water’s current became faster than ever before, realising what this meant Goggles took the opertunity to get a look ahead when he and Apple Bloom managed to get their heads out of the water, as he had feared there was no more river a few yards ahead, instead was nothing more than a complete sheer drop.

“SCRAP!!!” Goggles squealed as he tried desperately to figure a way out of the situation.

However time was ticking fast, Applejack and the others were nowhere near them, and Apple Bloom and Goggles were now only seconds away from falling to their deaths. Closing their eyes, the two waited for the end, suddenly just after Goggles and Apple Bloom went over the edge, they stopped falling. Opening his eyes for a moment, Goggles looked up and saw that the rope he and Apple Bloom were attached to had managed to get tangled up in a small shrub of a tree branch that hung just below the top of the waterfall, however judging from the way it was holding, it looked as though Apple Bloom and Goggles weren’t going to stay in this situation for long.

“Apple Bloom keep your eyes closed,” Goggles instructed fearfully. “You’re just gonna have to trust me, okay?”

Apple Bloom didn’t even dare to argue, she was so scared that she would have kept her eyes shut either way, seeing her nod in agreement Goggle then began to climb up the rope. It wasn’t easy, in fact some would even say that this task was impossible, but Goggles knew that he had to do what he could to save the life of his very first friend. Using his legs and tail to keep hold of the young filly, Goggles used his arms to pull himself and Apple Bloom up the rope in hopes of finding something sturdier to hold on to, however this proved to be a challenge since Apple Bloom was at least 3 times bigger than he was, and there was only so much weight the little Gizmonk could handle. Finally, after what felt like ages, the two finally managed to get high enough for Goggles to reach the branch holding the rope, however just as Goggles was about to reach for the thicker part of branch, the skinner end finally gave out under the weight of the two and the rope was released, luckily Goggles had managed to grab hold of it before the two once again began falling.

“What just happened!?!” Apple Bloom asked fearfully, still keeping her eyes closed.

Goggles could bear to tell her, how could he? Right now he was holding onto a twig that was literally hanging by a thread and Apple Bloom was just below him crying her eyes out in fear, all seemed lost. However in a fortunate turn of events, Goggles observational skills once again turned to his benefit, looking from the twig, to the branch, to the trunk of the tree itself, Goggles saw that the base of the tree was rooted directly into one of the lower ledges next to the waterfall, a ledge that would serve perfectly as a means of reaching dry land with one short climb up the 3 foot rock face next to it. However there was a downside, the ledge was at least a few feet away which meant that the only means of getting there would be to jump, but in their situation he couldn’t jump off the branch they were hanging onto, they couldn’t even move without risking the branch from snapping any more than it already did. As such, goggles was left with only one choice, a choice which he was gladly willing to make.

“The branch won’t hold us both kiddo!” he called down to Apple Bloom, much to the Earth Pony’s confusion.

“Huh?” she exclaimed, bewilderingly.

However instead of a verbal response Goggles then proceeded to swing his lower body bank and forth like a swing, as the momentum began to build up, the branch above him became weaker and weaker,

“Goggles, what are you doing!?!” Apple Bloom screamed, not knowing what was going on in the slightest.

This was it, this was the once chance Goggles had of saving Apple Bloom’s life… but little did the filly know that this task would come at a cost.

“Don’t forget me,” the Gizmonk whispered.

At those words, Goggles swung his body one final time and let go, throwing Apple Bloom from his grip and causing her to land just on the edge of the ledge. Finally able to open her eyes, Apple Bloom turned her head just long enough to see the branch finally snap sending the Gizmonk who saved her life directly downward.

“GOGGLES!!!” she screamed tearfully, launching herself to try to least grab the robe that he was still attached to, only to narrowly miss as the end passed her face.

As Goggles continued to fall, he was able to get one last look at Apple Bloom looking down at him from the ledge, see her, he couldn’t help but smile, if by saving the life of this little filly was going to meet his end then he was glad to do so, and that he had managed to live at least a fraction of a good life before then. As he fell flashes of the memories he had in Ponyville began flood into his mind, the Gizmonk’s fear faded and was replaced with joy, he remembered when he first began setting up a business with Silver Lining, becoming Trixie’s first real friend, dancing with Princess Luna during Nightmare Night, giving Spike and Applejack the chance to share each other’s feelings, even his first birthday party. But none of those memories even compared to the first one he ever truly had in Ponyville, the day when he first met the filly who saved his life in Fluttershy’s cottage, a filly which he had finally returned the favour to at last, a filly who became the first member of his beloved family. With those memories in his mind, Goggles finally began to feel at peace as his tears fell from his eyes and joined the flow of the waterfall as his body disappeared into the misty bottom.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 37
The latest chapter of my new mlp fic
Courtroom Drama

The sun had not even began to rise during the extremely early hours of the morning sky above Equestria, and yet there was something other than the early birds who were making a lot of noise. Still flying in Goggles’ P.L.A.N.E. the Cutie Mark Crusaders were still trying to figure out where in Equestria they were.

“This is ridiculous!” Scootaloo complained as she kept the aircraft up in the sky. “I can’t see a darn thing!”

“You sure the map is right?” Silver Spoon asked.

“Ah don’t know, ah’m not a navigator,” Apple Bloom snapped as she looked over the large piece of paper she found under the backseat. “Ah can’t even tell whether we’re even ON the map anymore.”

“Well we better do something soon,” Scootaloo said worryingly. “I don’t know how much juice this thing has left.”

Needless to say that was a concern all four fillies had shared, while they may have figured out how to operate Goggles’ P.L.A.N.E. thanks to his instructions, the only thing it didn’t say was how long it could stay airborne with the amount of power it had since he had never tested it before. Suddenly something else grabbed the Crusader’s concern in the form of a sudden jerk from the plane.

“What was that!?” Sweetie Belle asked fearfully.

“Ah’ll check the bottom,” Apple Bloom said reassuringly.

Being the only pony other than Trixie to spend a great deal of time in the lab with Goggles, she felt like it was her responsibility to study the very structure of the P.L.A.N.E. before they even took off, as such she knew about one of the mechanisms that opened up a small hatch in the floor. As she opened up the hatch she was met with a horrifying sight, where she should have seen a bunch of machinery that connected the landing gear to the P.L.A.N.E. was nothing more than the snow-covered ground only a few stories below them.

“Uh-oh,” Apple Bloom gasped.

“Uh-oh?” Sweetie Belle exclaimed, not liking what she was hearing in the slightest. “No uh-oh! Never say uh-oh!!!”

But Apple Bloom had to ignore Sweetie Belle’s dramatic outburst, since she had terrible news to say.

“Scoot, we’re flying too low!” she yelled frighteningly. “Y’all must have hit something, the landing gear’s gone!!!”

But that was just the tip of the ice-berg as more bad news began occurring in the form of a flashing red light on the dashboard.

“And so is the power!!!” Scootaloo screamed.

No wonder the P.L.A.N.E. was flying low, the only reason the Crusaders didn’t notice at first was because of how dark it was, but the machine’s power was now indeed depleted, after all, they had been in the air all night. Realising that this could only mean one thing, Scootaloo abandoned the controls and began rummaging under the seat, pulling out four sets of backpacks.

“You guys know how to use a parachute?” she asked, tossing one to each of her friends

“NO!!!” they all screamed simultaneously.

Scootaloo couldn’t help but rolled her eyes at that.

“Well now’s a great time to learn cause we’re going down!!!” she screamed.

At those words all the Crusaders strapped themselves’ into a parachute out of sheer panic, once they were all set, Scootaloo opened up the cover of another big button on the dashboard.

“Just pull the cord on my lead!” she yelled, slamming her hoof on the button. “HANG ON!!!”

That scream echoed right into the sky as the P.L.A.N.E.’s cockpit opened up and all four fillies were shot up into the air from their seats. Within moments the Cutie Mark Crusaders were all falling in mid-air, and while Scootaloo may have been able to walk on clouds since she was a Pegasus, at this moment she found it difficult to move since Sweetie Belle was wrapping her hooves around her tightly during the free-fall.

“Hey let go of me!” Scootaloo screamed as she and Sweetie Belle began to spin out of control.

However Sweetie Belle was too panic-stricken to even take notice of any sense anymore.

“I want my Mommy!!!” she screamed.


Meanwhile back in the courtroom of Baltimare Prison, Goggles, Applejack and those Icicle had frozen to the wall all stared in fear as the Queen herself, along with Captain Tod and the rest of the Gem Foxes as well as several of the Baltimare Prison guards all surrounded them, crossbows at the ready.

“I should have known that you would try escaping again, Gizmonk,” Icicle said with a disgusted look upon her face. “After all, your filthy species would do anything to survive wouldn’t it? In many ways you’re like cockroaches, difficult to crush and just as disgusting.”

Applejack growled at that.

“Why you heartless piece off…!” she tried to say, only to be rudely interrupted by Icicled continued rant.

“And what’s worse, you’ve corrupted the minds of innocent ponies that should have known better to leave you to your deserved fate!” she said cruelly. “Then again they were probably easy to fool, they come from that backwater town, Ponyville I assume?”

However Goggles didn’t dignify that remark with an answer, instead he merely narrowed his eyes and said his piece, after all, what was the pint in holding back now?

“It’s called having friends Icicle,” he said boldly, obviously proud of being in the company of such good ponies. “Maybe you should try getting some.”

But Icicle only laughed at that.

“Friends!?! Don’t make me laugh,” she chuckled. “You really think that you and a punch of peasants can stop me from getting what I want? I ALWAYS get what I want!”

At those words everyone looked at Icicle with fire in their eyes, even Pinkie Pie was twitching an eye with fury from her imprisonment in the ice, which was basically the only thing she could do since she along with Jinx and the three Diamond Dogs only had their heads and tails being the only part of their bodies not encased in the frozen prison. But their fury aside, there was still nothing the group could do at this point, most of them were frozen to the wall, Trixie was still out cold from her Teleportation Spell and Applejack and Goggles were easily outnumbered at least 20 to 1 against all the Gem Foxes and Prison guards in the room. Needless to say Icicle was relishing in every moment of the situation.

“Face it Goggles,” she sneered, leaning in towards him, the Polaris Star still pulsating around her neck. “You’ve lost.”

At first it seemed like icicle was indeed right, the situation did seem hopeless, however that was when something happened that no one would ever come to expect in the slightest. While Icicle was distracted with Goggles, the Captain of the Gem Foxes stepped forward and stod right behind her

“Actually…” he said shrewdly, pointing his crossbow directly at Queen Icicle’s head. “YOU have!”

Needless to say, this action took everyone by surprise, especially Goggles and Icicle, what made it even weirder was the fact the rest of the Gem Foxes were doing the same thing by pointing their own crossbows at the closest Baltimare Prison Guard.

“Sorry Your Highness,” Tod chuckled. “But me and my bros have indulged you long enough.”

Icicle’s eye twitched with fury upon hearing that, she didn’t even dare to turn around with the tip of Tod’ arrow pointing to the base of her head.

“Tod!?!” she growled. “You back-stabbing piece of…”

“Well I learnt from the best!” Tod snapped, almost losing his cool with the amount of anger he put into that remark. “And as much fun as it was doing a little damage on your behalf, Icy-baby, the offer Miss Trixie made was far too tempting to resist.”

At those words Goggles eyes widened with shock, TRIXIE had something to do with this?

“What offer?” he asked nervously.

Tod slyly smiled at that.

“It’s quite simple really,” he explained. “The mare promised to get us the Polaris Star provided we let her along with few ponies and a couple of Diamond Dogs into the prison with the supplies they needed to break their little Gizmonk buddy out.”

However Goggles did not take that explanation well.

“She did WHAT!?!” he gasped.

Trixie made a deal with TOD!?! And she offered him something impossible to even try to acquire in exchange? She must have lied out of desperation, there could be no other reason, right? Finding the whole thing too much to absorb, Goggles looked to Applejack for some form of rational thought.

“The varmint caught us trying to sneak in through the Guard’s Entrance,” she admitted, explaining the full story at last. “Before he could take us to the Queen, Trixie offered him a deal there and then and he was more than willing to take us up on it.”

Goggles raised an eyebrow at that.

“Why?” Goggles asked, staring at the Gem Fox accusingly.

“Distant cousins of Diamond Dogs yo,” Tod answered, adjusting his sunglasses. “Our obsession over gems is a trait that both species share save for one small difference, while Diamond Dogs are attracted to any ordinary gem, we Gem Foxes only go for the rarest and most magical of stones.”

So Goggles’ suspicion WAS right, Tod and his goons did only follow Icicle for their own selfish ends.

“The only reason that me and my bros followed you Icy-baby is because you promised it to us after we served you for a period of time,” Tod continued, confirming Goggles’ thoughts on the matter. “Ain’t that right?”

Icicle growled at that, putting on a small smile.

“And you were dumb enough to fall for it,” she said mockingly, causing the gem Fox to further drive the tip of his arrow into her neck. “But tell me Tod, why disobey now?”

“What can I say?” Tod growled before leaning in order to whisper something into Icicle’s ear. “A mongrel’s gotta give into his greed somehow.”

Icicle’s eyes widened at that, Tod must have heard her rant just after he left her chamber’s earlier, she always did have the habit of talking to herself when she believed she was alone, only now it seemed like it backfired on her greatly.

“And since the little escape plan isn’t doing the Gizmonk and his buddies’ any favours at the moment,” Tod continued. “It would appear that WE will have to take action ourselves.”

However at those words, Icicle merely laughed again, much to the confusion of everyone else.

“You really think that I would be stupid enough to let you mongrels anywhere near me without regarding my own safety?” she asked playfully.

At first, no one knew what she meant, however upon seeing the Polaris Star around her neck glow even more violently, Applejack and Goggles knew what Icicle was about to do. Before Tod and his pack could even blink, Icicle then raised her head high and stomped down her right forehoof hard against the floor, after which a massive white shockwave erupted from the tip of her horn and blasted Tod and his pack right into the wall, encased in a frozen prison just like Pinkie Pie, Jinx and the Diamond Dogs. Unfortunately for the Prison Guards, they too were encased in ice for Icicle didn’t really care about them, Goggles Applejack and Trixie would have suffered the same fate had Trixie were not still lying on the floor out cold, and Applejack and Goggles were not able to duck to the floor just in the nick of time. After casting her spell, Icicle looked proud as she casually blew off the steam from her horn, she then decided to look up to Tod with a mocking smirk.

“I guess I’ll just have to execute you and your followers too Tod,” she said cruelly as the blue Gem Fox struggled beneath the ice. “Shame really, you DID have your uses despite your vulgar smell.”

Tod snapped his jaws at that, if Goggles insulting him was bad enough, Icicle rubbing everything in his face was even worse.

“As for YOU!” Icicle snapped, turning her head towards the cowering Gizmonk, her horn pulsating with her magical aura. “Any last words before I turn you into a Popsicle?”

This was it, he was done for, not even Applejack could do anything to stop Icicle now, Goggles was literally only a few seconds from death.  However just as his life was about to flash before his eyes, the Gizmonk was suddenly distracted by a loud whirring sound reaching his ears.

“What the heck is that noise?” he thought aloud.

Icicle raised an eyebrow at that.

“Strange choice of words,” she said confusingly, before regaining herself and putting more energy into her horn.

However before Icicle could even use her spell, another voice stopped her in her tracks.

“Twitchy Tail!” Pinkie Pie screamed from her frozen Prison. “TWITCHY TAIL!!!”

Instantly reacting, both Applejack and Goggles looked up at Pinkie Pie, her body was still frozen to the wall but her tail was indeed twitching, in fact it was shaking so violently that it looked more like it was vibrating. Upon seeing this Goggles and Applejack looked at each other with horror, because both of them knew enough about Pinkie Pie’s Pinkie Sense to know that a twitchy tail only meant one thing. In a matter of seconds, Applejack and Goggles dashed towards Trixie and pulled her with them as they took cover underneath one of the benches that wasn’t damaged during the Goggles’ fight with the other Gem Foxes, needless to say, this action confused Icicle so much that she was at a loss for words, yet alone actions.

“What are you…” she tried to say, before her ears perked up.

As it turned out, Goggles was right about seeing a strange sound, however it would have seemed that he was able to hear it before Icicle did. But the noise itself was as much of a problem as was the source of it, it was lucky that Pinkie’s tail had warned Applejack and goggles about the upcoming event because at that moment, something large and metal burst through the front wall of the courtroom in an explosion of fire and stone. When the dust finally began to settle, Applejack had to push several pieces of broken timber and rubble away from the bench she, Trixie and Goggles were hiding under, but aside from a few scratches they were otherwise okay.

“Is that… my P.L.A.N.E.!?!” Goggles gasped as he was finally able to get a look at what was left of the scrap of metal that had just burst through the wall and was now just lying in piece in the centre of the room.

However before he could get a better look at his now scrapped invention, he was interrupted by the panicked voice of Applejack

“Goggles, let’s get out of here!” she cried, carrying Trixie on her back. “Now’s our chance to get going!”

Applejack did have a very good point, it didn’t matter what state his invention was in now or how it got here, what mattered was the fact that it had just provided the perfect opportunity to escape while everyone else was either knocked out or confused. However before anything else, the first thing to do was to get everyone else free from the ice, luckily all it took was a few strong bucks from Applejack to make that happen.

“COME ON!!!” she screamed as everyone collapsed to the floor, finally free from their icy prison.

It may have taken them all a few moments for them all to regain themselves after being frozen to the wall, but eventually Jinx, Pinkie and the Diamond Dogs were finally able to shake some of the cold off. However the escape wasn’t going to be easy for them, especially since there was snow outside, but despite their chills they knew that they had no choice but to run right there and then, following Applejack’s lead, all of them followed Rover towards the now destroyed Judge’s bench and started to make their way down the hole he and the other Diamond Dogs had made. However being at the back of the group, Goggles took one last look around the room,as more of the dust began to settle he saw a lot more of the damage in detail, with what’s left of the P.L.A.N.E. lying in pieces in the centre of the room, the damage it created upon its impact looked devastating, a massive hole remained in the wall about ten feet off the ground and the rubble that fell from it littered the entire courtroom, shattering almost everything in sight, luckily those who had been frozen to the wall suffered little more than a few bruises. However that was when Goggles noticed the one creature he had hoped had sustained an even worse injury, laying barely unconscious underneath a pile of broken timber was none other than Queen Icicle herself, Goggles could only guess that she must have dove out of the mater mere seconds before the P.L.A.N.E. crashed, getting knocked out it the process. Upon seeing her Goggles’ face lit up, as did the orb at the end of his tail.


At the other end of the Diamond Dogs’ tunnel, Jinx was the last one to climb out into the snow before Goggles came out right behind her. As Rover and his comrades had been instructed, they had dug the tunnel as close to the prison’s boards as close as they possibly could, it was just a small measurement from the river’s edge and dug so deep that the dogs were able to dig underneath the bed of the river to avoid any collapse from the weight of the water. After leaving the tunnel, the group found themselves at the bank of the river right next to a tree-line that grew a short distance away from the prison drawbridge.

“I can’t remember the last time I felt snow beneath my paws,” Jinx said with a sigh, clearly enjoying the taste of freedom she had been longing to experience again for so long.

“Yeah, yeah, we can admire the scenery later,” Goggles scoffed. “How long before we make it to the tracks?”

“It should be a few yards ahead!” Rover said confidently, pointing towards the tree-line.

However before they could all make a run for it, Goggles stopped upon hearing another voice just a few yards to his left.

“Remind me again why we let Scootaloo drive!” it said.

“Hey, it’s not my fault the controls are way different than a scooter!” said another.

As soon as those words reached the ears of everyone else apart from Jinx, they all widened their eyes in shock for they knew who those voices belonged to. Instantly reacting, they all followed the voices along the tree line, as they had suspected they found the Cutie Mark Crusaders hanging upside down from a tree by a tangled mass of parachutes, the fortuitous result from what happened after they shot themselves out of a crashing aircraft. In many ways they were lucky to be alive.

“What the…!?!” Applejack gasped, completely astounded at what she was seeing.

At those words, the four fillies stopped arguing and looked at the older pony with fear in their eyes.

“Oh uh… Hey Applejack,” Apple Bloom said nervously, “How’s it hanging?”

However Applejack was not in the mood for jokes.

“Apple Bloom!?!” she yelled “What in tarnation are y’all doing here!?!”

That was when the Crusaders’ look of fear changed to a look of determination.

“We came to save Goggles!” Apple Bloom said proudly.

“Yeah, we want to get him out too!” Scootaloo added.

Goggles didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that, it was just so touching that these four fillies were also willing to risk everything for him, and what’s more, now he knew how his P.L.A.N.E. got from the Apples’ barn to Baltimare Prison.

“Sorry to disappoint you kiddo,” he chuckled, stepping out from behind Applejack and allowing the fillies to see him clearly. “But your sister kinda beat you too it.”

Upon seeing their mascot, all four fillies gasped with joy.

“Goggles!” Apple Bloom squealed.

“You’re alright!!!” Silver Spoon added.

Before another word could be spoken, Rover took the liberty of hanking the four fillies free from their bonds, with one quick pull he managed to snap the robes holding them to the tree and lowered them to the ground, once free the Crusaders didn’t hesitate to pull Goggles into a group hug.

“We thought we’d never see you again,” Sweetie Belle said, shedding a few small tears.

“Speak for yourself,” Scootaloo said, trying to sound tough but unconvincingly so as she too began to cry.

“Oh girls,” Goggles sighed, blissfully enjoying every second of this moment. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

“And neither can ah!” Applejack said sternly, causing all five of them to nervously pull away from the hug. “Ah told y’all this is too dangerous! And how did you girls even get here anyway?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Goggles pointed out. “They gave my new gizmo a much-needed test run,”

“Yeah put I think you should have juiced it up a little more,” Scootaloo said, scratching her head. “We ran out of power about 5 minutes before we crashed.”

“That would explain the little explosion in the courtroom just now,” Pinkie Pie said, earning a nod from Jinx and the Diamond Dogs in response.

However Applejack had a different response to hearing that her little sister and her friends not only risked their lives by stealing an aircraft and crashing it.

“Wait,” she said, her eye twitching with anger and confusion. “You did WHAT!?!”

But while Applejack’s concerned anger was understandable, Goggles chose to ignore it for now.

“Guess using artificial lightning was a bit too small,” he admitted. “Knew I should have used Twittermites instead.”

However as touching as this moment was, there was still the matter of everyone trying to get as far away from the prison as possible before someone decided to come after the group. Luckily Jinx was the first to regain her common sense.

“Never mind all that,” she said urgently. “We gotta get out of here before…”

“LOOK OUT!” Rover screamed, cutting her off as he pushed her out of the way just as a blast of ice-magic narrowly missed them and hit one of the trees behind them.

Turning their heads towards the source of the magic, the group stared in horror as they saw another figure walking towards them with a furious glare burning into her face.

“You are NOT escaping again!!!” Icicle screamed as she edged her way closer towards them.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 36
The latest Chapter of my new MLP fic

Hey guys, for those who keep up to date with my work, I've got a bit of important news.

As of the 25th of May, I shall be leaving to hostel and being transferred to a farmhouse in Mount Pleasant for my job Harvesting Olives. During my stay there for 3 weeks, i shall be completely cut off from any form of internet, therefore I will not be able to do my usual posts until after the job is over. Just figured you all deserved to know before thinking that I've disappeared off the face of the earth or something.

Out of the Frying pan and into the Fire

“What do you mean we can’t get out the way you came in!?!” Jinx snapped after hearing Trixie’s brief explanation of their escape plan.

After breaking Goggles and Jinx out of their cells, and getting over the fact that Goggles’ old friend was in fact a Sphinx, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Trixie were leading them through the same series of corridors they had used to get inside. However due to the methods they used to get inside in the prison in the first place, methods that they are refusing to share with Jinx and Goggles, they couldn’t exit the same way.

“Look, its complicated okay?” Trixie replied, slightly irritated with Jinx’s nagging. “Just go with it for now.”

Goggles and Jinx wanted to argue further but given the current situation he and the others were in, they thought it best to let it go for now.

“Fine,” Goggles sighed. “But could you at least tell us how you plan to get us out?”

Trixie smirked at that.

“It’s funny actually,” she replied. “I never would have thought of it had these two not decided to come along with me with a few extra friends. Me, Applejack and Pinkie Pie may have been the ones who got in, but Rover and his boys are gonna be the ones who are gonna get us out.”

At those words, Goggles’ jaw dropped with surprise.

“The Diamond Dogs?” he gasped, still trying to absorb that fact. “They’re here too?”

“Yep,” Pinkie Pie answered with her usually cheerful smile. “Basically, the plan was to get you out of your cell, then we use one of Trixie’s tracking spells to signal Rover and the others who will then dig an escape tunnel underneath the river and up into the prison to get us out. Then we just hop, skip and go our merrily way all the way home.”

However Jinx only gulped in horror upon hearing this, being a cat she wasn’t that fond of dogs even if she did have wings and was at least double the size, her fear just comes as a second nature to her.

“I’m sorry, did you say Diamond Dogs?” she asked in a panicked, demanding tone.

“Yeah,” Applejack answered. “If our hunch is right then the ponies who built this place never considered any pony associating with any Diamond Dogs before.”

However Goggles choose to ignore Jinx’s small outburst and address something else.

“Since when do you know tracking spells?” he asked.

Trixie blushed at that.

“Since I took the liberty of reading a few of those books you borrowed,” she said sheepishly. “In a nutshell I gave Rover a gem that’s linked to my spell. Once I activate it, Rover can use the gem like a compass to figure out where we are anywhere we go.”

“But if we keep moving about the prison then there’s no possible way he’s gonna be able to find us,” Applejack pointed out seriously. “So we’re gonna have to make it as easy for him and his boys by finding a safe place to hide until they can reach us.”

At those words Trixie regained her composure and once again put on a serious face.

“By our reckoning, we’re gonna have to get as close as to the main entrance of the place as much as we possibly can,” she explained. “That way Rover and his boys can get to us that much quicker.”

While this may have been a well-thought-out plan on Trixie’s part, there was still something that Goggles knew that needed to be pointed out.

“But that means that we’re gonna have to get to the courtroom on the other side of the prison,” he said worryingly, “And to do that we’re gonna have to scurry our way through an entire maze of rooms filled with Gem Foxes, Prison Guards and a psychopathic Queen who wants to kill me! So far, I’m starting to have serious doubts about this plan.”

Trixie and Applejack growled at that, granted they could understand Goggles’ doubts but he could be a little more grateful than this.

“Hey give us a break!” Trixie retorted. “We never broke anyone out of prison before!”

Jinx couldn’t help but roll her eyes upon hearing that, THESE were the ones who were gonna break her and Goggles out? Still she had to admire their loyalty to their friend, and for that she was grateful.

“Look, it may not be the best plan in the world but it’s all we got,” she admitted, causing Goggles to look up at her with awe. “And it’s not like we can come up with a better one right at this minute, I can come up with riddles in seconds but that’s as far as my own imagination goes.”

Goggles sighed at that.

“Fair point,” he said. “And it’s not like my tail is gonna be lighting up for this situation either, even if it did I doubt another gizmo would help us at this point. So what next Trixie?”

At those words, everyone stopped moving for a moment and looked to Trixie, who then smiled in response.

“Now we get sneaky,” she said with a smirk.

Hearing this Goggles and jinx looked at each other with concern, what exactly did she mean by that?


Half an hour later, Goggles and Jinx learnt what Trixie meant by getting sneak.

“How in Celestia’s name did I let you girls talk me into this?” Goggles complained as Trixie placed a pair of chafing shackles were placed onto his wrists.

As it turns out, Trixie’s big plan was to have Applejack and herself dress up as Prison Guards, while Pinkie keeps to her executioner disguise, and pretend to transfer Goggles and Jinx to the ship in order to get further out of the prison. Neither Goggles nor Jinx bothered to ask where the ponies even got a pair of Prison Guard armours or shackles since they figured that they would probably just give them the same answer when they asked about how they got into the prison in the first place.

“You sure this is going to work?” Jinx asked nervously, as Applejack gently placed a chained shackle around her neck.

“Oh relax,” Trixie said casually as she adjusted her helmet. “It’s the oldest cliché in the book, it’s a well-known fact that all guards are only hired because of their physical strength. In terms of brain-power, they’re completely stupid. Trust me this’ll be a piece of cake.”

“And what about the Gem Foxes?” Goggles protested.

“The smell of your nervous sweat will make them think y’all are on your way to the gallows easily enough,” Applejack said simply. “Ah may not be too confident about this plan either but like your friend said, it’s all we got.”

Goggles sighed at that, at this point he found it pointless to argue with Applejack or Trixie in this situation.

“You had better be right about this Trixie,” he said with a gulp.

That answer to that worry would come to Goggles sooner than he expected, about ten minutes after getting all dressed up for the occasion, the soon came to a corner which led to another door, one that was guarded by a large earth pony carrying a large crossbow and had muscles that came at an extremely close second to Bulk Biceps back in Ponyville.

“Alright,” Trixie whispered “Show time.”

At those words everyone gulped with fear, but it was too late to turn back now, going around the corner, they all walked up to the guard.

“Greetings fellow guard,” Trixie said in a stern tone, trying her best to play her part right. “These two creatures are to be transported onto the ship by order of Queen Icicle, it would appear that she has decided to move up their appointment with the executioner’s block if you know what I mean.”
At first the act seemed to be working, as soon as the guard heard Trixie’s words he looked as though he was trying desperately to think up a response to it, just as stupidly as Trixie had claimed him to be, however…

“You’re lying!” the guard snapped, pointing his crossbow at the group, catching them all be surprise. “They’re not being transferred and you’re not guards.”

Needless to say, Trixie was flabbergasted at what was happening.

“What? But I…” she tried to say, before the guard interrupted her mid-sentence.

“He doesn’t even look like he’s been transferred,” he said, pointing at the Gizmonk with his crossbow. “Look at the way he’s standing, looks like probably just itching to get going. Queen Icicle has specifically requested that only her Gem Foxes are to guard these prisoners so they wouldn’t be transferred without at least one as an escort, and the executioner’s robe is made out of bedspreads.”

At those words Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but smile sheepishly, she never was good at sowing as Rarity was, the others on the other hand could only stand there with their mouths agape, they had been caught out and this was only the first guard they’ve come across.

“Just out of curiosity, did we have a Plan B?” Goggles asked sarcastically.

That was when Applejack lost her cool, with now other way out of this situation that didn’t end with the group being led into their own cells in the prison, the orange Earth Pony turned and delivered one hard buck right into the guards face, sending him flying back into the wall and knocking him out with a goofy grin on his face as several teeth fell out of his mouth. Needless to say, everyone else were surprised by Applejack’s sudden outburst, but none the less grateful for it too.

“Huh?” Pinkie Pie said, scratching her head. “An intelligent guard? Have to admit, didn’t see that one coming.”

Jinx and Goggles couldn’t help but groan at that.

“So much for your plans of deception,” Jinx complained, as she tore off her fake shackles. “Any other sloppy plans you wanna lay out on us before you get us killed?”

“You really want to start with me!?!” Trixie retorted.

However before either of them could start fighting they were interrupted by a loud rattling coming from the door, turning their heads towards it, everyone noticed that the door the Guard was standing in front of was in fact locked, and someone was trying to get in from the other side. Judging from the snarls and growls that could be heard from the other side, Goggles knew what particular someone it was.

“Oh great, one of the Gem Foxes must have heard the noise,” he said fearfully.

“Where the heck is the damn key!” the fox’s voice growled from the other side of the door.

Upon hearing that, Jinx, Pinkie, Trixie and Applejack began to back away from the door, Goggles however simply stood where he was and raised up his paws in surrender.

“What are you doing?” Applejack asked with concern.

“That’s it AJ,” Goggles replied with gulp. “We’re done for, you guys run for it, it’s me they’ll want.”

Applejack couldn’t believe what she was hearing, even now Goggles was willing to give up over something so small as a setback, that Queen must have broken his spirit severely enough that he’s willing to give up his life. However Trixie wasn’t going to have any of this.

“We are NOT done for!” she snapped, using her magic to grab the unconscious guard’s crossbow.

“What are YOU doing?” Jinx gasped.

“I’m gonna shoot this guy in the foot when he comes in and then the rest of you are gonna slam the door in his face,” Trixie explained rashly, causing everyone to look at her with tension in their stance.

“No, no, no, no, no, that is a bad idea,” Goggles said, nervously taking away the crossbow from the Unicorn and tossing it aside. “You shoot a Gem Fox in his foot and then he and his buddies are gonna come along and eat Gizmonk for dinner. It’s over.”

At those words Trixie growled with fury.

“Alright fine!” she snapped. “You give up then, we’re out of here.”

Suddenly Trixie began scrunching up her face and her horn began to pulsate with her magical pink aura.

“Trixie what are y’all doing?” Applejack demanded, desperately wanting to know what was going on through Trixie’s head.

“I’m teleporting us out of here,” Trixie said plainly, trying desperately to keep her focus.

However while Jinx and Goggles only looked at her with a confused expression upon their faces, Pinkie Pie and Applejack looked at her with horror.

“Ah thought you said you couldn’t teleport out of this prison!” Applejack pointed out.

“And what happened to only being able to carry two at a time?” Pinkie Pie added.

Trixie sighed at that.

“That’s just my limit to how many I can transport without straining myself,” she explained. “And while we may not be able to get out of the prison itself, I might just be able to get us into the courtroom without passing out.”

Now Goggles began to understand, he may not have known much about magic save for a few potion recipes, but he knew enough from Twilight’s books the amount of energy it would take for a Unicorn to teleport. And if Trixie was planning on teleporting HERE then that was going to mean trouble.

“But with all the Magic Dampeners built into this place, it’s gonna be even harder for you just to teleport yourself, yet alone the five of us!” he protested. “And I for one am not willing to let you put yourself in a coma for me!”

However that was when Trixie did something that Goggles didn’t expect, she simply looked down at him and smiled.

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take,” she said gently.

Goggle couldn’t believe it, at this point he felt like he was gonna cry again, Trixie was willing to risk her life for his? He can’t just let her do this.

“Trixie, you can’t…” he tried to say, suddenly being cut off by the sound of splintering wood.

Turning back towards the door, everyone saw that the Gem Foxes had decided to forget using a key and punch and claw their way through the doors instead. At that moments, half a dozen Gem Foxes were all trying to force their way through a small hole that they had managed to make in the door.

“HALT!” one of the screamed. “In the name of the Queen!”

“Oh Scrap-bunnies!” Goggles squealed in terror.

At that moment, before anyone else could protest or do anything to stop her, Trixie put more energy into her spell.

“HANG ON!!!” she screamed.

Then all within a matter of seconds, a large bubble of pink magical energy formed around the group and burst in a blinding explosion of light.


When Goggles was finally able to open up his eyes again he was met with a throbbing headache, if that was what it was like to be teleported then he would rather take the train any day of the week, suddenly his eyes shot open with realisation at what had just happened. Looking over his new surroundings, Goggles once again found himself in the courtroom of the prison, around him were the stirring bodies of the whole rescue party, all of which were beginning to wake up from their sudden trip across the prison, save for one.

“TRIXIE!!!” Goggles screamed tearfully as he ran towards the limp body of his assistant, instantly followed by Applejack and the others. “Is she…”

“She’s unconscious, but ah think she’s alive,” Applejack reassured him, making sure that she was still breathing. “Looks like she activated her tracking spell just before she teleported us here too.”

At those words Applejack pointed to Trixie’s horn, which as Goggles had finally noticed, was pulsating with a faint pink glow every few seconds.

“Now Rover, Fido and Spot can dig their way to us!” Pinkie Pie said cheerfully. “Wheeee!!!”

Goggles couldn’t help but sigh at that.

“So now all we have to do is wait?” he asked hopefully.

But before Pinkie Pie or Applejack could give him a straight answer, they found themselves cut off but a panicked Sphinx.

“I don’t think that’s gonna be an option,” Jinx said worryingly. “Look!”

Looking over to where Jinx was pointing, the group was met with a horrifying sight, while Trixie was able to teleport them to the courtroom easily enough, it would seem that she had also brought some of the Gem Foxes along.

“A few foxes must have been caught up in the Magic-wave,” Pinkie Pie gasped, only to receive a series of raised eyebrows from the others. “What? I read stuff too.”

As confusing as Pinkie’s explanation was, the rest of the group had to agree with it since it was the only valid one they could think of.

“Man, what a rush,” one of the Gem Fox’s said, rubbing his head. “Where the heck…? YOU!!!”

Goggles couldn’t help back stumble backward as the fox pointed towards him accusingly, the amount of ferocity in the Gem Fox’s glare was enough to make anyone wet themselves with fright. Suddenly the fox smiled.

“So the little Gizmonk is planning another escape attempt eh?” he growled mockingly as he and the other Gem Foxes edged their way closer towards the group. “Well we’ll just see about that, maybe Captain Tod will give us a promotion if we deliver you all to him in pieces.”

At those words the other foxes began to form a circle around the group, in a matter of moments, Goggles’ rescue party found themselves’ surrounded by at least a dozen of them, and with Trixie knocked out, that allowed the foxes to outnumber the group 3 to 1. Everything was happening so fast that Goggles didn’t even have time to think anymore, as the foxes edged their way closer, he could practically smell their rancid breath upon his face. Suddenly the Gizmonk felt something upon his shoulder, looking up he saw Applejack standing over him like a mother protecting her foal, holding him close as though he were made of fragile glass.

“You stay back!” she screamed. “I’m warning ya!”

But the Gem Foxes only laughed at that.

“Don’t make us laugh cow-girl,” their leader chuckled. “Who do you think you’re dealing with, the Chibi Gang?”

“Ah don’t care who you are!” Applejack retorted. “You come near Goggles or any of my friends and ah’ll pull out your teeth and wear them for next Nightmare Night!”

Now Goggles couldn’t help but cry, these ponies, these fantastic friends, they were all doing this for his sake, he just couldn’t help but look up at applejack with awe. However before Goggles could say anything, the foxes’ leader dove right at him and Applejack.

“Look out!!!” Jinx screamed, shoving them out of the way and taking the full force of the fox’s attack.

When Goggles managed pull himself back up again, he was met with a horrifying sight, with jinx shoving him and Applejack out of the way, Pinkie Pie and Jinx were taking on the whole group of Gem Foxes by themselves, and while Pinkie Pie was able to fend them off easily by pulling her party canon out of Celestia-knows-where, Jinx on the other hand was having trouble fighting of just one due to her old leg wound playing up, even with every successful swipe of her claws landing into one of the foxes, another would simply takes it’s takes to try and overwhelm her.

“OW! MY TAIL!!! She screamed as one of the foxes managed to land a bite from behind her.

At that moment, something inside Goggles snapped, never in his life had he EVER been this angry, the Queen can frame him for theft, her foxes can beat him to a pulp, but no one, NO ONE hurts his friends and gets away with it.

“THAT’S IT!” he screamed, flames literally spurting out of his ears and nostrils with how much fury he was feeling. “THAT IS IT!!! I’VE JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH OF THESE DAMN FOXES!!!”

Needless to say Goggles sudden outburst managed to grab everyone’s attention, especially the Gem Foxes, using the speed of his Gizmonk species, Goggles then dove into Trixie’s saddlebag and pulled out his Bo-staff, thankfully for him Trixie had told him about it when the group was releasing Jinx from her cell.

“Yippee-ki-yay you flea-bitten jerks!” he screamed, fire still burning in his eyes “Come at me!!!”

But once again the foxes merely laughed.

“Oh this keeps getting better and better,” their leader sniggered. “The little Gizmonk is itchy to fight us!”

Applejack however had a different reaction.

“Goggles, what are you doing!?!” she gasped.

“You guys are willing to risk your lives to save mine,” Goggles answered. “How can I do less?”

Applejack would have protested but there was no arguing with Goggles now, he was filled with so much anger that he had lost all reason in his mind. He was framed for theft, stolen from his home, and now after risking themselves to them him, his friends are being hurt because of it, there was no amount of tea in the world that could calm him down now. And if the rules of the Animal Kingdom had taught anyone anything about monkeys and apes, it’s that one should never push their anger too far under any circumstances, otherwise one would be met with one of the strongest and most ferocious of creatures one could ever encounter. This was a fact that the Gem Foxes would instantly come to learn within the next few seconds.

“You say you wanna hurt my friends!?!” the Gizmonk growled, his jaws salivating like a rapid dog. “WELL, I WON’T LET YOU!!!”

At that moment, Goggles launched himself directly at every Gem Fox he could see, catching all of them with surprise at the amount speed and ferocity he was aiming directly at them. Within moments, the foxes who were going for Jinx and Pinkie had no choice but to leave them be and aid their comrades since Goggles was causing for much carnage. Neither Applejack, Pinkie, nor even Jinx had ever seen Goggles this infuriated, the amount of savagery he used with every strike of his Bo-staff on each Gem Fox made him appear to be a completely different Gizmonk, furniture was flying all over the place, he was screeching like a high-pitched bat, at certain points he even bit the Gem Foxes like a ferocious beast. But his methods aside, Goggles knew he was doing the right thing, not only were his friends willing to risk everything to break out of prison but Trixie had also knocked herself out to bring him that much closer to freedom, as he said so himself, how could Goggles do any less than that for them. After about five minutes, almost every single Gem Fox was either out cold or licking their wounds from the bites Goggles gave them.

“Alright then!” Goggles growled, breathing heavily from all the fighting. “Who’s next!?!”

However what Goggles didn’t realise at the time, was the fact that the leader of the Gem Foxes had somehow managed to sneak up behind him, and was now edging his way closer towards the unsuspecting Gizmonk.

“Goggles, look out!!!” Applejack screamed.

But before anyone could do anything else, the fox then launched himself directly at Goggles and picked him up by his head, Jinx, Pinkie Pie and Applejack would have done something to save him but they soon found themselves stopped by the Fox’s threatening glare.

“Keep your distance!” he yelled, turning towards them. “Or I’ll pop his head like a blueberry!”

To make his point, the fox then squeezed Goggles’ head hard, so much so that he was forced to drop his Bo-staff and try to grip at the fox’s paw with pain. Not having any other choice, all the others could do now was stand there and watch as the Gem Fox turned his attention back towards Goggles, his eyes blazing with fury out of what the Gizmonk just done to him and his goons.

“Go on,” he growled, squeezing the Gizmonk’s head even harder. “Call for help, squeal! No one is gonna save you now.”

At this point Goggles believed that the fox was indeed right, his outburst aside, there were still plenty of foxes left standing and his friends were now helpless to do anything about it. As he felt the blood begin to flood his eye sockets, Goggles felt like he was going to pass out from the pain, however that was when what the Gizmonk would consider a miracle occurred.

“OI!!!” shouted a loud, familiar voice. “Take your paws off that monkey! He’s with me!!!”

Hearing this, everyone in the room turned to face the source of the voice, sure enough from the sound of it, Goggles saw the trio of Diamond Dogs who he had come to call friends standing right behind the group of injured Gem Foxes.

“We’ve just had about enough of you stupid foxes!” Fido growled, cracking his knuckles.

“Yeah, you give the rest of us canines a bad name!” Spot added, doing the same.

At those words, Rover face acquired a large toothy grin that showed all of his sharpened teeth.

“Come on boys!” he said, putting on a pair of gem-studded knuckledusters on both his paws. “Let’s give these mutt a ruddy good kicking!!!”

The Gem Foxes gulped at that,

“Uh oh,” one of them said.

And needless to say the fox’s concern was well within reason, they may have been able to gang up on one of these guys back in Ponyville but that was by catching him off guard, now they were facing all three of them with a few injuries sustained during their fight with Goggles. Sure enough, the Diamond Dogs hit them hard, both literally and figuratively, as soon as they had managed to get Goggles out of harm’s way, the amount of violence they inflicted was so brutal that it was too vivid and horrible to even describe other than the painful howls the Gem Fox was letting out during the fight.

“OOOWWWW!!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!” one of them screamed.

“Mommy make it stop!” yelled another.

“No wait, I don’t think it’s supposed to bend that way! WAAAAHHHH!!!!” their leader squealed.

By the time rover and his boys were done, every Gem fox was piled up into a crumpled mess on the Courtroom floor.

“I… I think I have a concussion,” their leader dizzily groaned in pain. “Is it a bad sign when you smell burnt toast and everything looks like its underwater?”

On those final words the fox then fell out of consciousness along with the rest of his cohorts, leaving Goggles and the rest of the group stunned at what the Diamond Dogs had just done.

“Wow, you certainly make good on your threats,” Goggles admitted, still rubbing his head from having it squeezed.

“Well what do you expect?” Rover chuckled. “We can’t have our little buddy popped like a berry, can we?”

Goggles couldn’t help but smile at that, even Jinx seemed impressed with the Diamond Dog’s actions, even if she did feel a little nervous around them.

“Come on y’all, we gotta get moving,” Applejack said, trying to make sure everyone got back on track with the plan. “Rover, is the tunnel close?”

“It’s underneath the Judge’s bench,” Rover said, pointing towards the broken pieces of timber behind them.

“Then let’s grab Trixie and get going!” she said with a nodded, trotting over to the unconscious Unicorn.

“Woohoo! Freedom!!!” Pinkie Pie cheered happily and she bounced her way towards the hole.

Goggles couldn’t believe his luck, granted he knew things were gonna get complicated after he gets out of here, but for now he didn’t really care, for freedom was now only one small jump away. However just when things were finally starting to look better, fate decided to make a U-turn in the form of a blast of ice magic shooting up from behind the group and freezing Jinx, Pinkie Pie and the three Diamond Dogs to the wall.

“Going somewhere?” Queen Icicle sneered as she stepped out of the shadows and blew out the steam from her horn.

“Oh Scrap-bunnies,” Goggles gulped, knowing full-well what was going to happen next.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 35
the newest chapter of my mlp fic

Hey guys, for those who keep up to date with my work, I've got a bit of important news.

As of the 25th of May, I shall be leaving to hostel and being transferred to a farmhouse in Mount Pleasant for my job Harvesting Olives. During my stay there for 3 weeks, i shall be completely cut off from any form of internet, therefore I will not be able to do my usual posts until after the job is over. Just figured you all deserved to know before thinking that I've disappeared off the face of the earth or something.


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