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Gizmonk in a Barrel

About an hour had passed since the Cutie Mark Crusaders had found Goggles hiding in their clubhouse, and things down in Ponyville had seem to have gotten much worse, needless to say no pony was happy about it.

“This is an outrage!” Twilight shouted in anger as she continued following Captain Tod, much to the Gem Fox’s distain. “I don’t care if you ARE following orders, no authority in Equestria would allow you to attack a defenceless town just to search for a fugitive, much less put it in writing!”

“Oh put a sock in it Princess!” Tod snapped back, pointing a clawed finger at Twilight’s nose. “The document says by any means necessary, and we are doing what is necessary yo.”

“Princess Celestia will hear of this!” Twilight argued, only for Tod to laugh in her face upon hearing it.

“Go ahead and tell her then,” he chuckled. “But Queen Icicle is the only authority WE follow Princess, and if she wants us to tear apart every town we come across to find that Gizmonk, then that’s what we’re gonna do. So why don’t you do me a favour and just toddle off, yeah?”

Twilight gasped at that, she had never met anyone who would treat anyone, much less a Princess with so little respect, it was almost as if he didn’t care what happens so long as his Queen gets what she wants. As she watched Tod walk away from her, she couldn’t help but growl with anger, suddenly her mind turned to the very individual who was the reason behind this whole mess.

“Oh Goggles, where are you?” she whispered to herself.


Meanwhile, back at the CMC’s clubhouse, Apple Bloom’s plan was being put into action.

“You sure this is gonna work?” Scootaloo asked nervously as she helped Goggles into a large barrel.

“No, but there’s only one way to find out,” Apple Bloom answered honestly, as she watched her and Silver Spoon close up the barrel. “This may be a long shot but it’s all we got.”

“So remind me again,” Silver Spoon said, placing the lid of the barrel why are we doing this?

At those words, Goggles felt inclined to answer from inside the barrel.

“As I have mentioned, Gem Foxes have a powerful sense of smell,” he said, his voice echoing from inside the barrel. “If Apple Bloom’s plan works, then if you roll me in this barrel of cider towards Silver Spoon’s mansion, hopefully the smell of the cider with mask my own scent and I’ll be able to wait everything out until the Foxes eventually give up and leave.”

“It’s as good a plan as any,” Scootaloo admitted.

“Yeah, but what if they DON’T give up and leave?” Silver Spoon asked.

Everyone grew silent at that, for a moment no one knew what to say to that.

“Well like ah said it’s a long shot,” Apple Bloom admitted. “You ready Goggles?”

“Not really but what choice do I have,” Goggles answered sarcastically. “By my calculations, I should have enough air in here to last me about 30 minutes, you think you can get it to the mansion in that time?”

“We should,” Apple Bloom replied. “Me and Scootaloo only filled the barrel up half full.”

“Alright then, let’s go,” Scootaloo said confidently.

On that note all three fillies nodded, slammed the barrel shut with their hooves, sealing Goggles in with a half-gallon of Apple Cider.

“I just hope Sweetie Belle is going okay on her end,” Silver Spoon said worryingly as she helped Apple Bloom and Scootaloo roll the barrel down the ramp of the clubhouse.


As it turned out, Sweetie Belle was doing more than okay, as soon as she was able to reach her Sweetie Belle had managed to tell Applejack everything that Goggles had told her, as per Apple Bloom’s instructions. As soon as that seed of information was planted, it soon began to spread out rapidly as Applejack and Sweetie Belle quickly told the same thing to Trixie, who then told Twilight and the Diamond Dogs, within the hour, almost every one Of Goggles’ closest friends had been told the whole story, and while some were sceptical about it, some even said that Goggles was nothing more than a liar, most of them believed his story in an instant. The only trick was to make sure that they weren’t overheard by any foxes that walked by, who at this moment were seriously beginning to get irritated by their lack of success in finding the Gizmonk.

“Well?” Tod asked one of his comrade, really hoping for a positive answer that never came.

“There’s nothing boss,” the other fox said nervously, receiving an angry glare in response from his Captain. “We’ve searched everywhere we can think of.”

At those words, Tod growled and rubbed his temples with anguish.

“This is getting ridiculous,” he complained. “There’s only so many places in this dump of a town that he could hide.”

“The little punk must have skipped town already,” the other fox suggested with a slight gulp. “We probably only just missed him.”

Tod sighed at that.

“Undoubtedly,” he said in defeat. “Gather the boys, we move out within the hour.”

“Yes sir,” the other fox quickly said with a salute before running off to follow his Captain’s command.

“Aw man,” Tod groaned, scratching his head with disappointment. “Icy-baby’s gonna throw a fit when she hears about this.”

As much of a relief it was for those who managed to overhear Tod’s complaints of the matter, the problem was not over yet, especially for a certain group of fillies rolling a somewhat heavy barrel with their Gizmonk friend inside it. After what felt like ages pushing the barrel through the cold slush, Silver Spoon, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom were finally reaching the half-way point of their journey.

“Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom whispered. “Go find Sweetie Belle and make sure she’s okay.”

“Got it,” Scootaloo responded with a nod before running ahead, leaving Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom alone with the barrel.

“I really hope we can pull this off,” Silver Spoon said with a gulp. “I really don’t want to get up and close with one of those foxes if they find out we’re helping Goggles.”

“Neither do ah,” Apple Bloom admitted. “But look ahead, ah think they’re getting ready to leave.”

At those words, Silver Soon looked over the barrel to see what Apple Bloom was talking about, just like her friend said, all the Gem foxes seem to be gathering together in their group just about ready to leave.

“They must be giving up,” Apple Bloom continued. “But we can’t stand around with this barrel so we have to keep going.”

“No arguments there,” Silver Spoon said in agreement.

On that note the two fillies continued to roll the barrel, trying carefully to avoid the Gem Foxes’ attention. Once the final fox managed to find his way back to the group, Tod looked back towards the crowd of ponies standing behind him.

“It would seem that our efforts here have been a waste of both our times!” he called out, instantaneously receiving many angry glares and curses from the ponies, and a loud ferocious growl from the all three of the Diamond Dogs. “But if it’s any consolation, I’m sure the damages can be fixed.”

Those words, of course, Tod only used to mock the ponies in the crowd, which he made obvious with the snide tone he used. Needless to say, the crowd only reacted with a small uproar.

“Oh that’s it!” Rainbow Dash snapped as she attempted to lunge at Tod, only to be held back by her tail by Applejack. “Let me at him!”

Seeing Rainbow Dash’s display, Tod couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Go head,” he said, cracking his knuckles. “Let her go, I could use a good fight after tonight.”

However before either of them could even take another step forward, Tod managed to catch something at the corner of his eye, specifically two small fillies rolling a large barrel just a few feet away from him and his comrades.

“Yo! Stop right there!” he shouted, instantly grabbing the attention of Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom. “What’ve you got there?”

At first both fillies said nothing out of fear, and those watching from the crowd couldn’t help but share in their terror, luckily since she was still following her plan, Apple Bloom soon found the courage to say what she needed to.

“Um, nothing,” she said nervously. “Just some warm cider for the cold winter night.”

“Uh yeah,” Silver Spoon added. “We thought it would take the chill off, with everything that has been going on.”

If either filly could see through Tod’s sunglasses, they would have seen his eyes narrow with suspicion.

“Really?” he said, before leaning to take a sniff at the barrel. “Hmm, smells nice, maybe we should just crack it open then.”

At those words, both fillies gulped with fear.

“What you say boys!?!” Tod called out to his cohorts. “You all fancy a drink before we go?”

The other foxes smiled and chuckled inanely at that.

“Go ahead Cutie-pie,” Tod said, leaning in towards Apple Bloom so close that his nose was at an extremely uncomfortable distance from her own. “Open it.”

At first Apple Bloom couldn’t find the courage to even move, but upon catching a glimpse of Tod’s narrowed red eyes through the lenses of his sunglasses, she took a few steps back and she and Silver Spoon tilted the barrel upward so the lid was easy to access. Slowly but surely, she then knocked her hoof against the edge of the lid, loosening it and allowing Tod to carelessly rip it away. Peering into the barrel, all Tod saw was a gallon of golden Apple Cider. At first Tod looked disappointed since he was hoping to see something else inside rather than just a simple drink, however upon dipping his muzzle into the beverage to have a taste, a small smile appeared on his face.

“Good stuff,” he complimented, licking his chops. “Come on Yo! Drink your fill boys!

And with that, Tod’s hoard of foxes began to swarm over the barrel and started fighting over the contents of the barrel, Leaving Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon to run back to Applejack, who was watching the whole scenario from the sidelines.

“You okay?” she asked, giving them both a hug and receiving a grateful nod in response. “What happened to Goggles?”

Apple Bloom smiled at that.

“He’s still in transit,” she answered simply.


What the foxes didn’t realise of course, was the fact that both Goggles and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were prepared for such an event when Tod would obviously go for a suspicious pair of fillies rolling a barrel across the street. So while Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom distracted the foxes with a REAL barrel of cider, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle took a different path and kept out of sight with the one Goggles was hiding in. However that distraction took a little more time than they expected so they had to stop in a nearby alleyway so that they could allow Goggles some time to breath.

“You doing alright Goggles?”  Scootaloo asked as she and Sweetie Belle lifted up the lid of the barrel.

“So far,” Goggles coughed, almost feeling like he was just about to pass out from the lack of air. “But we’re not out of this yet, that distraction won’t keep the foxes occupied for long so we need to… Scrap-bunnies!”

Instantly reacting to Goggles sudden outburst, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo turned to face the same direction he was, much to their shock and horror, one of the Gem Foxes walked by and stopped by the end of the alleyway, tatty-furred and sniffing the air around him. Not knowing what else to do, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo slammed the lid down on the barrel and hid behind it, luckily the fox was too busy trying to catch a whiff of something to notice them yet, however Goggles knew what would inevitably happen sooner or later so he whispered something to the two fillies from inside the barrel.

“Girls go,” he said, instantly shocking the two girls.

“Goggles we’re not just gonna…” Sweetie Belle tried to protest, only to be cut off by Goggles’ harsh comeback.

“Do as I say!” he snapped. “I will NOT let you girls get captured as my accomplices! Just run!”

At those words both fillies were taken aback, and with the foxes finally turning his attention to the barrel, both of them had no choice but to obey the Gizmonk’s request, at the first chance they got they bolted away from the barrel and disappeared down the other end of the alleyway, leaving Goggles alone with the satisfied Gem Fox.


As soon as the rest of the pack had their fill of the cider Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon had used as a distraction, all of them licked their chops with satisfaction.

“Ah,” Tod sighed with approval. “Almost makes tonight seem that much less annoying.”

Happy in the knowledge that the plan seemed to be working, Apple Bloom couldn’t help but let out a small smirk. However that was when things went terribly wrong.

“Hey boss!” cried a voice from behind Tod. “I’ve found another one.”

Turning their heads towards the fox who spoke, Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom’s eyes widened with horror as they saw the barrel he was carrying. Tod however merely groaned upon seeing him.

“Please tell me you didn’t just grab a barrel out of the garbage again,” he said, face-palming, apparently this particular fox had that sort of habit, obviously noticeable by his tatty fur.

“Na boss,” the tatty fox chuckled. “This stuff’s as fresh as they come, take a whiff for yourself.”

At this point Apple Bloom was sweating pints upon seeing everything begin to fall apart with a just a single mistake, and the worst part is that she couldn’t do anything without guaranteeing Goggles being discovered. However the Gizmonk in question seemed to take care of that issue all by himself, to prove his point the tatty fox felt the need to bust open the top of the cider barrel with his paw so that Tod could get a better whiff of the contents, as soon as the fox’s paw was inside the barrel the amount of fear Goggles was feeling at that point made his primal instincts take over for a brief moment, it was then that the Gizmonk did something extremely stupid. As soon as it got too close to his face, all it took was one quick snap of his buck-toothed mouth and Goggles bit down hard on the fox’s paw.

“YEOOOOWWWWW!!!!!” the fox screamed as he pulled the Gizmonk out of the barrel, still biting down hard as he was shaken like a ragdoll.

After about a minute of shaking, Goggles finally let go and was thrown into the snow, within minutes he then found himself being picked up by his throat by a very satisfied Tod.

“Well, well lookie what we got here,” Tod said with a smirk as the masses of ponies behind him looked at him with horror, helpless to do anything without stirring the other foxes. “It would seem that our efforts weren’t in vain after all.”

“Oh hello Tod,” Goggles replied, with a frightened laugh. “Long time no see,”

Tod’s eyes widened at that, so much so that Goggles was just able to make them out over his sunglasses.

“So it’s true then,” he said with a look of interest. “You CAN talk.”

It was then that Goggles groaned, feeling like a fool for completely forgetting that he had never spoken in front of Tod nor his foxes before, however by the sound of it Tod had already been told about his ability to speak already, something else that clearly Diamond Tiara told him too. As he struggled to breathe in Tod’s grip, Goggles looked over the Gem Fox’s shoulder, there he saw many frightened and angered faces of his many friends, some were even trying to get pass the wall of fox’s blocking their path in order to get to him. Suddenly and idea popped into his head.

“Oh yeah,” he said, a small smile suddenly appearing on his face. “I can talk, shame I can also smell the reek coming off your fur too.”

As Goggles came to expect, Tod reacted to that insult like a moth to a flame.

“Why you impudent little…” he growled angrily.

But Tod couldn’t even finish his sentence with the amount of anger that was building up inside him, if there was one thing that one should never do it was insult a Gem Fox’s pride, and Goggles just gave him what felt like a massive kick to the groin with his words. In a matter of moments, Goggles found himself slammed into a nearby tree and pinned there by his throat, the hoard of foxes cheering him on as he unsheathed the claws on his other paw.

“Yeah!” one of them screamed. “Slice him boss!”

The ponies however, were not happy in the slightest, in fact upon seeing their little friend being treated in such a manner, many of them instantly began trying even harder to get past the foxes blocking their way in a fit of fury.

“Any last words, Gizmonk?” Tod mocked as he put a claw to Goggles’ neck. “Icy-baby may want you alive, but she wouldn’t mind if we… HEY!”

At that moment Tod suddenly found himself being cut-off midsentence by a snowball to the face, which was then followed by many more, some of which even had small stones inside them to make the impact that much harder. Upon being overwhelmed by the mass of snowballs heading for him, Tod soon found himself dropping Goggles so that he could use both paws to shield himself. Finally managing to get a real breath of air, Goggles was able to see for a brief moment, a glimpse of his saviours. As he had expected, the reaction of seeing Tod mistreat him in such a way had given his friends in the crowd to finally take some action, while many ponies were throwing snowballs at the foxes to distract them, others were trying to force their way through them in hopes of at least overpowering some of them, either way all of them seem to be trying to come to his aid.

“Run for it boy!!!” Silver Lining screamed amongst the other shouts of the crowd,

Hearing this Goggles gave a slight nod and saw his chance, while Tod and the other Gem Foxes were briefly distracted, he quickly slipped past their paws and started to run for his life. Finally snapping back into reality after his snow shower, Tod growled with fury at his failure.

“Yo! Get after him!” he screamed, instantly running after the Gizmonk with his whole hoard following behind him.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 30
The Newest Chapter of my MLP fic
Gadget the Voodoo Bot by Inkheart7
Gadget the Voodoo Bot
The perfect mix of Science and Sorcery. After dying in a forest fire, young Alex Stark was then re-animated as fusion between a voodoo doll and a small robot by Inferno the Shadow dealer in exchange for 2 years of servitude. However even after the 2 years were over, he stayed with Inferno due to the friendship they formed. Always equiped with his sachel of tricks, he is ready for anything.

Catchphrase: "You want something desperately then Inferno's your man."
A Gizmonk Fugitive

As the foxes continued to ravage the streets of Ponyville in their search for Goggles, the Cuties Mark Crusaders were on a search of their own, unseen by the foxes, they kept themselves hidden amongst the alleyways of Ponyville until they reached the trees of the Apple Family’s orchard.

“You sure he’s gonna be there?” Scootaloo asked Apple Bloom, who was leading the other three.

“Positive,” Apple Bloom said confidently. “Ah know Goggles better than any pony else, if there is one place he’ll go when there’s nowhere else it’s there.”

Scootaloo nodded at that and she along with Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle continued following her towards their destination. Finally, after running through the countless Apple Trees, shivering from the cold of the snow, CMC had finally reached their clubhouse, upon climbing up the ramp, they found the door locked from the inside, as expected.

“Goggles!” Apple Bloom called, banging her hoof against the door. “Come on, we know y’all are in there!”

At first no one answered, but the clear rustling from inside suggested that someone was indeed inside. Finally the familiar voice came from the other side of the door.

“Uh… Meester Goggles no here, he die, I clean Clubhouse,” it said in a terribly fake accent, convincing no pony at all.

Rolling her eyes with annoyance, Apple Bloom banged on the door again.

“Goggles just let us in!” she demanded.

This time the Crusaders were met with a more positive response in the form of the Clubhouse door opening, the panicked look of their Gizmonk mascot meeting them in the process.

“Ah thought you’d be here,” Apple Bloom said plainly.

“Did any of the foxes see you?” Goggles asked worryingly as he ushered the four fillies inside, slamming the door shut behind them.

“No, they’re still searching the centre of town,” Scootaloo answered. “Diamond Tiara told them everything.”

Goggles sighed at that.

“Figures,” he said, rolling his eyes. “I should have guessed that SHE would be the one to rat me out.”

“Applejack and Trixie said they’d keep them busy for as long as they can while we were supposed to look for you,” Apple Bloom explained, her expression suddenly turning serious. “Now ah think y’all have some explaining to do Goggles, and this time we want the WHOLE truth, no details left out.”

Upon seeing the same expression upon each of the Cutie mark Crusaders faces, Goggles couldn’t help but sigh in defeat.

“Well I suppose there’s no point hiding it now,” he admitted, taking a seat on the floor. “What with the Gem Foxes roaming the streets and all.”

“Gem Foxes?” Sweetie Belle asked with a raised eyebrow upon hearing the official name of the creatures ravaging the town at this moment.

“Distant cousins of the Diamond Dogs from originating the Far East,” Goggles explained. “Not as big or strong, but faster and much more cunning, not only that but they have an extremely powerful sense of smell that can track a rabbit amongst a hoard of hares.”

“Never mind that!” Scootaloo snapped. “It’s WHY they’re here that we need answers for!”

“They say you’re a thief and a traitor wanted by their Queen,” Silver Spoon added.

“It’s not true is it?” Apple Bloom asked, her eyes on the verge of tears.

As the young filly looked at him with pleading eyes, almost crying with disbelief, Goggles’ heart sank as he gave his answer.

“Not entirely,” he finally said.

“What do you mean by that?” Silver Spoon asked in response.

Goggles sighed again.

“I suppose it would probably be best if I started from the beginning… again,” he said as the girls leaned in closer to hear him. “You remember what I said after the whole Diamond Dog incident?”

“Ah do,” Apple Bloom responded with a nod.

“Well I may have tweaked a few details a bit and avoided telling the entire story,” Goggles explained. “Remember when I said that I was bought by a wealthy family from a travelling animal trader?”

Once again Apple Bloom nodded.

“Well wealthy was just putting it mildly,” Goggles continued, scratching his head in anxiety. “In reality I was bought by the Royal family of Kappan, specifically for their Princess, Icicle, AKA the Mistress of the Frozen Heart Magic.”

At those words, everyone except Goggles gasped, Icicle? As in the same Icicle that was mentioned on Goggles’ wanted poster? This whole situation was already beginning to become more interesting and the Gizmonk had on just began telling his story.

“Go on,” Silver Spoon urged, receiving another sigh from the Gizmonk in response.

“For many years I stuck with my code to never speak and was raised as a play-thing to that spoiled Princess of theirs,” Goggles explained. “At the time they all thought I was just some regular monkey with a weird defect at the end of his tail, which was lucky for me at the time since Gizmonks hadn’t been seen that often for the last 100 years.”

As Goggles spoke, certain memories began flooding back to Apple Bloom’s mind, specifically about Twilight telling her sister about that incident with the Kappanese Ponies’ meeting with Celestia all those years ago, and why Goggles hadn’t spoken when they first met, so far what Goggles was saying at that moment all began tying in with what she knew. But still there was more to come.

“For a while I thought I was safe from major harm,” Goggles continued. “That is until that Princess eventually grew up to become Queen and started making my life worse, somehow she managed to find out what I really was and like the spoiled brat she was from the very start, made me her personal whipping-boy under threat of being fed to the Gem Foxes that served as her personal guard.

“That sounds awful,” Sweetie Belle said sadly.

“Indeed it was,” Goggles said in agreement. “I knew it was only a matter of time before I went mad with all that suffering I endured, so one night I tried to leave the castle only to end up being captured and accused of the theft of the royal jewels,”

At those words all four fillies looked at each other with a look of understanding, now Goggles was beginning to get to the more important fact.

“Whoa,” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“And the worst part is that they apparently had evidence pinning me to the crime, like paw prints and hair samples,” Goggles continued, rubbing his temples with discomfort. “But I swear to you, I didn’t do it. I may be a little naughty at times but I would never cross the line like that.”

Deep in their hearts the Cutie Mark Crusaders desperately wanted to believe the Gizmonk they’ve come to know as they’re friend, but in all honesty that didn’t stop them from thinking that he may be lying again.

“Really?” Apple Bloom asked simply.

Upon hearing that Goggles couldn’t help but look back at her with disbelief in his eyes.

“Girls, you know me, why would I do something like that?” he argued. “I swear, on Celestia’s name, I did NOT do it.”

The look that Goggles gave at that moment had to have been the most heart-breaking the Crusaders had ever seen him make, as silent tears fell from his eyes, Apple Bloom could tell from that moment that Goggles was indeed telling the truth, she must have been similar to Applejack in that way.

“So what happened next?” she asked, wanting to know more.

“When I was accused of the theft, I was placed into the dungeons,” Goggles answered. “Luckily for me I had at least one friend left on the inside of that castle, we cultivated a plan to break me out my cell and sneak off on the next boat out of the country so the Queen could never get to us. But then the stupid Queen brought the execution time forward by a day and the whole plan goes to Tartarus.”

“What happened?” Silver Spoon asked, her interests in the story beginning to grow immensely.

“After my friend broke me out of my cell, we managed to get outside of the city gates,” Goggles answered, his face turning even sadder than it was. “After that we ran as far as we could, only…”

“Only what?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“The Gem Foxes tracked us down and shot arrows at us,” Goggles answered with a heavy sigh. “One of them hit my friend in the leg and it took her down after about a few miles. When I checked the wound I noticed a strange smell coming from the arrow, the smell of poison.”

Every pony’s eyes shot wide upon hearing that.

“By Celestia,” Silver Spoon gasped.

“Before she closed her eyes, my friend told me to run, so I did,” Goggles continued, his head looking down at the floor to hide the shame he was feeling at that moment. “After that I kept running and running until I reached the docks, stowed away on the next ship out of the country and took off. The rest you already know. When I reached Equestrian shores I thought I was finally free from those beasts, but I never would have thought that the Queen would be so petty as to have them track me here, I’m actually amazed that they finally managed to catch up to me.”

At this point the Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at Goggles with a deep look of sympathy, with every word the Gizmonk spoke they felt their very hearts break.

“Look, I don’t expect you to believe me,” Goggles admitted. “After all, I practically lied to everyone ever since I got here, but I swear to you I’m telling the whole truth this time.”

But the fact is they DID believe him, they had ever since the first time he claimed his innocence.

“So what happens if you get caught?” Scootaloo asked, still curious as to what was going to happen now.

At first Goggles didn’t speak, in fact the very thought of it made his very stomach turn inside out, b ut regardless he knew that he had to answer regardless.

“If those Gem Foxes find me then they’ll take me back to Kappan,” he finally said, his fists clenching in terror. “After that… Well let’s just say that’ll be the day the Gizmonks finally go extinct.”

At those words, every pony gasped in horror, Goggles may not have used the specific words but they knew what he meant.

“What!?!” Apple Bloom snapped in shock. “They can’t do that!

“Yeah, I mean you’re a citizen of Equestria now right?” Scootaloo added, sharing Apple Bloom’s look of shocked anger. “They can’t just do that to you!”

As much as Goggles appreciated the two fillies for saying that, he knew that he needed to set them straight there and then, for he knew a lot more than they do about the one who wanted him executed.

“Well technically speaking, I’m NOT an official citizen yet,” he said, looking all four fillies in the eye with a serious expression on his face. “And let’s face reality, my business isn’t legally mine either, everything I ever made was traded for cash-in-paw and Silver Lining and Applejack are technically the legal owners since Silver Lining supplies the Materials and Applejack owns the property I’m stationed at. Heck, some of the stuff I made for Silver Lining’s business partners were packaged with another company’s logo, when Silver Lining asked me why I told him that I wanted my name to be off the books for now, I thought it would avoid any risk of my whereabouts somehow finding their way overseas. But then again it wouldn’t matter if I was Equestrian Citizen or not, Queen Icicle has been getting what she wants for so long that she would use any method she can just to keep things that way. She would even commit political suicide just to make sure those she places on the executioner’s block stay there until their time comes.”

“Well maybe Celestia or Luna can do something about this,” Silver Spoon argued. “Maybe even Twilight can protect you, I mean she and the other Princesses are royalty too right?”

Goggles chuckled at that, if only slightly.

“They can try,” he said with a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice. “Princess Twilight can even send Princess Celestia a letter and then all four princesses would be down here in just a few hours, but it wouldn’t do much good for long. Icicle has frozen entire cities just because ONE of its citizens gave a mere insult to her pride, some even say that her Ice Magic is so strong that it’s possible one of her ancestors was actually a wendigo. So what do you think she’ll do if she finds out that the royalty of Equestria apposed her?”

With every word Goggles spoke, it was as though he had already lost all hope, Apple Bloom didn’t know whether to feel sympathy or shock.

“That… that’s just insane,” she stuttered.

“Maybe so, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen herself was insane,” Goggles replied, almost laughing to himself at the sheer irony of the idea. “But even if she was, the truth of the matter is that every pony in Kappan is too afraid of her power to remove her from the throne, not without any just cause at least. And I highly doubt chasing down a wanted criminal seems like a just cause to usurp her from the throne, she’d probably try to twist things around and tell everyone that Equestria is a mass of wannabe criminals and tyrants or something. And what’s worse, those foxes of hers will follow her orders to the last beast standing with no questions asked, I don’t know why they do but for some reason they’re the only ones who will. So no matter how many Princesses defend me, no matter what methods any pony uses to oppose her, Queen Icicle always gets her way no matter the cost.”

At this point Apple Bloom felt like she was gonna cry, neither she nor the rest of her friends found it easy to believe that such a pony could even exist, but then again this would explain why Goggles somewhat despised Diamond Tiara ever since he met her, in many ways Goggles could possibly make an easy comparison between the two.

“To put it bluntly girls, “Goggles finally said. “Queen Icicle is nothing more than a spoiled tyrant who couldn’t care any less about her own country much less someone else’s as long as she gets what she wants in the end. “And right now… all she wants is my head.”

Hearing this, all four fillies were at a loss for words, after what felt like an eternity of silence, Silver Spoon finally spoke.

“Please tell me you’re just exaggerating,” she pleaded.

“Exaggerating!?!” Goggles snapped in response, before suddenly bursting into song:

Queen Icicle’s hoard will give you a fright,
Hunting Gizmonks both day and night,
They rest for a minute, maybe three,
Then you’re running for your life from a whole army,

They don't care about nada, not zilch, no, nothing!
'Cept bringing about a Gizmonk’s destruction,

But as vile as Goggles made the foxes out to be, the Crusaders still felt to need to make an argument.

Now wait just a minute, there has to be more to this,
Surely if we talked right to them, then maybe they’ll dismiss,
Maybe their Queen can be talked down,
To allow you to live and let you stay in town,

Don’t be insane, you're being too kind!
These foxes have a one-track mind,
They’re trained to hunt with all they got,
So do you think they’ll care if I’m guilty or not,
No! They won't! That’s how they’ll always act,
They’ll follow they’re Queen and that is just a fact,

But maybe there is a chance,
For the foxes to not advance,
Sure they hunted you, so far and wide…

If I see one coming, I have to run and hide!
They're quick, and vicious, and mean as sin,
Will you look at the state my nerves are in?

So there’s no chance for them to be peaceful?

Not a chance, they’re just pure evil!

This is why I’m full of I so dread,
If I am caught, I will lose my head!
Please understand, if they catch me,
Then I am gonna be history!

At those words, Apple Bloom’s eyes narrowed with anger, there was no way that she was gonna let something so terrible happen to one of her closest friends.

Then it comes down to just one simple fact,
We have save ya from that vulpine pack!

They spread death! They spread fear!
I have to run if they are near!
They spread death! They spread fear!
I have to run if they are near!
They spread death! They spread fear!
I have to run if they are near!

Yes, it comes down to just one simple fact,
We have save ya from that vulpine pack!

It took Goggles a moment to absorb what Apple Bloom had just said, as he looked back it her with another look of disbelief, while the other Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at her with a smile on their faces.

“I… I don’t understand,” Goggles admitted.

“What’s there to understand?” Scootaloo retorted. “We can’t let those goons take you and that’s that.”

“You would… help me still?” Goggles asked, still in disbelief. “You actually believe me?”

“Well ah certainly don’t think y’all are a thief,” Apple Bloom answered confidently.

“And neither do I,” Silver Spoon added.

“Me neither,” Sweetie Belle said in response.

“Ditto,” Scootaloo finished.

“Besides, you’re part of the family remember?” Apple Bloom asked, almost shocking the Gizmonk with her words. “And families stick together no matter what the cost.”

Goggles couldn’t believe what he was hearing, even after everything that has happened, these girls, these four fillies, are still willing to help him even after what they had heard. Goggles could never have asked for better friends than that.

“You would really do this for me?” he asked nervously, earning a gentle nod from all four of them in response.

“Now come on, we gotta hide you somewhere else before those Foxes come sniffing around here,” Silver Spoon instructed.

“But what can we do?” Scootaloo argued.  “It’s not like it’s gonna be easy to get past those foxes without being questioned,”

“She’s right,” Goggles admittedly agreed. “And those Foxes are practically bred for sniffing out prey, if they manage to catch a fresh whiff of me then I’m finished.”

Upon those words, Apple Bloom began tapping her chin with thought, there just had to be someway of hiding Goggles without him getting smelled out by the Gem Foxes. Suddenly it hit her, it she had been a Gizmonk her tail would have been blinking violently at the idea.

“Ah think ah have a plan,” she said, catching everyone’s interest. “Silver Spoon can you stay here with Goggles until we get back?”

“You got it,” Silver Spoon answered with a trusting nod.

“Sweetie Belle, get a message to my sister, tell her what Goggles told us,” Apple Bloom instructed receiving another nod. “Scootaloo you come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Scootaloo asked, following her through the door.

“We’re gonna need some materials,” Apple Bloom answered with a look of confidence.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 29
The newest chapter of my new MLP fic

Author's Note:

The featured song is inspired by "Bats" from the MLP episode of the same name, all credit goes to Hasbro.…

Uninvited guests

As things at Goggles’ Birthday party finally began to settle down, everyone attending began to feel more relaxed as they took huddled up together in the snow. Sensing that the end of the party was drawing ever near, Applejack took to the stage.

“Now before we all wrap this party up and mosey on home, ah’d like to say a few words,” she said through the microphone, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Now we ain’t just here to celebrate the birthday of two of our friends, we ain’t just here to enjoy Granny Smith’s hard Cider, we are also here to celebrate the 5 Month-Anniversary of the arrival of Ponyville’s very own Gizmonk inventor! Get up here Goggles!”

At those words the crowd cheered as Googles smiled and obeyed Applejack’s request, walking up onto the stage with her with a blush on his face.

“Has it really been 5 months already?” he said sheepishly.

“5 months ago you brought this town one more highly unique individual and ah’d be crazy to say that our town would never be the same again if you were gone,” Applejack continued, as she picked up her class of cider. “So ah raise my glass to ya Goggles, may you always be this happy till the day you die!”

Upon hearing that the crowd once again applauded and simultaneously raised their own glasses.

“CHEERS!” They screamed in unison.

As both Goggles listened to the happy cries of the ponies around him, he began to feel a few more tears starting to build up, he had truly never been so happy, however before he could shed those tears he once again urged Trixie up on the stage with him and spoke.

“Thank you,” he said. “You are all simply too kind, this is without a doubt the greatest day me and Trixie had ever had, because it shows us that we now have the best friends that any pony, or any Gizmonk for that matter, could ever ask for. On that note, I just have one more thing to say…”

Suddenly Goggles nodded towards Vinyl Scratch, who instantly took his hint and started up one last piece of music for Goggles to sing to:

Fillies and Gentlecolts,
Now to all of the ponies who have assembled here,
I would merely like to mention, if I may,
That our so positive attitude,
Is one of lasting gratitude,
For what you all have done for us today,
And therefore we would simply like to say…

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me,
I may sound Double-Dutch,
But my delight is such,
I feel as if a losing war's been won for me,

And if I had a flag I'd hang my flag out
To add a sort of final victory touch
But since I left my flag at home
I'll simply have to say
Thank you very, very, very much!
Thank you very, very, very much!

As Goggles sang to his heart’s content, every pony in the audience cheered, he was emanating so much happiness that Trixie felt inclined to join in with the song.

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me,
It sounds a bit bizarre,
But things the way they are,
I feel as if another life's begun for me,

And if I had a cannon I would fire it,
To add a sort of celebration touch,
But since I left my cannon at home,
I'll simply have to say,
Thank you very, very, very much!
Thank you very, very, very much!

As soon as Trixie sung her verse every pony cheered even louder, this was the first time in a long while that the former Showpony had received such admiration, it was almost like performing again only this time is was much better, because this time her performance was genuine.

“That’s okay Trixie, you can borrow MY canon!” Pinkie Pie screamed as she fired confetti from her party canon.

As the colourful shreds of paper floated over the stage Trixie smile in content as she continued the next verse of the song.

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me,
It isn't every day,
Good fortune comes my way,
I never thought the future would be fun for me,

And if I had a bugle I would blow it,
To add a sort of how's-your-father touch,
But since I left my bugle at home,
I'll simply have to say,
Thank you very, very, very much!
Thank you very, very, very much!

As the conclusion of the song drew ever closer and the crowd cheered louder than ever, Goggles and Trixie felt like nothing could ever go wrong at this point, however little did they realise that as they sang, the quick paws of a hoard of unseen creatures hidden in the shadows edged their way closer into the town, and not even Luna’s moon was able to shine through the winter’s cloud cover to reveal even the slightest basic shape amongst the darkness.

Thank you very, very much!
Thank you very, very much!
That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me,
The future looks all right,
In fact it looks so bright,
I feel Celestia’s polishing the sun for me,

And if I had a drum I'd have to bang it!
To add a sort of rumty-tumty touch,
But since I left my drum at home, I’ll simply have to say…
Thank you very, very, very, very much
Thank you very, very, very, very much!!!

As that final word was sang the night echoed with the wild applause of the grateful ponies listening to the happy pair on stage. However as soon as the cheers ended, another sound echoed amongst the winter’s night, the sound of a high-pitched, terribly raspy howl.

“What the heck was that?” Rainbow Dash asked, raising an eyebrow and receiving a shrug from Fluttershy in response.

Amongst everyone else, that was the same question that came to mind, however Goggles had a different reaction. Upon hearing that howl his pupils shrunk to the size of ants and he gained a terrified look upon his face, which didn’t go unnoticed by Trixie who was still standing next to him, from what she saw on the Gizmonk’s face, she could tell that the sound everyone heard was obviously something he heard before, a sound that terrified him to his very core.

“Something wrong Goggles?” she asked with concern in her voice.

After a few brief seconds of awkward silence Goggles finally reacted, it was as though he had turned into Rainbow Dash given how fast he dove into his pile of Birthday Presents and pulled out the pair of night-vision binoculars he got from Silver Spoon. He then began climbing up the nearest tree and started gazing into the distance, much to the confusion of every pony witnessing his sudden burst of energy. After a few minutes of gazing through the binoculars, Goggles almost seemed to calm down after seeing nothing in particular that he really cared about, however that was when he spotted them. Upon seeing the very creatures that created that howl, quickly marching their way straight through Ponyville, Goggles jaw dropped and he let out a loud, terrified scream.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” he shrieked. “IT’S THE FOX PATROL!!!”  

At those words Goggles then jumped out of the tree into the snow below, after that he began swiftly pushing his way through the crowd and towards the masses of trees that served as the Apple Family orchard, at this point his was running so fast that no pony could even get a word in to ask why he was so terrified.

“Goggles!” Applejack called out to him as he made it towards the edge of orchard. “What the hay is going on with ya!?!”

But it was too late, for in a matter of moments the Gizmonk had disappeared into the thick masses of trees, leaving a crowd of confused ponies standing in the snow.

“So does any pony know what a Fox Patrol is?” Fluttershy asked, nervously trying to break the awkward silence.


That was a question soon to be answered as Applejack, along with most of the party guests made their way back into town to investigate what Goggles had seen through the binoculars, what they were met with underneath the dim light of the street lamps was something they definitely weren’t expecting. Upon reaching the centre of town, the crowd of ponies came face to face with the so-called Fox Patrol, as the name implied it was an entire pack of foxes, ones that stood on two legs and wore bright coloured vests, in many ways they appeared similar to the Diamond Dogs. Upon seeing these strange creatures, the crowd of ponies began to murmur amongst themselves, were THESE what made Goggles so terrified? If so then why exactly? They barely reached up the any pony’s eye level and yet Goggles was able to stand up to Rover who stood at least a fair size taller than Rarity was. Suddenly the leader of the foxes step forward, unlike his comrades, who were all red and orange in colour, the leader’s fur was a pale shade of blue that almost looked grey, making him resemble a wolf more than a fox, he also a wore deep violet vest as well as a pair of sharp sunglasses, which was odd since it was both winter and night-time, it was best to assume that this creature’s night vision must be very strong is he was able to wear such an accessory.

“Yo, what’s up Ponyville!?!” he called out to the crowd of ponies ahead of him in a smooth, charismatic voice. “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Captain Tod, though my friends call me bro.”

Upon first hearing his voice Applejack could tell that this fox was somewhat of a punk, the very sound of his voice made him sound more like the leader of a gang than a so-claimed captain, she could only assume that the title must have been a misnomer.

“Please excuse our rude interruption to your peaceful night,” Captain Tod continued. “But the fact is that me and my bros here are in the middle of a jam that requires the cooperation of every pony here, and we would very much appreciate it is you all can help us out.”

“And what, pray tell is the situation?” Rarity asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Ah, straight to the point, I like that in a lady,” Tod responded with a sly grin as he leaned in closer to the Unicorn, instantly making her feel uncomfortable. “POSTERS!”

At those words, one of the red foxes emerged from the pack with a large stack of papers in his paws and handed them to his Captain.

“Let’s see…” Tod said, looking through them. “Jolly Roger, Captain Hoofbeard, Jack Sil… These are the pirate bounties, fool!”

Tod then through the unwanted posters into the other foxes face in a fit of irritated anger.

“Sorry boss,” the fox whimpered, before handing him a fresh stack of papers.

“Honestly it’s like working with a bunch of brain-dead gnats,” Tod grumbled under his breath before looking through the new stack of posters, suddenly finding what he was looking for. “Ah here we go, now have any of you equines seen this chump?”

Tod then showed the crowd the particular poster he was looking at, what the ponies saw upon it shocked them entirely, there as clear as day beneath the dim light of the street lamps, was the image of the Gizmonk Ponyville had come to know and love, an image upon a poster which read:


No pony could believe what they were seeing, Goggles was a criminal!?! All this time he had been a fugitive hiding from the law of Kappan. Upon seeing this both Trixie and Applejack looked at each other with their jaws gaped, they just couldn’t believe that such a nice creature would be thief and a traitor. In fact the more they thought about it, the more it seemed to make less sense, Goggles had been in Ponyville for 5 months and not once had he done anything to make him seem untrustworthy, in fact everything he had done was for the benefit of everyone else but himself. After all if it weren’t for him Silver Spoon would have never became a Cutie Mark Crusader, the Diamond Dogs would never have been on good terms with the ponies, and Applejack would have never have felt more close to Spike, whatever the case something didn’t feel right.

“Oh come on now,” Tod said, continuing to show Goggles’ wanted poster to the crowd, his voice suddenly becoming sterner. “I’m pretty sure a goofy face like this is not so easy forgotten.”

But much to Tod’s disappointment, and Applejack’s relief, no pony said anything, it would seem that everyone else felt the exact same way about the whole situation due to the fact that at some point Goggles had been a good part of their lives, and no one would ever believe that he would do such a thing. Upon seeing this Trixie, Applejack and Applebloom couldn’t help but smile.

“No one?” Tod said, with a slight growl in his voice, suddenly turning his attention to the three Diamond Dogs amongst the crowd of ponies and edging his way towards them. “Pity, I would have at least thought that our doggie bros would have noticed something.”

The three Diamond Dogs growled at that.

“We keep to ourselves, Fox,” Rover snarled.

“Yeah, we have nothing to say to you,” Spot added.

At those words, Trixie tried to keep a straight face but in reality she just wanted to laugh at that.

“So why don’t you just take your pack of wannabe mongrels and just push off!” Fido finished, poking a clawed finger into Tod’s chest, pushing him pack slightly.

Saying that was a big mistake on Fido’s part, at least in Tod’ opinion, because the second he did Tod growled ferociously and snapped his fingers. Upon hearing the click, three of Tod’s foxes responded to their Captain’s silent command and lunged at the biggest Diamond Dog, seconds later Fido found himself face-down in the snow with a pair of foxes standing on his back and baring their fangs at his two comrades.

“Oh I guess I should have warned y’all,” Tod said with a smug grin across his face. “My bros here don’t like being insulted, they tend to get a little… testy.”

This display of ferocity made every pony jump back in terror, the sheer speed and savagery these foxes had just displayed had now given Applejack, along with every pony else, a strong indication as to why Goggles had run away in terror from these creatures.

“Now then, perhaps now you would all be a little more cooperative,” Tod said coldly, turning his attention back towards the ponies. “Now I’m gonna count to three and if no pony tell us what we need to know, then me and my bros are gonna tear this whole town apart.”

At those words there were many reactions amongst the crowd, many of which were the looks of fear, others were narrowed eyes of anger from the bolder ponies such as Rainbow Dash and Applejack, there was no way that these foxes were going to get away with threatening their town. However given the fact that there was already a vast number of them beginning to slowly circle the crowd, there was no possible way of knowing what was about to happen in the next few seconds.

“One…” Tod said threateningly, reading his fingers for another snap. “Two…”

At this point every pony was on edge, one more second and these foxes were going to spread all over Ponyville unless someone said something, but there was no possible way THAT was going to happen, or so every pony thought. Before Tod could say the final word, someone spoke up from the crowd.

“I have!” said a familiar sounding voice as two figures pushed their way through the crowd. “I’ve seen him! He’s been living here in Ponyville for months!”

The one who had spoken instantly received a hoard of angry glares from many of the ponies in the crowd, but neither glare was more ferocious than those coming from Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and most of all Silver Spoon, this had to have been the lowest Diamond Tiara had sunk as she smugly walked over to Captain Tod with her father, in fact all three of them had the right mind to ran up towards her and give her a slug across the face for selling Goggles out without a second thought. Upon hearing what the young filly said, Tod put on a large toothy grin.

“Well at least there’s SOMEONE here willing to talk,” he said, licking his fangs in a creepy manner. “Go ahead sweetheart.”

At those words Diamond Tiara gulped, feeling extremely uncomfortable with the sly way Tod was looking at her, so instead her father took over for her.

“Well it’s just like my daughter said sir, that Gizmonk’s been here for months,” he said. “Set up a business and everything.”

“And to think that little beast has been nothing but a filthy criminal from the start,” Diamond Tiara added, suddenly regaining a small amount of confidence. “I knew we shouldn’t have let that animal stay here.”

Scootaloo’s eye twitched at that, she was so full of fury that Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom had to hold her back to avoid making a scene.

“Well you weren’t to know little filly,” Tod said, mockingly patting Diamond Tiara on the head. “It’s always the nasty-wasty ones that seem the most harmless, so do you know where the little punk is now?”

Both Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara grew silent at, no matter what answer they gave now, Tod was most certainly not going to like it, after a few brief moments Filthy Rich spoke up again.

“I’m afraid not sir,” he gulped. “Once he caught wind of you he ran off somewhere.”

At those words Tod’s smile faded, it anyone were able to see through his sunglasses, they would have seen his eyes narrowing with anger. He then turned his head towards the rest of his foxes and spoke.

“Smell him out!” he commanded.

Upon those words, every fox then put raised their muzzles and started wondering about the area, sniffing the air around them trying to find a scent. As his comrades began to work, Tod suddenly picked up Diamond Tiara by the scruff of her neck so that she was eye-level with him.

“Now let me make this clear, little filly,” he snarled. “If I find out you lied to me, then me and my bros are gonna skin ya like potato and have you stuffed upon my mantelpiece, got it?”

Diamond Tiara nodded at that with a look of terror across her face, and as much as the CMC liked seeing her in that state, Filthy Rich wasn’t gonna have any of it.

“Now wait just a min…” he began before suddenly being cut off by a quick punch across the face from Tod.

“Anyone else?” Tod challenged, shooting a fierce gaze towards Rainbow Dash and Twilight, who both looked like they were about to lunge at him for threatening a filly.

Suddenly Tod’s attention was taken by the tapping on one of his shoulders from one of the other foxes, forcing him to drop Diamond Tiara into the snow and turn towards his comrade.

“Well?” he asked, expecting to hear some good news.

“The smell is spread too far over the town sir,” the fox gulped. “And it’s impossible to get a fresh scent with all this snow.”

At those words Tod then clenched his fist his anger, he was too close to finding that Gizmonk to simply just let him slip away now.

“Then tear this place apart if you have to!” he barked into the fox’s face, much to the shock of everyone within earshot. “We ain’t leaving without that Gizmonk!”

Upon hearing that every pony gasped in horror as every fox followed their captain’s command and instantly began swarming all over Ponyville, needless to say Twilight looked back towards Tod with fury in her eyes.

“Wait!” she snapped in his face. “You can’t just…”

“Queen’s orders Princess Twilight!” Tod retorted, cutting her off mid-sentence. “That’s right, we did our homework before coming here, recently crowd if I’m not mistaken. But unfortunately for you, our Queen has been on the throne of Kappan for years, and she wants us to hunt that Gizmonk down by any means necessary.”

To further his point, Tod then pulled out another piece of paper and shoved it into Twilight’s face.

“If you don’t like our methods then take it up with her in Baltimare,” he continued with a smirk on his face. “Till then we’ll just do our job.”

What Tod shoved in Twilight’s face was a Certification of Justice, authorised by the very same Queen Icicle that was mentioned on Goggles’ wanted poster, one that was also co-signed by the Law-Keepers of Equestria, in other words a document that made it impossible for any pony to do anything without the risk being arrested themselves. At this point everyone simply felt helpless as they witnessed every fox break into every house in their search for Goggles.

“Search every building! Every tree! Every hole in the ground!” Tod screamed as he joined his comrades in theirs search. “That Gizmonk is here somewhere and we are gonna find him if it’s the last thing we do!”

It was absolute chaos, as every fox tore up the very streets of Ponyville all any pony could do was stand there and watch, and it wasn’t like they could call for help because these foxes were basically the law of their own country and authorised by Equestrian law to boot. Witnessing the entire event unfold, the worst looks of horror came from four fillies whose minds were simply riddled with worry for their mascot.

“What do we do now?” Silver Spoon asked fearfully.

Suddenly all four of them found themselves being pulled into a nearby alleyway by Applejack and Trixie, once out of site and ear shot, both of them whispered to the Cutie Mark Crusaders

“Girls, find him,” Applejack said quietly “We’ll keep them busy as long as we can.”

“Whatever happens, we need to find out Goggles side of the story before those foxes catch him,” Trixie added.

At those words, all four fillies nodded in response, showing that they all understood, on that final note Trixie and Applejack then left the four fillies in the alleyway.

“This is bad girls,” Sweetie Belle whimpered.

“Yeah, but you heard what they said,” Scootaloo added. “We gotta find Goggles before those foxes do.”

Hearing this, Apple Bloom tapped her chin with thought, where could Goggles be at this point? Where would he go if not Sweet Apple Acres, suddenly it her.

“Ah think ah know where he might be,” she said. “Let’s go”

Nodding in response, Silver Spoon, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo then followed Apple Bloom further down the alleyway, hoping to keep out of site from the foxes as they continued searching for the Gizmonk.

“Oh Goggles!” Tod screamed from one of the rooftops with a smug look on his face. “Come out and Play-yay!!!”
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 28
The Newest Chapter of my new MLP Fic

Author's Note:

The featured song is inspired by "Thank you Very Much" from "Scrooge" all credit goes to Cinema Centre Films.…

Gatorface by Inkheart7
The Guardian of the swamp. Before he became what is is now he was a runaway teenager named Robby Murdock, who was obsessed with voodoo and stumbles upon Inferno the Shadow Dealer [link] in his swamp in Texas. Mesmorised by the wonderous magic Inferno possesses, Robby decided to make a deal with him so that he could stay in the swamp and serve him. In response, Inferno turned the young man into a swamp monster, resembling a hulking aligator, the perfect beast for protecting his home from intruders and keeping watch for new potential dealmakers.

Catchphrase: "If you break the deal then I'll break you!"

Note: The credit for this character goes to :iconblackbluedawg:
Hey guys, just to let you guys on DA know, I'll be on a five day trip to the Sunshine Cost starting tomorrow, and I won't be brining my laptop or internet so everything is going to be on hiatus until I get back, Including my latest fic. Until then I wish you all a pleasant day and I'll let you guys know when i get back. 


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