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Richard Owen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Brisbane, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favourite cartoon character: All
Personal Quote: Without Balance, There is only Chaos


The new Demon Sorcererers - Voice Cast by Inkheart7
The new Demon Sorcererers - Voice Cast

1. Name: Pascal leBlanc…
Voiced By: Paul Blackthorne
Other Characters they played: Metallo (Justice League: Doom)

2. Name:
Voiced By: Lauren Tom
Other Characters they played: Jinx (Teen Titans)

3. Name: Pyra…
Voiced By: Rebecca Shoichet 
Other Characters they played: Sunset Shimmer (MLP:FIM - Equestria Girls)

4. Name: Sona…
Voiced By: Jamie Chung
Other Characters they played: Gogo (Big Hero 6)

5. Name: Terra…
Voiced By: Tamara Lo
Other Characters they played: Ihrie (Ruin Explorers)

6. Name: Pin Yin…
Voiced By: Tabitha St Germain
Other Characters they played: Ditzy Doo (MLP:FIM)

7. Name: Hans Klinge…
Voiced By: Hugo Weaving
Other Characters they played: Red Skull (Captain America: The First Avenger)

8. Name: Liquidelle…
Voiced By: Hynden Walch
Other Characters they played: Blackfire (Teen Titans)

9. Name: Volteer…
Voiced By: Danny McBride
Other Characters they played: Boss Wolf (Kung Fu Panda 2)

10. Name: Gust…
Voiced By: J.B. Smooth
Other Characters they played: Bebop (TMNT: 2012)

11. Name: Avalanche…
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson
Other Characters they played: Shredder (TMNT: 2012)

12. Name: Ying Zi…
Voiced By: Robert Englund
Other Characters they played: Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street Series)

Korra's Demons - Poster by Inkheart7
Korra's Demons - Poster
Not anything official, but if I were to come up with a Fanfic crossover between Jackie Chan Adventures and The Legend of Korra, then this would be what I would use for the front cover.

Again, just another one of my random ideas, if you think that I should give writing this a go then please let me know.

EDIT: Title Change
The 12 Demons by Inkheart7
The 12 Demons
List of Demons in order...

Pyra - Dayghter of Shendu the Fire Demon…
Pin Yin - The Wood Demon…
Gust - Son of Xiao Fung the Wind Demon…
Liquidelle - Daughter of Bai Tza the Water Demon…
Ying Zi - The Shadow Demon…
Hans Klinge - The Metal Demon…
Volteer - Son of Tchang Zu the Thunder Demon…
Avalanche - Son of Po Kong the Mountain Demon…
Terra - Daughter of Dai Gui the Earth Demon…
Sona - Daughter of Hsi Wu the Sky Demon…
Luna - Daughter of Tso Lan the Moon Demon…
Pascal LeBlanc - The Poison Demon…
The Metal Demon - Hans Klinge by Inkheart7
The Metal Demon - Hans Klinge
One of the rare forms of demon that started out as human. In his previous life, he Nazi Major who ran a specialised project that revolved around Hitler's involvement in the occult. As such he was put in charge of a group of Nazi Scientists that were devolving a gateway to another dimension, and while history denied the events that occurred that night, Hans Klinge suffered a terrible fate when the warehouse he and the scientists were ransacked by a group of American soldiers. However Hans was not one to surrender and attempted to attack one of the soldiers with a knife, during the fight between the two soldiers, the gateway the scientists were working on was accidentally activated, and while nothing physical emerged, two demonic entities burst out of the vortex and consumed the two soldiers, turning them both into hideous creatures with unique abilities. In Klinge's case, his fingers elongated into blades and his skin hardened into bronze, whilst also making him entirely magnetic. After escaping his fellow Nazis Hans hid himself away to avoid being experimented on, plotting his revenge on the American who destroyed his now immortal life, whilst also thinking up new ways to make his fuhrer proud even after his death.
Hey guys, ok just a little heads up, for those who read my Fanfic, "A Gizmonk in Rainbow Rocks" I thought you should all know that I have decided only to post the remaining chapters on FIMFICTION for here on out. I know this may be disappointing for those of you who were patiently waiting on this site but I will be providing a link to the page like so...…

So you will be able to read it, and if you wish to leave a comment either comment on the FIM commentary or go to the Gizmonk in Ponyville File in my gallery and leave the comment there. Once again, I am sorry but posting the story on two sites is getting to be a bit of a hassle now that I am trying to get back on track with my other projects as well as my potential career.


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Hey, I was wondering, could I commission you to draw out the Straw Hats as ponies based from my fic? I would do such on a pony maker (and I have with both good and okay results), but I think you can do better.

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Technically, I only ever spoke of their mane and coat color :XD: I think only Luffy, Robin, and Sanji were actually given cutie marks.

Anyway, I'll give you a list sometime soon (like a week or so) so whenever you get the time. I'll note it.

I may also like to include other characters and the Elements of Freedom. But for Brook, I kinda want to do another creature besides pony. Maybe a gargoyle. Found a cool image of him and the Straw Hats as gargoyles once :D
Inkheart7 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Then I await your instruction :) BTW you mentioned this was a commission, what's in it for me?
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