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Gadgets and Gizmos

Applejack and Apple Bloom had to have been looking for Goggles for a good hour before reaching town, he was nowhere on the farm so had to have been there somewhere. Needless to say Apple Bloom was starting to get extremely worried.

“Oh where could he have possibly gone?” she asked. “It’s not like him to just wonder off.”

“Don’t worry Apple Bloom,” Applejack reassured her sister. “We’ll find him.”

Apple Bloom frowned at that, she knew that her sister was trying to be positive but she was finding a hard time believing her. Suddenly her train of thought was interrupted by a small of group of ponies talking amongst themselves about a very interesting subject.

“Hey, did you hear about what’s happening down at Sugar Cube Corner?” one pony asked.

“Yeah, I hear that some weird animal is messing up the kitchen,” the second one answered.

“Let’s go check it out!” the third one announced.

And with that all three ponies ran off towards the direction of Sugar Cube Corner, leaving Applejack and Apple Bloom to look at each other in suspense. A weird animal? That could only mean one thing.


By the time both Apple sisters got to Sugar Cube Corner, there was already a massive crowd of ponies huddling around the windows trying to get a peek at what was going on inside. Among those ponies was the rest of the Mane Six, the two Pegasi, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, the Unicorn, Rarity, even Twilight and Spike were there. The only member of the Mane Six that didn’t seem to be among the crowd was Pinkie Pie, which made sense since she was probably inside.

“Hey Applejack!” Rainbow Dash called, ushering her over. “You gotta check this out! Some strange animal is doing something crazy in the Cakes’ kitchen.”

Applejack dreaded to think what was going on, but if her suspicions were correct, then Goggles must have something to do with it. As Rainbow Dash dragged her and Apple Bloom to the window of Sugar Cube Corner, were fears were realised when she spotted a familiar looking Gizmonk rushing to and from the kitchen.

“GOGGLES!” she yelled, grabbing his attention. “What in tarnation do y’all think you’re doing!?!”

However instead of cringing in fear, Goggles smiled in response and rushed to the door, with one swift move he grabbed Applejack and Apple Bloom by the hoof and pulled them inside. Once inside the smell of oil and sugar filled their nostrils and both wondered what was going on, suddenly a pink blur came zooming out of the kitchen and stopped in front of them.

“Hey Applejack!” Pinkie Pie said with her usual cheerful smile. “Glad you can get here, Goggles has been working non-stop for ages First the oven blew up, then he fixed it, then it blew up again so he fixed it again, and then he upgraded it but then he noticed that the kitchen was a mess so he kept going and going and going and going and…”

“PINKIE!” Applejack shouted, interrupting Pinkie Pie’s insanely quick explanation.

“Whaaaaaaat?” Pinkie moaned, hating the fact that she was interrupted.

“Look if Goggles has done any damage I’d be happy to pay for it but…” Applejack began.

“Damage?” Carrot Cake chuckled as he walked in from the kitchen. “That pet of yours made our kitchen even BETTER!”

“He did?” Apple Bloom said raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” Pinkie Pie answered. “Come take a lookie!”

Pinkie Pie and Carrot Cake then led the two sisters into the kitchen, needless to say, they were amazed at what they saw. The oven was now taller so that it could bake at least twice as many cakes as before, the sink had been fitted with some kind of device that shoots soap and water onto the dirty dishes in certain holders, thus allowing less cleaning time, and the kitchen worktops were now littered with several devices that looked like upgraded versions of the Cakes’ cooking utensils, one of which being what appeared to be a whisk that spun rapidly when a trigger is pulled. As Applejack’s jaw dropped in awe, she failed to notice the rest of the Mane Six as they walked in behind her.

“Whoa,” Twilight exclaimed.

“This is absolutely astounding,” Rarity added.

“Applejack, you never said that Goggles could do stuff like this,” Fluttershy pointed out

“Ah… didn’t really know myself,” Applejack admitted. “Why y’all here anyway?”

“You DID see the crowd of ponies outside right?” Rainbow Dash asked sarcastically. “Almost everyone in town heard about what was going on here.”

“We only just managed to sneak in through the back door to avoid the masses,” Spike added. “So this is what a Gizmonk looks like?”

Spike couldn’t help but examine the creature before him, by comparison Goggles was at least a few inches shorter than he was, although that could be easy remedied by Goggles using his tailing like a spring and rising up above him. Applejack couldn’t help but giggle at Spike’s frustration as Goggles looked all smug, towering over him, of course she found it quite adorable. In fact she had found a lot of things about Spike a lot more interesting these last few months, ever since he had saved her from a pack of Timberwolves she couldn’t help but blush whenever he was in the room with her. However she was then snapped out of her train of thought by Twilight, who was at the moment taking a look at Goggles’ creations.

“I must admit, what this Gizmonk is capable of is quite intriguing,” Twilight commented, causing to Goggles to blush. “I’d love to see what else he can make.”

Applejack frowned at that, he then looked down at the Gizmonk who looked back up at her sheepishly.

“Well y’all are gonna have to wait for that,” Applejack said as she picked Goggles up by the tail. “Ah still have to have a little word with him about wondering off and causing trouble.”

“Oh don’t be too hard on him Applejack,” Fluttershy pleaded.

“Yeah, you know he was just having fun,” Apple Bloom added.

“And there’s nothing wrong with having fun!” Pinkie Pie stated.

“Be that as it may, he’s still in trouble for getting us worried and causing a scene,” Applejack said sternly, though slightly muffled from the tail in her mouth.”

Seeing no point in arguing any further, Apple bloom followed her big sister out the back door. Once outside they snuck behind the crowd of ponies and ran off towards Sweet Apple Acres, trying carefully not to be seen by the crowd or else get swarmed by a mob. Once they were sure that they were out of sight, they slowed their pace a walked the rest of the way home. Along the way, Apple Bloom suddenly noticed Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Silver Spoon standing by the town fountain, all three of whom seem to be ushering her over.

“Apple Bloom!” Scootaloo called. “Over here!”

“Could you give me a second AJ,” Apple Bloom said looking towards her sister. “Ah gotta speak to my friends a sec.”

“Sure,” Applejack replied. “Just don’t take too long.”

Applejack then continued walking home as Appl Bloom ran towards her friends.

“Is it true?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Did Goggles really do something to the Cakes’ kitchen?

“Yeah but he didn’t trash it or nothing,” Apple Bloom explained. “He just upgraded it, that’s all.”

“I thought so,” Silver Spoon said with a grin. “Then maybe this CAN work.

“Maybe WHAT can work?” Apple Bloom asked inquisitively.

“Silver Spoon came up with the idea,” Scootaloo explained. “A new thing to try to get our Cutie Marks… Cutie Mark Crusaders-Business Partners!”

“Uh… say what now?” Apple Bloom asked confusingly.

“It’s simple really,” Silver Spoon explained, adjusting her glasses. “We start a business and each make a profit, and if it goes well we might just get our Cutie Marks in the process.”

“Ah’m still running on confused here,” Apple Bloom admitted. “What KIND of business?”

“We let Goggles build stuff for other ponies,” Silver Spoon said bluntly. “You saw what he can do, If he had the freedom and materials, he can make something for EVERY pony and we can each earn some extra money off it by selling them. And it’ll be good for Goggles cause it’s something he obviously loves to do, after all you did say he needed to let off some extra energy didn’t you?”

“She does make a good point,” Sweetie Belle pointed out.

Indeed Silver Spoon DID have a good point, Goggles absolutely needed to let off extra energy ever since his leg was better and he obviously loved building and fixing stuff, maybe there was something to Silver Spoon’s plan. However she couldn’t help but notice one small flaw.

“But where would he even get the materials?” she asked. “Goggles won’t be able to make anything without them, and metal and lumber can get pretty expensive.”

Silver Spoon only smiled at that.

“Just leave that to me,” she said with a slight smirk. “My dad’s been looking for something generous to do with his money ever since he made his millions selling off that silver. And I think this counts as a good investment don’t you?”

Apple Bloom wanted to say yes, but regardless she knew she had to be cautious about this.

“But will your Pa really go for it? She asked.

“Trust me,” Silver Spoon replied. “He’d never say no to his little girl.”


The next afternoon, after the rumours about Goggles had finally died down amongst the citizens of Ponyville, there was a knock at the door of the Apples’ house. Finishing early from another day at the orchard, Applejack answered it. The guest at the door was a slender, grey Earth Pony stallion with a sleek, silver mane and moustache, and wore green-tinted glasses, by Applejack’s reckoning he looked somewhat wealthy, though with a rustic appearance.

“Good Afternoon miss,” he said in a deep, gentle voice. “My name is Silver Lining, I trust this is the residence of one Mr Goggles?”

To say Applejack was confused would have been an understatement, since when did Goggles get any visitors from strangers?

“Uh… yes?” Applejack answered hesitantly.

“Wonderful!” Silver Lining exclaimed. “Now I understand that this… what did she say he was again? Oh yes, Gizmonk, is capable of creating amazing contraptions with tremendous speed?”

“You could say that,” Applejack said with a shrug, though no less confused with the whole situation. “But why are you interested in Goggles?”

“It has come to my attention that Goggles is intending on creating these contraptions for everyone in Ponyville,” Silver lining explained. “And as such I am interested in such an endeavour. However such a task cannot be done without the proper funding, therefor I am here to propose a deal.”

Applejack’s eyes widened at this, needless to say she wasn’t expecting something like this, suddenly she came to a realisation and narrowed her eyes with irritation.

“Right,” she said. “Would you excuse me for just one minute?”

“Of course.” Silver Lining said with a smile.

Applejack then walked back inside the house and closed the door¸ however that didn’t stop Silver Lining from hearing her angry voice from the other side.



A short while later, after Applejack has had the chance to calm down, she, Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, Goggles and Silver Lining, all sat down in the Apples’ living room, all enjoying a nice cup of tea that Goggles had brewed.

“I must say this IS a tasty beverage,” Silver Lining said with a smile, taking another sip.

“That critter does make a good cup of tea, ah’ll give him that,” Granny Smith added.

“But good drinks aside, I believe that we should get to business,” Silver Lining said, placing his cup down onto the coffee table.

“Yeah, about that,” Applejack said, hoping to straighten this situation out as best she could. “Ah don’t know what you heard about Goggles, but ah can assure you that ah have no idea what has been going on.”

“I am quite aware of that Miss Applejack,” Silver Lining explained. “I myself have just heard about the subject at hoff because my daughter told me of it, as I understand she is friends with your sister.”

“So you’re Silver Spoon’s Pa?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Indeed I am,” Silver Lining answered with a smile. “And I am also a very rich Silver tycoon looking to make a new investment that peaks my interest. Silver Spoon has told me that this Gizmonk of yours is a very skilled inventor, and that there is definite potential in putting these skills to good use whilst also making a small profit. Now as I have said, I am a very rich stallion so no there is no expense that I can think of that will be of great concern to me, therefore I wish to discuss the details of a potential business between us.”

“What kind of details?” Applejack asked.

“It’s quite simple really,” Silver Lining explained. “Your Gizmonk loves to fix and build, however he cannot do so without the proper materials, and that’s where I come in. I shall provide the materials necessary for the construction of these creations, Goggles uses them to create whatever he believes the customers require, and your family sells them off however you see fit. And the best part is that is shall be of no financial cost to you Apples, and should the whole thing collapse on itself then it is only a small dent in my own money that I can easily make back within a month. I trust this arrangement sounds fair?”

Applejack thought for a few moments about this arrangement, it DID sound like a fair deal, however there were certain things that needed to be taken into account. First of all, since this was clearly another one of the Cutie Mark Crusader’s plans to get their Cutie Marks then there were definitely going to be complications concerning them, secondly it wouldn’t feel right if Goggles was being taken advantage of for his skills. However upon looking at the pleading face of the Gizmonk, she knew that this was something he desperately wanted to do. Even Granny Smith and Apple Bloom seemed interested in the idea as they listened in.

“Ah don’t suppose we could get this in writing?” Applejack sighed in defeat.


It may have taken another week to get things set up, but it was worth the effort. True to his word, Silver Lining payed for everything so there was nothing the Apples needed to worry about. After clearing a space in the barn, Goggles had managed to set up a makeshift laboratory so that he could make his creations properly, it was a decent sized area in the far corner of the barn so that it was out of the way and left enough room for everything else in there, the Apples were generous enough to give him the space so he was certainly appreciative of that. As Applejack expected, Apple Bloom and the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders including Silver Spoon, wanted to be involved with the whole thing, which made sense since this was their idea in the first place. After Goggles had finished setting up shop in the barn, the CMC took the liberty of advertising the whole project, as such they had several posters printed and placed them all over town, all of which instructed ponies to come to Sweet Apple Acres for an Opening Day that would display Goggles’ talents. When that day came, a small crowd of ponies came to the farm, among those ponies were Twilight, Rarity, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, the Cakes and their twins, Cheerilee, just to name a few. Applejack was actually amazed to see how many ponies actually showed up to this Opening Day, then again it was Ponyville so stranger things have happened. As part of the Opening Day, Silver Chalice thought it best to put some of Goggles’ previous creations on display, including some of the Wagons he made for the Apples and the toy train he made at Apple Bloom’s school. As the crowd admired the creations on display outside, Goggles was preparing himself in the barn.

“Y’all ready for this Goggles?” Apple Bloom asked as she helped fix his hair.

Goggles responded with a thumbs-up and a smile.

“Then let’s do this,” Apple Bloom said as she led the Gizmonk towards the door.

Applejack waited on the other side of the door with the rest of the CMC, waiting patiently for Apple Bloom and Goggles to come out.

“Ah really hope this don’t come back to bite us in the flank,” Applejack said nervously. “If this goes belly up…”

“Oh would you relax Applejack,” Scootaloo said confidently. “This is gonna be fine, we show Goggles off, he shows of his talents, ponies line up to buy gizmos, easy.”

“Yeah, but ponies might not like to put their faith in an animal that they had barely seen before now.” Applejack pointed out.

“But wouldn’t they have seen Goggles when Apple bloom brought him home?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Plus every pony in school has already seen him.”

“Well that’s true but…” Applejack began before her sentence was interrupted by a small knock on the barn door behind her.

Instantly reacting Silver Spoon opened up the door slightly so that she could peer in.

“You guys ready?” she asked.

“Ready!” Apple Bloom’s voice squeaked.

“You’re up Applejack,” Silver Spoon said in response, turning towards her.

Taking a gulp of uncertainty, Applejack turned away from the barn and addressed the crowd.

“Uh… could ah have every pony’s attention, please!” she called nervously, causing everyone to turn their heads towards her. “Now ah know y’all are here to take a ganders at what Ponyville’s newest resident has to offer, so um… please allow me to introduce the creator of these um…”

Suddenly Applejack felt a small tap on her shoulder, she turned her head and saw Apple Bloom holding up a piece of paper that Applejack could only assume was another note from Goggles, which read:


As if on cue, Goggles kicked open the barn doors and jumped out, causing the crowd to jump back in surprise and Applejack to cringe with embarrassment. After a few moments of awkward silence, Goggles suddenly clicked his fingers and a burst of music erupted from a set of wubs, operated by none other than Vinyl Scratch at her turntable, who had been asked to play music for the event. At first no pony knew what was going on, but as soon as Goggles proceeded to dance to the tune, causing much amusement amongst the crowd as he did, Silver Spoon began to understand where Goggles was going with this, as such she began to sing:

His gizmos shall make your lives all grand,
Come on folks just give them a small try,
And did I mention the first one he makes is free,
I think you’re gonna love this guy!

Needless to say the crowd was intrigued by the amusing display of Goggles’ talents as he proceeded to move amongst the audience and build several small devices as the music continued. Picking up on the idea, the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided to join in on the song.

Goggles’ builds all these things from scratch,
Cause his imagination’s limit is the sky,
He fixes and mends any type of tech,
Ah think you’re gonna love this guy!

Everything you ponies need, is at his fingertips,
And if he hasn’t made it yet, add it to your wish-list!

He can make so many wondrous toys,
Not one shall make your dear foals cry,
He has but one request,
Please put him to the test,
I know you’re gonna love this guy!

At this point, Goggles had started displaying his skills at making toys in front of the Cake Twins with all four of his paws, much to both foals’ amusement. In fact almost every pony in the crowd had begun tapping their hooves to the upbeat tune of the song, Pinkie Pie especially as she bounced in place. Even Applejack had to admit to herself that this was starting to enjoy the show, as Goggles continued to bounce around, displaying his talents to the enchanted audience, she couldn’t help but sing the next verse.

When you use a Gizmonk’s mind, you’ll find yourself with gold,
He cares for each and every one, right until they are sold,

At those words the crowd cheered with delight, by now they have become so enchanted that they began singing along.

We've never had a guy like him in town,

He’s very glad to volunteer,

He’d like to be our friend,
One who loves to build and mend…

Now came the big finale of Goggles’ performance, as he proceeded to jump into audience and surf the crowd back towards the barn a large grin smeared across his face. Upon reaching the door he rushed inside the barn, reappearing seconds later with what appeared to be a replica of Pinkie Pie’s party canon, only this one was bronze and pointed upward.

Ah think you’re gonna love him,

I know you’re gonna love him,

I’m sure you’re gonna love him,

Darn right you’re gonna love him,

We know we’re gonna love this guy!!!

And with those final words, Goggles slammed a fist onto the controls of the canon, allowing it to fire a burst of luminescent blue flares, amazing the crowd with its magical wonder. Once the song was over, every pony cheered as Goggles took a bow, Applejack couldn’t help but smile at that. Seeing this new burst of enthusiasm amongst her fellow ponies, she once again spoke.

“So…” she said. “Who wants to make a request first?”
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 8
The latest chapter of my new mlp fanfic

Author's Note:

The featured Song is inspired by "I think I'm gonna like it here" from "Annie (1982)" (Although picture it more with the added beat from the new 2014 movie) all credit goes to Columbia Pictures…

Creative Spark

The last few days had to have been the craziest of Applejack’s life, it had been a week since Apple Bloom had brought Goggles home he had been getting into more and more trouble by the day. Now that his leg was finally out of the splint, Goggles was no longer limping and had been more eager to test out his legs by jumping all over the place, knocking over the occasional item in the process. The Apples didn’t know why but Goggles had a lot of energy for some reason, they could only assume that it had been building up while he was bound in a splint and thus was reduced to going at a slower pace than he usually would. Fluttershy would usually come by now and then to see how the Gizmonk was doing and needless to say Applejack definitely appreciated that, since her visits was usually one of the few things that managed to calm him down, and today was certainly no different as Goggles poured her and Applejack another cup of tea that day.

“Ah just don’t know what to do Fluttershy,” Applejack said. “Ever since Apple Bloom brought this Gizmonk home, he’s been causing more trouble than he’s worth.”

“Oh don’t you think that’s just a little bit harsh?” Fluttershy asked gently. “I’m sure he didn’t mean any of it.”

“Fluttershy, only yesterday he took apart our toaster and left the piece scattered across the kitchen table!” Applejack argued.

Goggles couldn’t help but cringe at that, he was hoping that she would have forgiven him for that by now.

“Oh my,” Fluttershy said in response, “But still, I’m sure there must be some way we can solve this, has he been acting… strange lately?”

“Only that he’s been slightly more hyper ever since his splint came off,” Applejack answered. “He’s been jumping about all over the place, and taking apart anything that can be taken apart, sometimes he puts them back together but most times he just leaves the pieces laid out over a certain area.”

Fluttershy pondered at this, she knew that while Goggles may have been a strange animal he was still very intelligent, and after finding out what he was, she had been trying to find out more information about his species every time she visited Twilight at the library.

“Well perhaps he just needs some form of outlet for all that energy,” she said. “Have you tried ASKING him about this?”

Applejack raised an eyebrow at that.

“Asking him?” she said.

“Yes, asking him,” Fluttershy repeated.

“And what the heck am ah supposed to ask him?” Applejack asked sceptically, “Hey there little fella, sorry to be a bother but could you mind not destroying our house?”

Needless to say Goggles didn’t like the mocking tone Applejack was using and looked at her with an unamused glare. Fluttershy then rolled her eyes and leaned in closer to the Gizmonk.

“Goggles...” she said gently. “Instead of dismantling things randomly and leaving them that way, why don't you find a way to help Applejack out?”

Goggles blinked at that and wrote something on the notepad she gave him, which read:


Fluttershy tapped her chin with thought at that, suddenly it hit her.

“Applejack,” she said. “Is there any equipment you need fixed?”

Applejack raised an eyebrow at that.

“Where are you going with this Fluttershy?” she said

“I’m saying you should let him fix your farm equipment.” Fluttershy answered.

“He takes our toaster apart and now you want me to let him near our farm equipment!?!” Applejack said, not believing what she was hearing. “You got to be kidding! What makes you think he can even do such a thing, ah know he’s smart but that don’t mean he’s a miracle worker.”

Goggles once again glared at her in response.

“Now Applejack you’re not being fair,” Fluttershy said in Goggles’ defence. “After all Apple Bloom believes he can do it, she IS certain that he was the one who fixed your wagon a week ago.”

“Seriously?” Applejack questioned. “How do you know that?”

“She told me about it when I was taking the splint of Goggles’ leg,” Fluttershy explained. “She said that when she brought him to Show and Tell, he built a toy train out of twigs.”

Applejack then thought for a moment, Apple Bloom DID show her the toy train when she came home from school that day, and she DID say that it was Goggles’ who made it, at the time she just brushed it off since she was still busy in the orchard at the time. But was he REALLY the one who fixed the wagon, if so then this Gizmonk might be useful to have around.

“Alright,” Applejack sighed in defeat. “Ah’ll give him ONE chance, let’s see what this critter can do.”

Goggles then beamed with delight as his fingers begin to twitch, wondering just what Applejack had in store for him.


The next morning, after Apple Bloom made her way to school, Applejack led Goggles into the barn where he would begin his first task.

“Now ah I know we got on the wrong hoof when we first met Goggles,” she began. “But since Fluttershy, Apple Bloom and her friends seem to take a liking to ya then I suppose I can give ya a chance in doing our part here.”

Goggles raised an eyebrow in response to that.

“What ah mean is that if y’all are as smart as the other say you are then it’s high time you put all that extra energy to good use,” Applejack continued as she pointed towards a broken pile of wood in the corner of the barn. “That pile of wood there is what’s left of our last few wagons after they got smashed up a while back, your task is to see if y’all can fix them up like ya did with the other one last week.”

Applejack then swallowed with anxiety, that last part she still found hard to believe, regardless she decided to give the little Gizmonk the benefit of the doubt.

“So you think you can handle it?” she asked.

At first Goggles didn’t respond, however a few moments later a large grin spread across Goggles face and he rubbed his paws together in an excited manner, below Applejack could even blink Goggles zoomed towards the broken pile of wood and dove right into it. Applejack watched him for a few minutes as he continued to examine each piece of wood, the orb at the end of his tail flashing every few seconds as a new idea popped into his head for each one, suddenly he stopped and looked towards the stunned Earth Pony.

“W…what is it?” she asked.

Goggles then pulled out his notebook from his vest pocket and showed it to her, which read:


Seeing the determined look in Goggles’ eyes as she put down the notepad and gave him a gentle smile.

“Ah’ll see if ah can get ya some lumber from outback,” she said as she turned and made her way to the door. “There should be some leftover from our last barn raising. Ah’ll have to take some time to get Big Mac to help me bring it in here, you reckon you’ll be okay till then?”

Goggles gave her a happy thumbs-up in response.

“Alright then,” Applejack said, closing the door behind her. “See you in a bit.”

And with that Applejack was gone, leaving Goggles alone in the barn. Turning back towards the pile of wood with a mischievous smile on his face, Goggles then slid his goggles down his head and over his eyes and then pulled out his tools from his little vest


An hour later, Applejack and Big Macintosh came back to the barn, a large heap of lumber in tow. As they came up to the closed doors of the barn, they could clearly hear loud noises from the other side of it.

“What in tarnation?” Applejack said as she and Big Mac put their ears to the door. “Is that music?”

“Eeyup,” Big Mac answered, clearly hearing the tune from the other side of the door.

With one gentle push Applejack opened the door and she and Big Mac peered inside, what they saw astonished them completely. Right there in the middle of the barn was Goggles, working to his heart’s content, but not just working, but also dancing to music that was being played by the nearby phonograph, Applejack forgot that thing was even in there. There was something about the way Goggles moved that intrigued the two ponies, as he hammered in the nails into each piece of wood it was to each beat of the music, when he attached the wheels onto each wagon he threw them like Frisbees towards to frames first, and the way he handles the sawing and sanding was incredible, not only was he quick, but he did them at the same time by using his feet as an extra pair of paws while he used his tail as a chair, since the digits on his feet were exactly like his paws then it was easy to see how he was able to do it. As Applejack and Big Mac stared in awe at the Gizmonk’s display, they could definitely see the huge smile on his face, clearly this was something he enjoyed.

“Y’all reckon we should disturb him?” Applejack asked.

“Nnope,” Big Mac answered, shaking his head.

“We better leave the lumber where he can find it then,” Applejack said with a slight nod, “Ah’ll leave a note on the door so he can find it later.”

Big Mac nodded at that at and proceeded to start piling up the lumber just outside the barn door, Applejack did the same with her pile and went into the house, she then came back a few minutes later and pinned a small note on the barn door for Goggles to find when he’s ready.

“Come on,” she said turning back towards Big Macintosh. “We better get back to the orchard.”

“Eeyup,” Big Mac said in response as the two ponies walked away from the barn.


Several hours later Applejack returned to the barn with Apple Bloom, who had just came back from school. Needless to say both of them were interested to see what Goggles had been up to.

“Ah can’t wait to see what Goggles had built,” Apple Bloom said with a smile. “Ah’ll bet it’s something really amazing.”

“Ah must admit, ah’m interested to see what he’s come up with myself,” Applejack replied. “He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself earlier.”

Applejack then opened up the door to the barn and both she and Apple Bloom were met with an amazing sight. Where a large mountain of broken wood stood only a few hours ago, was now a long row of wagons of all different shapes and sizes, ranging from a couple so big that it would take at least three ponies of Big Mac’s size to pull to some that were so small, a foal much younger than Apple Bloom could pull one with ease.

“By Celestia,” Applejack gasped as she began to look over each wagon. “Ah’ve never seen such wagons, and there’s gotta be at least twice as many as before they were scrapped.”

“Check out this one,” Apple bloom said excitedly, pointing towards one of the wagons in the middle of the row.

It was a mediums sized wagon that looked just the right size to carry at least four full-grown ponies, it had a cushioned set at the front with what appeared to be some kind of lever next to it. At first glance any pony would just see it as a regular wagon, however when Apple Bloom pulled the lever the front of the wagon shot out and the middle of it was extended, thus making the wagon at least twice as long as it was before.

“HOLY COW!” Applejack exclaimed, jumping back a little.

Indeed it was amazing, she knew Goggles had been working hard on these new wagons but she never thought they would be anything like this, he didn’t just remake them, he UPGRADED them. When both ponies looked at each wagon, the noticed that they all had a lever attached to it in some way, of course being as curious as they were, they couldn’t help but try out a few of them. When they pulled a lever, one wagon converted itself into some kind of cage, no doubt designed to contain wild animals, another wagon shot out several apples using the two canons that burst out of its side, and one of the smallest wagons even lit up using the gems encrusted on its entire frame, both ponies wondered how Goggles even put gems on the thing.

“That Gizmonk ain’t just smart,” Applejack said in amazement, “He’s a doggone GENIUS!”

“There’s more wagons here than we’ll ever need.” Apple Bloom added.

“I guess I owe Goggles an apology for not trusting him,” Applejack chuckled, suddenly realising something. “Speaking of which, where is he?”

That question that was indeed a necessary one, for when both Apple Bloom and Applejack looked around, they so no sign of Goggles anywhere.

“Now where in tarnation has that Gizmonk gotten to?” Apple Bloom asked.


Little did they realise at the time, Goggles had left several hours ago. As it turns out the time it took to make all those wagons was little more than two hours, if there was anything that Goggles had pride in in was his speed and brain power, and a fusion of the two was all he needed to create those wagons in such a short amount of time. He had spent the last few hours wondering around Ponyville looking for something to do, he may not have had a chance to do so before now, but now that his leg was better he thought it was best to explore his new surroundings. For the last few hours he had been jumping over rooftops and trees, and observing the residents of Ponyville in their day-to-day lives, each being more interesting than the last. There was one pair of ponies that seemed to be quite amusing as he watched them from a nearby tree, one was a white Unicorn with a blue, spikey mane and wearing sunglasses, and the other was a grey Earth Pony with a straight, black mane and wearing a pink bowtie.

“For crying out loud Vinyl, this is the third time you’ve destroyed the kitchen with those wubs of yours!” the Earth Pony yelled.

“Hey, don’t blame me Octy,” the Unicorn argued. “You’re the one who insisted that I do the dishes this morning!”

They continued to argue like that through the entire time they journeyed down the road, needless to say Goggles found it enjoyable to watch, then he thought for a moment, perhaps it might give him another opportunity to test out his skills. However at that moment his stomach rumbled, it was then he had realised that he hadn’t eaten all day. Luckily as it turns out the tree he was sitting in was quite close to Sugar Cube Corner, and thanks to everything Apple Bloom has said about the place for the past week, Goggles had an easy time recognising it as he jumped from the tree and walked towards the front door. As he walked in Goggles was met with the sweet aroma of all kinds of sugary confections like cakes and sweets, his mouth watered the second the scent reached his nostrils. Taking a seat at the nearest available table, Goggles examined the menu, there was quite a few things he really wanted to try, suddenly someone appeared at the table with a large smile on her face.

“Hi!” she said, “I’m Pinkie Pie and welcome to Sugar Cube Corner, I’ll be your waitress today and I hope you didn’t mind the wait. For some reason the writer didn’t bother to put me in this story until now.

The pink pony spoke so fast that Goggles needed a second to absorb everything she said, however that didn’t stop him from being confused at the last part.

“Hey wait a minute,” Pinkie Pie gasped. “You’re that monkey-thing that Apple Bloom brought home aren’t you? Fluttershy told me all about you! Well since you’re new to Ponyville you get a free cupcake on the house, back in a jiffy!”

And with that Pinkie Pie zoomed into the kitchen in a pink blur, returning moments later with a cupcake with yellow frosting on it.

“New on the menu!” Pinkie Pie said with another large smile as she placed the Cupcake in front of Goggles. “The Banana Whip Special! I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, I know I do. Although I do like chocolate too, and strawberry, ooh and maybe a nice bit of vanilla…”

Pinkie Pie continued to talk for several minutes, somehow moving the subject from cupcakes to chimichangas within seconds. Goggles couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he took a bite out of his free cupcake, which he was glad for since he didn’t really have the money to pay for anything anyway, h probably would have found some way to pay the shop owners back though. As he consumed the soft, yellow confession, his taste-buds exploded with flavour, granted he had bananas before but they never tasted THIS good. Within minutes the happy Gizmonk had eaten the entire thing and licked his chops.

“Told you you’d like it!” Pinkie Pie said with delight as she bounced on the spot. “So I heat that you’re super-duper smart! Can you really build things in minutes? Cause Apple Bloom has been saying that you built a toy train with just a few sticks! Is it just sticks though? Maybe you can use cake, that would be soooooo wonderful!!!”

But Before goggles, could even respond to that, there was the clear sound of an explosion emanating from the kitchen. Seconds later the shop owner, a yellow earth pony stallion named Carrot Cake, stumbled out of the kitchen coughing up a storm as a bunch of smoke rose from the doorway.

“Sorry for the inconvenience folks!” he said between coughs. “But I’m afraid we’re gonna have to close early due to technical difficulties in the kitchen.”

“In other words, the oven blew up again,” one of the customers said bluntly.

“Basically yes,” Carrot Cake sighed.

With that almost every pony in the shop began to exit the shop, however Goggles stayed where he was, a large smile smearing across his face. He then wrote something on his notepad and passed it to Pinkie Pie, which read:

A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 7
the Newst Chapter of my new MLP fanfic

Special thanks to :iconnoble-six-rulez: for helping me with this chapter
Is A Friend Indeed

“What is SHE doing here!?!” Scootaloo snapped as Apple Bloom and Goggles escorted Silver Spoon into the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ Clubhouse.

As it turns out, after Silver Spoon and Apple reconciled their differences the previous day, Apple Bloom thought that the next course of action should be to make peace with the other members of the CMC so that they could be her new friends too, needless to say Goggles approved of the idea by giving the two fillies a thumbs-up. So the two along with Goggles met up at Apple Bloom’s house after school the next day and walked up to the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ Clubhouse. However as expected from both fillies as they walked up the plank towards the tree-house, neither Scootaloo nor Sweetie Belle were happy to see their bully there.

“Silver Spoon here is here to make amends,” Apple Bloom explained. “Ah’ve had a chat with her yesterday and it turns out she’s not as bad as we think.”

Silver Spoon hung her head slightly, secretly glad that Apple Bloom left out the part where she didn’t have a Cutie Mark either. At this point in time she had repainted the mark on her flank so that she could still keep up appearances at school, Apple Bloom understood why she did, knowing that she would show that detail when she was ready.

“Not that bad!?!” Sweetie Belle barked. “You’re talking about one of our biggest bullies here!”

Before Apple Bloom could say anything in response, Silver Spoon stepped forward.

“I know that I’ve hurt you,” she said. “And I didn’t come here to upset any of you, I don’t mean you any harm, I know it might sound d ridiculous, but if it’s possible, I’d like to wipe the slate clean.

“Wipe the slate clean?” Scootaloo snapped. “After what you’ve done to us!?! In the past you’ve helped Diamond Tiara make our lives miserable!”

“I know, and I’m sorry,” Silver Spoon sighed. “The thing is I was so desperate to keep her as a friend that I was willing to do anything to keep her satisfied, even if it meant that I had to go against my better judgment.”

“I find that seriously hard to believe,” Sweetie Belle said with a glare. “After all you once put Scootaloo through so much stress and depression, by pointing out her inability to fly, all because you and Diamond Tiara wanted to be the Flag Bearers at the Equestria Games.”

“Yeah, and what about the time you two put Apple Bloom’s cousin in a tight spot after she came over here from Manehatten?” Scootaloo added.

“I didn’t MAKE Babs do those things!” Silver Spoon argued.

“You didn’t stop her though did you!?!” Scootaloo retorted.

“I know, and it’s because things like those that I feel like I need to make a sincere apology,” Silver Spoon sighed.

“Yeah, well with all due respect Silver Spoon, you can stuff your apologies.” Sweetie Belle huffed, crossing her fore-hooves.

“Apple Bloom could we talk to you privately please?” Scootaloo asked, looking towards her friend.

“Yeah sure,” Apple Bloom replied. “Silver Spoon, would you mind waiting outside a minute?”

“Um, yeah okay,” Silver Spoon said nervously as she proceeded walked outside.

Sensing that Silver Spoon wouldn’t mind a bit of company while she waited, Goggles limped outside with her and shut the door behind them, leaving Apple Bloom alone with her friends.

“Apple Bloom, what were you thinking bringing her here!?!” Scootaloo said, scolding the young Earth Pony.

“Yeah, you don’t honestly believe she means what she’s saying do you?”  Sweetie Belle added

Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes at that, granted it was understandable for her friends to be sceptical of the idea, but she was surprised they were being so aggressive about it.

“Yeah ah do,” She said plainly, surprising them both. “And even if ah didn’t I’d still be willing to give her a chance.”

“Well I’m not,” Scootaloo pointed out.

“Yeah,” Sweetie Belle added “She’s not even…”

“Alright that’s enough!” Apple Bloom snapped, interrupting the young Unicorn. “Honestly, I’m surprised at you two!”

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were taken aback by this, to say that they were confused as to why Apple Bloom was defending one of their bullies would be an understatement.

“Look, ah may have found it hard to believe at first too, but she’s really not that bad,” Apple Bloom continued. “But if you still don’t trust her then you can at least trust me, can’t ya?”

That was got the two fillies to finally submit, they may not have liked Silver Spoon in the slightest but when it came to their friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle would definitely be on their side.

“Fine,” Scootaloo pouted. “Bring her back in.”

Finally her friends were beginning to see sense, with a smile Apple Bloom made her way towards the door and opened it, however when she did there was no sign of Silver Spoon, only one clearly angry Gizmonk with his arms crossed and a scowl etched on his face.

“Goggles, where’s Silver Spoon?” Apple Bloom asked.

Goggles simply responded by pointing his thumb behind him and pointing another finger to his ear, indicating that Silver Spoon had heard everything that the CMC had said and left, this of course was a definite fact since it wasn’t exactly hard to hear anything through the thin walls of the club-house.  With a heavy sigh Apple Bloom slumped to the floor, she didn’t know what’s going to happen next but she definitely knew that things were going to be awkward after this.


The next day, Apple Bloom met up with her friends and went to school as usual, though this time Goggles was to stay at Sweet Apple Acres since she really wasn’t allowed to bring pets into class. Cheerilee only made the exception last time because he was her Show and Tell project. Goggles however had other ideas, just like before when no pony else was looking, the mischievous Gizmonk found a way to sneak out and follow Apple Bloom to school without being seen. By the time Goggles had managed to limp all the way to the school house, everyone was inside and class had already started, so with a slight shrug of his shoulders he decided to climb up the nearest tree and wait, after all he didn’t really have anything better to do today. After about ten minutes of sitting on that tree branch doing nothing boredom really started to sink into the Gizmonk’s mind, after trying to keep himself entertained by carving images onto the tree branch using the tools in his vest and eating the berries that grew on it, he soon found himself dosing off. After about two hours, Goggles finally awoke to the sound of the fillies and colts exiting the school house for recess, now things were beginning to get interesting. Goggles watched with interest as the Cutie Mark Crusaders picked out an area of the playground where they could play, however a certain pink filly had other ideas for them. Goggles then glared as he saw Diamond Tiara walk up to Apple Bloom and her friends with Silver Spoon at her side, however unlike the last time he saw them together Goggles noticed a look of reluctance in Silver Spoon’s eyes, this was definitely going to be an interesting turn of events.

“Diamond, are you sure you want to do this?” Silver Spoon asked. “It’s not like it was the end of the world or anything.”

“That Blank-Flank showed me up Silver Spoon!” Diamond Tiara snapped as she continued to stomp. “She has got to learn her place!”

“Oh come on, you’re still mad about that? That was two days ago!” Silver Spoon argued.

“SO WHAT!?!” Diamond Tiara retorted. “No pony up stages me and gets away with it!”

When the two fillies finally stepped up towards the Cutie Mark Crusader’s Goggle could have sworn that he could see fire in Diamond Tiara’s eyes as she stared down Apple Bloom, who had just now noticed her.

“What do you want now Diamond Tiara?” she asked aggressively.

“I want satisfaction Blank-Flank,” Diamond Tiara said plainly, trying to keep her cool. “You think you can just bring your little pet to school and show me up like that without consequences?”

“Consequences?” Sweetie Belle said, raising an eyebrow.

“What are you talking about Diamond Tiara?” Scootaloo added, getting slightly annoyed.

“Simple really,” Diamond Tiara answered. “You Apple Bloom are going to have to find some way of making this embarrassment up to me, if not then I’ll have no choice but to make your life incredibly miserable.”

However the response Diamond Tiara got wasn’t what she expected, in fact neither one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders seemed to be even the slightest bit interested in what she was saying.

“You already make our lives miserable,” Apple Bloom said bluntly as she and her friends began to turn away. “Come one girls, let’s go play somewhere else.”

But Diamond Tiara wasn’t going to take that lying down, as she looked upon the three fillies walking away, a massive vein popped in her head as her temper reach boiling point. With one quick movement, she snatched one ball from a nearby colt and flung it straight into the back of Apple Bloom’s head, causing her to fall face first into the dirt.

“HEY!!!” Scootaloo shouted, as she helped Apple Bloom up.

Needless to say, everyone who saw that gasped in horror, especially Goggles who snapped a large twig of the branch he was sitting on, he had the right mind to jump down there and clump Diamond Tiara across the head with it for what she has just done. However before he could make a move, Silver Spoon had stepped between Diamond Tiara and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“That’s enough Diamond!” she snapped. “You’ve made your point!”

Obviously it surprised everyone to see Silver Spoon acting this way towards Diamond Tiara, after the two had been an inseparable pair for ages, however after knowing what she did now, apple Bloom was more relieved than surprised, to her it was obvious that Silver spoon had finally had enough.

“What are you doing Silver Spoon!?!” Diamond Tiara snapped. “You know full well that these losers deserve what’s coming to them!”

“They don’t deserve any of this!” Silver Spoon retorted. “The only one who’s feels that way is you!”

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle’s eyes widened at this, was Silver Spoon actually defending them?

“What’s gotten into you Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara asked angrily. “Why are you going against me!?! It’s not like you’re one of those Blank-Flanks or anything!”

At first Silver spoon didn’t know how to respond to that, but as she turned her head towards Apple Bloom she looked back at her with a knowing smile, Silver Spoon then remembered Apple Bloom’s kind words when she and Apple Bloom had tea that day. If this was how it was going to be, then so be it. Closing her eyes with a calm expression on her face, Silver Spoon put her hoof to her flank and with a few gentle rubs, smudged the paint off, leaving every pony except Apple Bloom and Goggles wide-eyed with shock.

“You… you ARE a Blank-Flank too!?!” Diamond Tiara stuttered, finding it impossible to believe what she was seeing.

“Yes,” Silver Spoon answered plainly. “And frankly, I’m sick and tired of you treating every pony else like they’re garbage just because they don’t have a mark. Granted I’m no better, heck I’m probably worse for hiding something like this and being a bully just to please you, but this time you have gone too far! Calling names and recycling is one thing but physically hurting ponies is way too low for my liking!”

Diamond Tiara growled at that, by now she was getting so angry everyone could see the vein throbbing in her head, even Goggles could see it sitting in the tree. Suddenly Diamond Tiara breathed in and let out a calm breath, a wicked smile etching on her face.

“So, you never liked how we did things Silver Spoon?” she said a sly tone. “Well it’s just as well, after all the only reason you were able to hang around with me was because my dad made me talk to you.”

Silver Spoon gasped at that, as did Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

“W…what?” Silver Spoon stuttered with disbelief.

“When your father made his fortune and move your family here, my dad seemed to think it was a good if idea for us rich ponies to socialise,” Diamond Tiara explained cruelly. “Of course I didn’t want to have anything to do with a bunch of wannabes, but my dad made me talk to you just so you could feel welcome. But I must admit the idea did have perks, even if you turned out to be nothing but a liar.”

Silver Spoon was just about to reach the brink of collapsing in tears, to know that her supposed friendship with Diamond Tiara had been a lie just about broke her spirit, however it was then she felt a hoof on her shoulder. Silver Spoon then turned her head and saw Apple Bloom standing by her side looking at her with a gentle smile, at least she knew SHE wasn’t lying when they both talked a couple of days ago. Narrowing her eyes with anger, Silver Spoon turned back towards Diamond Tiara.

“Do you mean to tell me that I was personal lackey for years and you didn’t even like me!?!” she snapped.

“Honestly?” Diamond Tiara responded in a casual manner. “Not really, no.”

It was bad enough that Diamond Tiara pretended to be her friend, but now that she was admitting what really happened it appeared as though she didn’t even care in the slightest, that was the last straw that made Silver Spoon’s blood boil.

“You really ARE mean!” she screamed. “You… you’re just a spiteful, back-stabbing lying little…”

What Silver Spoon said next instantly made every pony within earshot widen their eyes with shock, the CMC were even surprised that an up-standing filly like Silver Spoon even knew such foul language, and Diamond Tiara was the most surprised due to being called such a thing.

“I always told myself that you were better than that, because I thought we were BFFs but NO! You really are just as awful as they come!” Silver Spoon continued. “So guess what? I don’t WAN’T to be BFFs anymore! I would rather spend the rest of my life working on a Rock Farm than being your flunky! And P.S. that tiara makes you look like an idiot!”

While Diamond Tiara took offence and gasped at that, every pony else witnessing the entire thing tried their best to hold in their laughter, Goggles on the other hand was laughing his head off from his seat in the tree, luckily no pony heard him so he was able to continue watching

“Ooh you’re gonna regret this!” Diamond Tiara growled in fury.

“Too late,” Silver Spoon responded. “I’ve already been regretting my decisions since I met you!”

With those final words burning in her ears, Diamond Tiara turned and walked away. At first there was a few moments of silence after that, however that silence was soon broken by the clear sound of a pony clapping their hooves. When Silver Spoon turned her head she saw that Scootaloo was the one clapping, she was soon followed by Sweetie Belles, then Apple Bloom, soon enough every pony surround her was applauding Silver Spoon’s courage in finally standing up to Diamond Tiara, even Goggle was clapping away in the tree. When the clapping finally stopped Scootaloo walked up to Silver Spoon and spoke.

“So,” she said. “Still want to wipe the slate clean?”

“More than anything,” Silver Spoon said with a smile.

“Then there’s only one more thing left to do.”

Silver Spoon raised an eyebrow at that, as did Goggles, who continued to listen in from the tree.


After School, all four fillies plus Goggles went up to the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ Clubhouse. As all three Cutie Mark Crusaders gathered around Silver Spoon and Goggles who stood below the podium where Sweetie Belle was sitting, listening to the beat of the drum Scootaloo was playing, both of them couldn’t help but feel nervous. Finally Sweetie Belle spoke.

"We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders,” She began. “Hereby elect Silver Spoon to join us as a sister, friend, confidante, gal pal, chum of chums... Scootaloo!!! I thought you said you revised this!"

“Sorry, I forgot.” Scootaloo admitted sheepishly.

Sweetie Belle then faced-hoofed and threw away the scroll of paper she was reading. Apple Bloom couldn’t help but giggle at this. With a sigh, Sweetie decided to improvise the rest of the speech.

“As I was saying,” she continued. “We the Cutie Mark Crusaders, hereby invite you Silver Spoon to be an honorary member of our group. As such you will be included in all our activities and must thereby vow to be loyal, caring, respectful and honest to your fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders.”

Silver Spoon smiled at this, however that smile dropped slightly as a question entered her mind.

“Honorary member?” she asked.

“Well since you only just broke off your friendship with Diamond Tiara, we will need to take some time to adjust, so we’re only letting you join as a trial basis,” Apple Bloom explained, causing Silver Spoon to hang her head a bit. “But don’t worry, as soon as we’re positive you’re ready, we’ll be sure to make you an official member.”

“Well I suppose I can’t ask for a better start,” Silver Spoon admitted. “Therefore I humbly accept.”

“GREAT!” every pony said in unison.

“And in addition,” Sweetie Belle continued. “I also hereby set the notion that Goggles the Gizmonk is hereby the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ official mascot. Because of him, not only would Silver Spoon be with us now, but we also got to see that great look of Diamond Tiara’s face. All those in favour?”

“Aye!” Apple Bloom said straight away.

“Aye!” Scootaloo added.

“Aye!” Silver Spoon said sheepishly, not really knowing if she had the right yet.

“Then the ayes have it,” Sweetie Belle said with a large grin. “Silver Spoon, Goggles, welcome to the Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

As the other three cheered in response, the only thing Silver Spoon could do was blush, she finally had REAL friends. As For Goggles, the only thing he did was give Apple Bloom a knowing smile, this was definitely a moment he was proud of.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 6
The Newest Chapter of my new fanfic
A  Friend in Need

When School finally ended at all the fillies and colts exited the school house to go home, Apple Bloom could help but smile as he say on her back with a look of triumph on his face.

“Looks like someone is happy with himself,” Scootaloo said with a smirk as the Cutie Mark Crusaders walked down the road.

“Did you see the look on Diamond Tiara’s face?” Sweeties Belle added. “For a minute there, I thought she was gonna explode.”

“Ah still can’t believe Goggles managed to build that toy train in just a few seconds,” Apple Bloom said as she looked at the Gizmonk’s creation in her hoof. “If this is the kind of thing Gizmonk’s do then Goggles is a lot smarter than ah first thought.”

“Well whatever,” Scootaloo smirked. “I’m just glad to see that smirk wiped of Diamond Tiara’s face! I’ll bet she’ll never be able to get over it for ages.”

“So are we heading up to the clubhouse now?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Sorry girls, ah can’t,” Apple Bloom sighed. “When ah brought Goggles home, ah didn’t tell any pony about him at first and it caused a bit of trouble afterward, so ah have to clean the Cider Press as punishment.”

“Aw, bummer,” Scootaloo commented. “Well I suppose we can postpone our group meeting to tomorrow.”

“Yeah Rarity asked me if I could help out at the Carousel Boutique anyway,” Sweetie belle added. “Apparently she needs someone to try on a punch of Filly-sized dresses she’s making.”

“So I guess ah’ll see you guys tomorrow then?” Apple Bloom said, ending the conversation.

“Alright see ya!” Scootaloo said as she jumped onto her scooter and used her tiny wings to push herself away.

“See you tomorrow Apple Bloom,” Sweetie Belle added as she walked away, towards the opposite direction.

“Bye girls!” Apple Bloom called out as both her friends disappeared from sight, leaving her alone with Goggles on her back.

As she took the path leading towards the outskirts of town, where Sweet Apple Acres resided, Apple Bloom hummed a merry tune while Goggles squeaked along with it. After about ten minutes of walking, just before she reached the turn that led her home, she heard voices from behind her.

“…and what does that stupid thing think he is acting all smug like that!” Diamond Tiara’s voice said.

Realising that Diamond Tiara must have been talking to Silver Spoon, Apple Bloom knew that even with Goggles she would be considered outnumbered two to one against the two bullies coming up from behind her, and she wasn’t really ready to stand up against Diamond Tiara’s fit of jealousy just yet. Quickly reacting Apple Bloom quickly pulled Goggles off her back, covered his mouth with her hoof to keep him quiet, and dove into the nearby bush to keep them from sight. Sure enough Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon came walking along the road seconds later.

“I still can’t believe I was upstaged by that Blank-Flank!” Diamond Tiara moaned. “Oh I’m gonna get her for this, mark my words!”

“Oh come on Diamond,” Silver Spoon said trying to reassure her friend. “It wasn’t THAT bad,”

“Oh that’s rich coming for YOU!” Diamond Tiara snapped. “The one who was the first to clap when that Blank-Flank’s Grandmother came in on Family Appreciation Day!”

“She had an interesting story!” Silver Spoon argued.

“And my dad didn’t!?!” Diamond Tiara screamed. “Honestly Silver, I don’t know why I put up with you sometimes!”

“Oh come on Diamond, Don’t be like… Oomph!”

Before Silver Spoon could even finish her sentence, her hoof caught on a small stone in the middle of the path, which in turn sent her body stumbling forward and her glasses flying off her face.

“Oh great!” Silver Spoon moaned as she felt around the ground, trying desperately to find her only means of vision. “Diamond could you help me please?”

“Sorry Silver, can’t,” Diamond Tiara replied, not even caring in the slightest as she continued to walk down the road without her. “I gotta get home.”

“Oh come on Diamond Tiara,” Silver Spoon pleaded. “You know I can’t see a thing without my glasses.”

“Well then you’ll just have to make do until you get home won’t you?” Diamond Tiara called back as she kept going further up the path. “See you tomorrow!”

“Hey wait, Diamond Tiara!”

But it was too late, the supposed friend of the struggling bully had already gone, leaving Silver Spoon to find her glasses herself. As they watched the helpless Earth Pony try to find her glasses Apple Bloom and Goggles couldn’t help but pity the poor girl, however Apple Bloom had known Silver Spoon for so long that her feelings of empathy towards her didn’t last long.

“Come on Goggles, let’s go,” Apple Bloom whispered, turning away to leave.

However as she tried to carry him away, Goggles suddenly struggled and jumped out of Apple Bloom’s grip and onto the ground.

“What?” Apple Bloom questioned.

Goggles merely responded by gesturing towards Silver Spoon continuing to struggle, still keeping the concerned look on his face, indicating that they should at least help her out.

“No way!” Apple Bloom retorted. “I ain’t helping her, you’ve seen what she’s like!”

But Goggles merely scowled and crossed his arms at her.

“Give me that look all you like, I ain’t helping her!”

Suddenly both of them heard a crack and a scream of aggravation from Silver Spoon, once again peering through the leaves of the bush they were hiding in, they saw the filly holding up one of the broken pieces of her glasses, it would seem that she had stepped on them while trying to look for them, thus snapping them in two. Upon seeing this sight, Goggles once again looked up at Apple Bloom, only this time with a look of dominance and he put his foot down and pointed towards Silver Spoon, clearly he wasn’t taking no for an answer this time.

“Alright fine,” Apple Bloom pouted as she walked out of the bush with the satisfied Gizmonk. “But ah’m doing this for you, not her.”

As she walked up toward the depressed Earth Pony before her, Apple Bloom couldn’t help but sigh with defeat, she just knew that this wasn’t gonna be easy. As the two got closer, Silver Spoon’s ears perked up.

“Who’s there?” she said, trying desperately to make sense of the blurry shapes her eyes only allowed her to see. “Diamond Tiara?”
“No,” Apple Bloom answered blunty. “It’s me.”

This surprised Silver Spoon slightly.

“Apple Bloom?” she said, before trying to regain her usual image. “What do you want, Blank-Flank?”

Apple Bloom would have scoffed at that and turned away in an instant but the scolding look Goggles gave her made react differently.

“You looked as though y’all needed help,” she said, answering Silver Spoon.

“Ha! Like I need any help from you!” Silver Spoon retorted, trying once again to look as snooty as ever.

That was when Apple Bloom really began to get irritated, at that moment she didn’t care what Goggles did, she wasn’t going to offer help if Silver Spoon wasn’t willing to accept it.

“Well fine!” she snapped before turning away, “If that’s how ya gonna be then I suppose we’ll just leave.”

Silver Spoon suddenly gained a look of panic at that, as much as she hated to admit it, she DID need help, and Apple Bloom was the only one around.

“Apple Bloom wait!” she called out, stopping Apple Bloom from walking away. “Can you… help me first?”

At first Silver Spoon thought that her pleas were in vain since she couldn’t see or hear the young Apple anymore, however as she sighed with depression she suddenly felt a hoof against her own.

“Come on,” Apple Bloom said with a slight smile as she led Silver Spoon down the road. “Goggles would you mind?”

Giving the Filly a happy thumbs-up, Goggles jumped off Apple Bloom’s back and picked up the broken pieces of Silver Spoon’s glasses. He then led the two fillies down the road, limping along with a smile on his face


After another ten minutes of walking, Goggles had lead Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon back towards Sweet Apple Acres. At first Apple Bloom was confused as to what was going to happen next but as she looked back down towards the Gizmonk leading them, Goggles smiled as put one of his fingers to his head, showing Apple Bloom that he had something in mind and thus putting her mind slightly at ease. He then led Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon towards the Barn and opened the big red doors before ushering the two fillies inside while he went into one of the empty stalls that the Apples usually kept the pigs.

“Are… are we in your barn?” Silver Spoon said, scrunching her nose up. “I can smell hay everywhere.”

“Hey, don’t disrespect the barn, Silver Spoon,” Apple Bloom replied as Goggles stepped up onto a nearby workbench. “Now, Goggles here is gonna help y’all out so just sit back and relax.”

“Goggles?” Silver Spoon questioned. “That thing you brought to school today?”

But Apple Bloom couldn’t get a word in before both she and Silver Spoon suddenly heard the distinct bangs and other various noises coming from the stall Goggles had entered. Before long Goggles had stepped out again and placed the newly repaired glasses onto Silver Spoon’s face.

“What the…?” Silver Spoon stuttered as she looked upon the Gizmonk with her newly restored vision. “B… but how did he…?

“Ah don’t really know,” Apple bloom admitted with a shrug. “Ah just know that he likes fixing and building things.”

“But these things were snapped in two,” Silver Spoon pointed out. “And it doesn’t smell like he used any glue or anything,”

Goggles merely winked at the two fillies at that remark, allowing both of them to simply shrug off the subject.

“Well… thanks I guess,” Silver spoon said awkwardly. “I suppose I better be going then.”

However before Silver Spoon could even turn away, Goggles tapped her shoulder and presented her with an empty cup. Sensing what Goggles was indicating, Apple Bloom sighed and spoke for him.

“Ah don’t suppose y’all could stay a little longer?” she asked. “Goggles DOES make a nice come of Camomile Tea.”

Normally Silver Spoon would have refused straight away, but upon seeing the pleading look in Goggles’ face, she simply sighed in defeat

“Well I suppose ONE cup won’t hurt.” She said.


At first all that the two Earth Ponies shared were several minutes of awkward silence as Goggles proceeded to brew the tea while they sat at the kitchen table. But before long, small talk soon escalated into sharing each other’s interests, as it turns out Silver Spoon seemed fascinated by the kinds of things that Apple Bloom and her friends did while trying to get their Cutie Marks, in many cases she wished that she could even try some of that stuff herself. Soon enough, the two fillies were laughing and sharing stories.

“So your folks REALLY used to be farmers too?” Apple Bloom asked as she took another sip of tea.

“Yeah,” Silver Spoon said with a sheepish smile. “But one day, dad struck a massive vein of silver while digging up some new areas on his land. The whole family’s been loaded ever since.”

“Ah still can’t believe it though,” Apple Bloom admitted. “Then again, ah suppose that explains why you were so interested in Granny’s story when she came into school.”

“Yeah I guess,” Silver Spoon replied, taking another sip from her own cup of tea. “I must say this IS some good tea.”

Goggles smiled at that and scratched the back of his head sheepishly as he cleaned up after himself.

“Ah told ya,” Apple Bloom giggled. “Would you like another cup?”

As she stared down at her nearly-empty cup, Silver Spoon couldn’t help but smile.

“You know what, I think I will have another,” she said.

Giving a small salute, Goggles once again took put the kettle on the stove and leaped towards the kitchen table to collect the empty cups. However, while he would mostly be able to make that small jump between the kitchen counter and the table with no trouble at all, the fact that his leg was still bound in a splint made it slightly harder for him to keep his balance. All it took was one small leap and Goggles ended up sliding across the table and knocking over the remaining tea in both cups all over the two fillies.

“GOGGLES!” Apple Bloom snapped, shaking herself off.

Goggles cringed with guilt as he looked upon the mess he had made on the table, suddenly something else caught his eye, something running down Silver Spoon’s flank that wasn’t tea.

“Hey wait!” Silver Spoon said desperately.

But it was too late, with one quick movement Goggles leaned in towards Silver Spoon and wiped off a piece of Silver Spoon’s Cutie Mark.

Upon seeing this Apple Bloom gasped in shock as Silver Spoon tried in vain to cover up the running paint on her flank.

“Your Cutie Mark…” she gasped. “IT’S FAKE!?!”

Realising that there was no point in trying to hide it anymore, Silver Spoon tried a new tactic and began begging instead.

“Please don’t say anything!” She pleaded. “I…. I….”

But Apple Bloom wasn’t having it, ignoring Goggles’ attempts to calm her down she began to lash out at Silver Spoon.

“You mean after all this time of bullying and teasing, you mean to tell me that you’re a Blank-flank too!?!”

“P… please don’t…” Silver Spoon pleaded again, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“Why shouldn’t ah!?!” Apple Bloom screamed. “Why shouldn’t I just go out and tell the whole of Ponyville!?!”

“Because if you do I’ll NEVER have friends!” Silver Spoon retorted instantly.

Apple Bloom blinked at that, not really knowing what words to say in response to that.

“Say what now?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

Clearly this was a subject that Silver Spoon never wanted to bring up, but never the less, with her secret already out in the open, she knew that she couldn’t keep it quiet any longer.

“When my parents and I moved to Ponyville five years ago, I wasn’t quite able to fit in,” she sighed. I was what most ponies considered a dork, they always teased me about my glasses and things like that. When I met Diamond Tiara she helped me become popular, showed me where to get better looking glasses, gave me a new hairstyle, stuff like that. And when every pony in school started getting their Cutie Marks I panicked, after seeing what Diamond Tiara really was  like, I couldn’t risk losing her as a friend. So I painted a Cutie Mark on my flank out of fear. After that things sort of escalated from there.”

“But that don’t make any sense,” Apple Bloom pointed out. “You would just have to tell the truth when your REAL Cutie Mark appeared anyway.”

“I know, but I spent so long without friends I couldn’t risk it,” Silver Spoon replied. “In all honesty, I knew it was a stupid idea but after I went through with it, it was too late. By then, Diamond Tiara was showing my Cutie Mark off to every pony and I had to keep re painting it since then.”

It was then that Apple Bloom started to feel sympathy for Silver Spoon, she even felt a little guilty for shouting at her just now.

“You… were really that scared of losing your friend?” she asked.

“Wouldn’t you do the same if it were one of your friends?” Silver Spoon replied.

Apple Bloom pondered at this, would she really do something like that to keep her friends, but then again comparing Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to Diamond Tiara would be like comparing herself to a rabid Timberwolf.

“Not if my friends wouldn’t accept me for who ah am.” She finally said, surprising Silver Spoon with her answer. “If she were to dump ya as a friend just because you didn’t get a Cutie Mark then she ain’t really worth the effort.”

“But I would lose everything if she found out about this,” Silver Spoon argued. “My friends, my popularity, Diamond Tiara would make sure of that.”

“Does popularity REALLY make ya happy?” Apple Bloom bluntly said in response.

Silver Spoon was taken aback at this, never in her life had she’d been asked such a question, after a brief moment of thought she sighed.

“No,” she admitted. “In fact it’s horrible. Ponies don’t know the real me, I’m always playing second fiddle to Diamond Tiara, and worst of all, I’m constantly forced to pick on you just to keep up appearances when I’m no better myself. I guess I’m just that pathetic.”

“Of course not… well kinda.” Apple Bloom said, trying to reassure her. “But it don’t have to be that way.”

“It… it’s doesn’t?” Silver Spoon asked. chocking back a few tears.

“Just because Diamond Tiara is as shallow as they come don’t mean other ponies will be,” Apple bloom answered with a gentle smile. “It may take some time but I’m sure every pony would understand.”

“But after everything I’ve done?” Silver Spoon argued. “Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo…”

“They’ll forgive you eventually,” Apple Bloom said, interrupting her. “I know I have.”

To say Silver Spoon was surprised by those words didn’t even come close, in fact for a moment she wasn’t even sure that she had heard Apple Bloom right.

“Really?” she asked. “Just like that?”

Apple Bloom may not have liked what Silver Spoon has done over the years that she had known her, but regardless she knew from past experiences that even some of the worst things can be forgiven.

“Ah know how it feels to wait for your Cutie Mark,” she said. “The wait can make ya do crazy things sometimes. And if it’s a matter of keeping friends, well… then consider me your first real one.”

Now Silver Spoon was sure that she had heard wrong.

“You… you would consider me a friend?” she asked, still finding it hard to believe.

“If y’all would let me.” Apple Bloom replied gently.

At those words Silver Spoon broke down into tears, tears of joy that was clearly show through a slight smile on her face. Before she knew it, Apple Bloom had pulled her into a hug. As the two of them enjoyed each other’s embrace Apple Bloom looked up a saw Goggles giving her a smile of approval, she had definitely done right today.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 5
The Newst Chapter of my New MLP fanfic
School Days

It was a glorious day when Apple Bloom walked to school that morning, not only was the sun out without a cloud in the sky but Apple Bloom had just received information that would make taking care of Goggles a little easier. When she and Goggles came down for breakfast that morning, Applejack explained that her friends Fluttershy and Princess Twilight had come by the house the previous night and told her of what they found out about the new arrival in Ponyville.

“So you’re called a Gizmonk huh?” she said to the animal on her back as she walked down the road towards the schoolhouse. “Have to admit, ah never heard of something like that before.”

Goggles merely shrugged at that. As the two continued on down the road Apple Bloom couldn’t help but ponder more on the events of yesterday, if Goggles was as smart as Twilight said he was then there was a definite chance the HE was the one who fixed the wagon. And the fact that he was able to make his own bed in seconds only confirmed that in Apple Bloom’s eyes. Suddenly her train of thought was interrupted by a pair of familiar voices.

“Hey Apple Bloom!” one called.

“Over here!” said the other.

Apple Bloom then looked up and saw a pair of other fillies just a few yards ahead, one a white Unicorn, and the other and orange Pegasus, otherwise known as her friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

“Hey girls!” Apple Bloom said as she ran up to them.

“What the heck is that thing on your back Apple Bloom?” Scootaloo asked, noticing Goggles instantly.

“Whatever it is, it’s adorable,” Sweetie Belle added.

Goggles couldn’t help but blush as Apple Bloom proceeded to explain.

“This here is Goggles,” she said. “Ah found him injured in the Everfree Forest a couple of days ago, and after ah brought him to Fluttershy he insisted on coming home with me.”

“But WHAT is he?” Scootaloo repeated.

“He’s something called a Gizmonk,” Apple Bloom explained. “Twilight said it was some kind of monkey from the Far East.”

“I never heard of a Gizmonk before,” Sweetie Belle stated. “Have you, Scootaloo?”

Scootaloo shook her head in response.

“Well either way, ah’m taking him to school today for Show and Tell,” Apple Bloom continued. “Thought it’d be good way to introduce him to every pony.”

“Aw man, and all I brought was my scooter,” Scootaloo pouted, knowing that everyone in the class was obviously going to like Goggles better.

“Come on girls,” Sweetie Belles said. “We better get going before we’re late.”

And with that the three friends quickly made their way down the road. By the time they had reached the Ponyville schoolhouse, fillies and colts were already beginning to enter the building, suddenly Apple Bloom stopped.

“Sorry to ask this Goggles,” she said, addressing the Gizmonk on her back. “But do you think you could uh…”

But Apple Bloom didn’t even need to finish her sentence, because at that moment Goggles gave another thumbs-up and slid off her back and into her school bag, causing a slight bulge in the fabric. Seeing the confused looks on her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders Apple Bloom proceeded to explain.

“Ah don’t want anyone seeing him before ah show him to the class,” she said. “Especially Diamond Tiara.”

Suddenly as though her very words became an animal call for her, the filly she spoke of stepped forward from the crowd of fillies and approached the three friends.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Cutie Mark Catastrophes,” Diamond Tiara said, her friend and lackey, Silver Spoon standing at her side. “So what have YOU got for Show and Tell?”

“Probably something lame,” Silver Spoon added. “Like maybe that old piece of junk Scootaloo calls a sweet ride,”

Scootaloo growled at this, she NEVER like anyone insulting her scooter.

“What we got ain’t none of your business, Diamond Tiara!” Apple Bloom snapped, making sure Goggles was still out of sight.

“Yeah, so why don’t you get lost!” Sweetie Belle added.

At those words, both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon scoffed and proceeded to turn away.

“Fine, if you’re going to be so rude, they we’ll leave you Cutie Mark Failures to your business,” Diamond Tiara said as she and Silver Spoon walked away. “See you in class Blank-Flanks.”

As soon as the two bullies were gone, Goggles popped his head out of Apple Bloom’s bag and growled ferociously.

“Glad to know that Gizmonk’s a good judge of character,” Scootaloo commented, noticing Goggles’ anger.

“I just can’t stand her sometimes,” Sweetie Belle said in frustration. “I know we don’t have our Cutie Marks but that doesn’t give her the right to treat us like this.”

“Ah know what you mean,” Apple Bloom added, stroking Goggles’ head, trying to calm him down. “Come on, we better get inside.”


It was a regular school day as far as every filly and colt was concerned, as Cheerilee walked into the classroom, everyone greeted her same way they normally do and she proceeded with her teachings. Today they were learning history, particularly about the first gentle snowfall, according to history it began in Cloudsdale when a young filly presented a piece of snow that was shaped like a star, to Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.

“Now can anyone tell me what that filly’s name was?” Cheerilee asked the class.

In response several fillies and colts put their hooves up, thinking they knew the answer.

“Yes, Silver Spoon,” Cheerilee said, pointing towards the grey filly in designer glasses.

“It was Snowdrop Miss Cheerilee,” Silver Spoon responded, all smugly.

“Correct,” Cheerilee said with a smile. “Now this particular filly was slightly different from all the other Pegasi in her class, can anyone tell me how?”

Again, several hooves went up, but this time Cheerilee decided on picking Apple Bloom to answer this question.

“She…” Apple Bloom began, trying her best to remember the answer. “…had poor eyesight.”

“Close enough,” Cheerilee giggled, pleased that Apple Bloom was at least on the right track. “But actually, Snowdrop didn’t really have poor eyesight, in fact she was completely blind. And she had created the first gentle snowflake by listening to the twinkles of the stars above her. After she had presented it to the princesses, from that day on snows were always gentle. Well, aside from the occasional blizzard off course. And as for Snowdrop, she grew up to be in charge of the whole production of gentle snow, in fact the day she let that first flake fall was the day she got her Cutie Mark.”

This intrigued the Cutie Mark Crusaders a great amount as they listened to their teacher’s words, maybe they can try getting their Cutie Marks doing something like that. However their mood was spoilt by the snide whispers from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

“No chance of THEM doing something like that,” Diamond Tiara whispered.

“Yeah, that Pegasus can’t even get off the ground, much less create snow.” Silver Spoon whispered back.

Of course, the three friends decided to ignore them and continued to listen to Cheerilee.

“Now as you know, today we are having Show and Tell,” she said as she walked up toward the blackboard. “Now before we begin, I’d like to ask every pony to hold back any comments or questions until the filly or colt presenting is ready to take them, ok?”

She received a series of positive murmurs at that.

“Alright then,” Cheerilee continued with a smile. “When I call your name, you are to come up to the blackboard and present your piece…”

After that, the rest of the morning was spent with all the fillies and colts presenting whatever they brought in for Show and Tell. It began with a young Pegasus named Featherweight showing off his new camera, after that was Silver Spoon and her mother’s priceless earrings, then was Snip and Snails who both presented a farm of earthworms, finally it was Apple Bloom’s turn. As she walked up to the blackboard, her hooves clasped on her school bag, a drop of sweat ran down her brow, she couldn’t help but wonder what the class’s reaction was going to be.

“So what have you brought today Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee asked as she took notes.

“Well…” Apple Bloom began as she cleared her throat. “First of all, it’s not a what, it’s a who. And WHO it is, is my new friend… Goggles.”

At that word, Apple Bloom opened up her bag, allowing Goggles to jump out and onto Cheerilee’s desk. Needless to say everyone aside from Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were shocked to see this.

“Oh… oh my,” Cheerilee stuttered, trying to regain her composure as Goggles gave her a polite bow. “And what IS Goggles exactly?”

“Well he is called a Gizmonk,” Apple Bloom explained as Goggles turned himself in a circle so that everyone could see him. “And from what ah know, he is a rare animal that comes from the Far East, ah heard about it from my sister.”

“I see,” Cheerilee said, looking over the strange, yet adorable creature on her desk. “Does any pony have a question?”

Instantaneously every hoof in the room shot up, curious to know more about the animal before them.

“Where did you get him?” a unicorn named Dinky asked.

“Ah found him in the Everfree Forest,” Apple Bloom answered. “He was badly hurt so ah brought him back to Ponyville to get patched up, after that he came home with me.”

“Does he do any tricks?” Snips asked.

“Yeah, does he?” Snails added.

That was a question that Apple Bloom couldn’t find the right words to answer with.

“Well uh…”

Suddenly Goggles once again answered her prayers and started writing something on the blackboard, which read:


The class reacted with awe at Goggles’ display of intelligence, causing Apple Bloom to smile with glee.

“As y’all can see,” she said. “Goggles is VERY smart.”

“So is that ALL he can do?” Diamond Tiara asked snidely, causing Apple Bloom to growl with irritation."

Goggles on the other hand twitched his eye with anger and snapped the piece of chalk in his grip, he obviously didn’t like being undermined by this filly, suddenly the orb at the end of his tail lit up once again, showing that he had an idea. In the blink of an eye, Goggles rubbed off what he wrote on the blackboard and started to draw something else, and he drew it so quickly that by the time he was done, both the chalk and the blackboard had little steams of smoke producing from it. What Goggles had created this time astounded every pony even more, even Apple Bloom was surprised this time, on the blackboard he drew what appeared to be a side-view of some kind of toy train. Suddenly Goggles jumped of Cheerilee’s desk and limped outside, only to come back a few seconds later with a bunch of large sticks in his arms.

“Uh, Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee said with a curious look in her eye. “What is he doing now?”

“Ah… ah don’t really know,” Apple Bloom admitted.

Suddenly Goggles opened up his little vest to revel several small tools clinging onto holders sown into the fabric, he then took out a small out a few of his chosen tools and proceeded to attack the pile of wood with the ferocity of a Tasmanian Devil. By the time the smoke cleared a few seconds later, the pile of wooden sticks was replaced by what appeared to be an exact replica of the diagram Goggles had drawn on the blackboard. Goggle then blew the steam off the screwdriver he was holding and crossed in arms in a smug manner, enjoying every second of the dumbfounded look on Diamond Tiara’s face.

“By Celestia!” Cheerilee finally said, trying to adjust herself to the display before her eyes. “That was incredible!”

“That’s got to be the best Show and Tell ever!” Snips added.

It was then the whole class apart from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon murmured in agreement and clapped their hooves in applause, as Apple Bloom smiled and took Goggles and his creation back to her desk, she couldn’t help but feel fantastic at rubbing the smirk off Diamond Tiara’s face. As Show and Tell continued on almost every pony in the class remained fixated on Goggles, even the rest of the ponies presenting their own projects had lost all interest as long as he was in the room, which in turn infuriated Diamond Tiara even more. Throughout the rest of the day Goggles had become the most popular thing in class, which in turn made Apple Bloom that much more popular. However even as her fellow classmates continued to badger her with questions and comments about her new pet, Apple Bloom’s mind was fixated on other things, mainly the way Goggles had designed and created a toy train with such speed and detail. Not only did this prove without a doubt that HE was the one who fixed the wagon yesterday, but it also showed a little bit more about Goggles than he let on at first. What was this Gizmonk?
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 4
The newest Chapter of my new MLP fanfic
Hey guys, for those who have read my fanfics, you would know that a good chunk of them remain unfinished. I know I said that I was just taking a hiatus on them but the sad truth is that I am completely out of ideas for them. Not only that but because I can't give a real answer to those who are asking for the next chapters, I've decided to stop writing them... permanently.

Don't fret, I still might come up with a new fic when I can come up with something good and follow through with it, however the others that I have already posted are no longer in production, reasons being that I have no idea what to write next, there are too many fics to keep on track, plus I have lost interest in pretty much all of them. I know you guys reading the fics are going to be disappointed and I am sorry about that, but frankly I need a clean slate because not only do I have other things to do in my life but if I am going to write a new fic then I want it to be good and not a half-assed rush job.

Furthermore, I've decided that the fics I haven't finished are not worth keeping on DA, oh don't worry, I won't be deleting the finished ones, just the ones that I have decided not to move forward with.

Again, sorry guys but I need a clean slate, thanks for the support though it's very much appreciated.


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