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Chapter 1: A Demonic Theft

San Francisco: the city that had seen its fair share of disasters, and not all of them what one would consider natural, in the early 2000s it has become victim to the destruction from Dragons, Wizards and giant, floating Demon Heads. Normally when one would hear such things, they use more than likely say that they were merely just stories cooked up by some crazy person, well those people obviously had not been around San Francisco during the past few hours, after all, it’s not every day when Drago, the son of a fire demon, and from the future no less, absorbs the chi of other more powerful demons, goes on a rampage, and gets banished from Earth along with his demonic father to the Netherworld. Luckily, thanks to the heroic efforts of a group of certain individuals, the world was saved from becoming a demon paradise at the claws of Drago. Now, all that is left to do was to repair the damage to the city.

One place in particular, Uncle’s Rare Finds, was also currently overseeing repairs, in fact thanks to their deeds against Drago, those who live there were getting a great deal of help from all their friends, with Captain Augustus Black and the newly reformed Section 13 being the one graciously supplied the group with everything they needed to rebuild, which was easy given that the government provided plenty of materials to spare. The shop itself hadn’t received too much damage from Drago’s rampage, albeit it did receive a lot of major damage from his henchmen, leaving some charred tiles some broken antiques and a great big hole in the front wall. Luckily, the ship-owner and Master Chi Wizard, Uncle, had all the help he needed to make the repairs, and not just from his young relative Jackie and his Apprentice, turned full Chi-wizard, Tohru but also the now reformed Enforcers, Finn, Ratso, Chow, and Hak Foo, who were currently being employed by Uncle after they assisted in Drago’s defeat, albeit the first three actually just slacking off while Hak Fu really did all the fighting.  And of course, Jackie’s Niece and well-known spitfire, Jade was “overseeing” the reconstruction, though more often trying to sneak in a game room or two while everyone continued to rebuild, needless to say Uncle wouldn’t have any of that being the stubborn old goat he was. While everyone else helped rebuild the building itself, Uncle and Tohru were checking over the supplies involving magic, besides the ingredients that had been used the previous day in preparation against Drago, everything was accounted for, they were just about done when all of a sudden, he was overcome with a strong shiver down his aged spine.

“Sensei?” Tohru enquired, sensing his teacher’s anxiety.

“Uncle has the willies,” Uncle responded with curiosity and concern

Needless to say, upon hearing that Tohru instantly began to share in his teacher’s apprehension, whenever Uncle had the willies, it never meant anything good, in fact it always meant that dark magic was always close by.


As always, Uncle was correct whenever there was dark magic afoot, however what he didn’t know was the fact that it was occurring right beneath their feet. Within the darkness of the San Francisco sewer system, there was a savage brawl occurring between two creatures, both of whom were currently fighting to the death. One was an immensely large alligator, more than likely one that had escaped the local zoo during the recent carnage of the city, and the other was a large, female humanoid creature with bat-like wings on her back, a long reptilian tail, three spikes on her forehead, and wearing black exercise clothes, similar to that of a Dark Chi warrior. Their battle sent them further into the sewers as neither gave in to the other, the gargoyle-like creature’s eyes glowing red with pure ferocity, the alligator may be a formidable opponent, but she knew how to end their confrontation quickly, finally gaining the upper hand, she grabbed the large reptilian beast around its neck, a loud snap echoing amongst the darkness as she gave it one quick twist, ending the beast as she delivered one final kick to its gut, smashing it into the sewer wall, which in turn collapsed on top of the alligator, if breaking its neck didn’t kill it than the amount of debris crushing it’s body certainly did finishing it off.

“And here I thought only the Big Apple had alligators in its sewers.” The gargoyle commented jokingly as she breathed out a heavy sigh of relief, standing over her fallen enemy

After having been impressed with her own work long enough, the gargoyle stuck her hand into her pocket, her eyes widening with shock as she pulled out nothing.

“Damn it! That stupid gator made me lose my locator charm!” She snapped, angrily slamming her clawed fist against the wall, instantly cracking it. “How am I supposed to find where we’re meeting now!?!”

Suddenly the gargoyle was joined by another voice within the darkness.

“Oh don’t let it bother you,” it said in an elegant tone, instantly startling the lady gargoyle enough to unfurl her wings in an intimidating manner.

Instantly turning her head towards the source of the voice, the gargoyle was met with an eerie light emanating from the aura surrounding by the one who spoke.  Floating a few inches above the sewer water, surrounded by the spooky purple aura, was a girl far that looked more human than the gargoyle did, save for the two extra arms, albeit with only two claws instead of hands, protruding just underneath the first set. She also had light blue skin with a deeper shade of the same colour forming a mark over the top half of her face, dark purple hair, red eyes like the gargoyle, and wore a cute top under a red jacket, a dark blue skirt, and a pair of red high-heel boots that narrowly avoided touching the water below her.

“You have already arrived at your destination.” The girl continued, floating over to the gargoyle wearing a patient smile. “Lovely to see you again Cousin.”

“Luna!” the gargoyle snapped angrily, immediately putting up her guard even more. “Is this some kind of ambush you planned up? Well, I’ve got news for you! You won’t fare any better than the alligator against the daughter of the Sky Demon!”

The girl, now known as Luna rolled her eyes at that, however before she could responded another voice became added into the conversation.

“I suspect we’d do a BIT better, ma’am,” It said stoically, almost sounding metallic through the echoes.

Instantly reacting, the lady gargoyle immediately turned and placed her guard up, upon which she could saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes as a new figure stepped into the light. Wearing a black army shirt, pants, and boots was a green skinned man with stripes down his forearms and thick grey spikes in his shoulders, he wore a modified, metal gas mask that had two long rubber tubes sticking out from the jawline, leading over his back and then circling back towards a metal plate imbedded in his bare chest, the only part of his face that could be seen beneath the mask was the pair of hissing yellow eyes that produced an eerie glow beneath the googles. The creature walked forward only just enough to be visible in Luna’s light. He then looked towards the gargoyle, who still had her guard up but looking a little confused as she gazed upon the new figure.

“You are Miss Sona, correct?” the figure said, clicking his boots in the process, and giving the gargoyle a respectful salute. “Pascal LeBlanc, at your service, ma’am.”

At those words the gargoyle, now known as Sona instantly rubbed her temples with annoyance.

“I see you brought your pet, Luna,” she said, actually surprised that she didn’t expect such a thing. “Well, I’m not afraid to take both of you on!”

Hearing this Luna couldn’t help but groan.

“Oh please, Sona,” she said with some annoyance. “We didn’t come here to ambush you. I expect that, much like us, you have been summoned here as well?”

“Yeah…” the gargoyle lady said, slowly relaxing her stance. “So, you weren’t the one that called me here?”

“Sorry Bat-girl,” Luna responded, shaking her head as she pulled out her own moon-shaped locator charm from her jacket pocket. “But we’re just as surprised as you are.”

“Well if you didn’t organise this meeting then who did?” asked Sona, now becoming more agitated with every passing moment.

“I did.”  Said another new voice appeared in the shadows, this time female.

As if on que, another light, this one made of fire, ignited itself amongst the darkness to reveal another unusual woman. With fire in her claw, the newcomer looked similar to one Drago if born a girl and had more reptilian features around the face, she had six horns down both the sides of her head, purple markings upon her green, scaly forehead and wore a red vest along with black exercise pants with a purple sash tied around her waist.

Looking upon the dragon girl, Sona and Luna immediately recognized her and were all the more surprised to actually see her.

“Pyra!?!” they both gasped.

“In the scales.” Pyra stated proudly as she approached the others. “I see you two havn’t changed a bit.”

“Likewise,” Sona chuckled as a teasing grin etched across her face. “Although personally, I never thought that the least favourite child of Shendu the Fire Demon would show her face after all this time. I’m almost glad I came now.”

At those words Pyra glared at the smaller girl unpleasantly with an irritated hiss, Sona never was one of her favourite cousins.

“I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer, Shrimp.” She growled.

However Sona was always one to get easily riled up whenever someone makes fun of her size, being the daughter of His Wu, the smallest out of all of eight demon sorceress, she had to deal with that sort of thing her entire life. Luckily, before she and Pyra readied themselves for a fight, Luna floated between them to try and calm the situation down.

“Now, now,” she said sternly. “Let’s not lose our tempers, there’s already enough commotion above ground and I don’t want any attention being brought to us when you tear up half the neighbourhood with one of your fights.”

Thankfully Luna’s reasoning was sound enough for the two girls ready to claw each other, to separate and cool down, happy with her good fortune Luna smiled.

“That’s better,” she said before turning to Pyra. “So how are you, dear cousin? I mean, besides losing both your father and deranged brother to the Netherworld forever.”

Pyra growled at that, out of all the cousins she had Luna was always the first one to point out the worst possible events in her usual playful manner.

“I couldn’t care less for my bastard of a father,” Pyra responded, eyeing the floating girl quizzically “But last I checked my twin was still in Hawaii literally eating a volcano full of jelly.”

Needless to say that last part instantly raised a few eyebrows, if Pascal could remove his mask then he would have shown a face just as confused as the rest of them, however due to the toxicity of his poisonous breath the mask had to stay for the safety of everyone in that sewer.

“Really?” Luna said, equally as quizzical as her cousin. “That’s…interesting.”

“Oh, who cares?” said Sona apathetically with a slight scowl on her face. “He got whatever he deserves, just like our rotten, no account parents did a few months back. Good riddance to bad garbage I say.”

“Can’t argue with that.” Pyra said in agreement, somewhat surprised that she and Sona actually shared an opinion.

That was when Pascal decided to intervene.

“Excuse me, ladies,” he said respectfully, seeing how the original topic of their presence here had yet to be answered. “I’m know that you all have issues with your parents, but can we please get to the reason why we were summoned here today?”

At those words Luna scowled at Pascal for his boldness, however she no less expected such a thing after the many years he had been in her service, it was one of the many qualities he had that made her respect him so much.

“The soldier is right,” Pyra admitted, quickly returning focus to the meeting “We do have other matters to attend to.”

“Are the rest of our not cousins join us?” Luna asked Pyra curiously.

“No,” Pyra said intensely. “In fact they are the reason why I called you all here.”

“Come again?” Sona asked raising an eyebrow.

Pyra sighed at that, clearly this was going to need much explaining.

“As I’m sure you…” she began saying, her gaze suddenly turning towards Pascal before continuing, “MOST of you know, that about a thousand years ago, us three along with our five cousins were born from the original eight Demon Sorcerers and grew up without much aid from our parents.”

Luna couldn’t help but roll her eyes at that.

“Well, being half human DID make us somewhat outcasts amongst our own kind,” she pointed out. “Of course, we didn’t have much of a choice either. And yet, for some reason, that was the only way for our folks to reproduce.”

As his mistress talked, Pascal couldn’t help but feel intrigued, he had heard tales of such creatures from Luna, even knew about her parentage for a while now, but never really gave them much thought, especially since it was a subject matter his mistress didn’t feel like openly sharing.

“Indeed,” Pyra commented with a slight nod. “We may not be as strong as our demonic parentage, but we all have our own magical skills. My mastery of magic and fire breath, Luna’s manipulation of gravity, and of course Sona’s strength and ability to fly.”

“Damn right.” Sona said proudly.

“But as expected of any demon, we all wanted more than what we had,” Pyra continued. “So I performed a taboo amongst our kind.”

“And by taboo, you mean copying your father’s magic and reproducing his talismans?” Luna asked, amused by the reminiscing dragon lady.

“Precisely,” Pyra answered smugly, always proud of her achievements in magic. “And while my father still kept the original talismans for himself, I created new ones from enchanted silver, each with its own power similar to its original counterpart. I may have been banished from my father’s kingdom as punishment, but I was still able to complete the process and had twelve new talismans that I could use, seven of which I gave to each of my cousins and one I kept for myself. After which, I hid away the other four sealing them in the Five Elements Mountain in China.”

Luna and Sona Instantly smirked upon hearing that.

“And might I say how useful the Monkey Talisman has proved to me,” Luna said as she pulled out a small, silver Monkey Talisman from her jacket pocket. “It certainly helped in hiding Pascal amongst the humans.”

If anyone else had been in that sewer they would have instantly have become confused at that statement since it was a well-known fact that most demons could use their magic change their form to blend into their surroundings, however Pyra and Sona knew perfectly well that Pascal was a special case, he may have had unlimited strength and a poisonous fume that acts as his breath, but that was as far as his magical abilities went, which in turn made it necessary for Luna to use the silver Monkey Talisman to transform him into an animal whenever she and him needed to be out in public.

“And the Rat Talisman does provide me plenty of combatants for my training,” Sona added smugly as she brought out her own silver talisman fiddling it between her fingers.

Hearing this Pyra couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m pleased you are impressed.” She stated proudly.

“You didn’t give one to your brother?” Pascal asked curiously.

However that question was met with an angry hiss.

“Of course not!” she snapped. “He would’ve just given it to our father.”

Not wanting to anger the dragon further, Pascal chose to change the subject.

“So… what does this have to do with the current situation?” he asked.

“Ah, a valid question, Pascal,” Luna said before looking over to the dragon girl herself. “Pyra?”

“I was just about to get to that part,” Pyra explained. “You see, recently I have discovered the magical seals broken, and in turn found that all the remaining talismans were stolen, including…a new one.”

At those words, everyone looked at Pyra with a clear look of surprise.

“A new one?” Luna repeated, confusingly.

“Wait a minute!” shouted Sona as her interest was piqued. “You made a thirteenth talisman! When did you do that?”

“Before I sealed the talismans away I attempted and succeeded in creating a thirteenth talisman after many decades of research and experimentation,” Pyra explained to her kin with an awkward sigh. “It has a unique power all its own that could even give my bastard father a run for his money. After its creation, I sealed it with the other four talismans thinking it would safe.”

“Well that plan certainly backfire didn’t it?” Luna asked sarcastically, much to Pyra’s displeasure.

“Unfortunately yes,” she replied. “Not only that, but after some investigation of the crime scene, I’m now positive that it was one of our cousins that organized this theft.”

“How can you be so sure?” Sona asked curiously.

“Only a demon could break my enchanted seals a placed to protect my talisman” Pyra explained.  “And since you and Luna were the only ones to even respond to my invitation for this meeting I can certainly count you all out.”

“What makes you think that it wasn’t another demon?” Pascal, once again being bold enough to forget his place.

As expected, Pyra sneered at the masked demon in response.

“What other demons are even as powerful as us!?!” she retorted.

“Are we talking on Earth or in general?” Luna quipped playfully, only to quickly go silent after receiving another angry hiss from her cousin.

After quickly calming herself down, Pyra soon began to speak again.

“Listen,” She said calmly. “I know that we’re not always on the best terms with each other, but from this moment onwards you three are the only ones I can trust.”

Luna couldn’t help but smirk at that.

“Hmm, I feel honoured.” she said amusedly.

Sona on the other hand, merely rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, it makes me all warm and toasty inside.” She stated sarcastically.

“Look, I wouldn’t be tell you all this if I wasn’t desperate,” Pyra pleaded. “I need your help… please.”

That was what sold it, never in their lives had Sona nor Luna had ever heard one of their cousins beg, much less say “please”, upon hearing it Luna took a moment to think over the situation. She didn’t take long as she soon gave her cousin her reply.

“It would probably be in my best interest to help you,” she said with an uneasy smile. “Besides, in all honesty you and Sona are about the only ones I can actually stand to be around. What do you think Pascal?”

Pascal couldn’t help but smile at that, knowing that it couldn’t be seen underneath his mask, he may have only been a servant and a soldier, but none the less he was always happy to be asked his opinion on any given matter by his Mistress.

“The thief, whichever one of your cousins it may be, does possess a major threat to our secrecy should they use the talismans for their personal gain,” he informed her. “It would be wise catch the thief before they do any damage.”

Luna giggled at that.

“Spoken like a true soldier,” she commented before turning back to Pyra. “We’re in.”

Hearing this Pyra sighed with relief, Luna may have a sadistic sense of humour but Pyra knew that she was at least reliable when it comes to important matters.

“Sona?” she asked looking at the daughter of the Sky Demon, hoping to get the same response.

However Sona was still thinking it over, which was surprising since she tended to be very headstrong, but in this case Sona had the right to think over her role in this current situation. After a moment waiting, the gargoyle girl soon gave her reply.

“Ah, hell. I’m not doing anything better,” she finally said with a smirk. “Beating up one of our cousins should be fun, you can count me in Pyra.”

Once again Pyra sighed with relief.

“Thank you.” Pyra said giving them both a grateful smile.

At those words Pascal stood at attention ready and waiting for instructions as a soldier should.

“What are your orders Ma’am?” he asked, giving another respectful salute.

In answer to the masked demons question, Pyra’s smile turned into a serious scowl as she relayed her instructions to the group.

“Our cousins may not have answered my invitation, but I have learnt through numerous sources that most of them have come to San Francisco, taking advantage of the recent chaos to hide their presence,” she explained. “So we need to split up, track them all down, and if any of them reveal to be the thief, relieve them of all their talismans and if necessary…end them.”

Needless to say, all three of the demons listening were surprised to hear such a thing from Pyra, out of all their cousins she seemed to be the one less likely to take an innocent life, much less the life of one of her own family members.

“Oh my.” Luna commented with mild gasp. “We are being quite serious in our endeavours today, it seems.”

“Works for me,” Sona commented eagerly, not really caring as long as she got a fight out of the deal. “So, who are we going after?”

“As I have already said, most of our cousins are already in the area,” Pyra explained. “However I already know that it’s not Avalanche since he’s still back in Russia.”

Both Sona and Luna groaned with irritation upon hearing that.

“Is that over-grown boulder-brain STILL asleep?” Sona asked, though was sure she already knew the answer. “Damn, how long has he been now?”

“About 127 years, and still looking to continue it.” Luna replied, pinching the bridge of her nose. “I swear, the only thing that oaf likes more than eating is sleeping.2

“Well what else can you expect from the son of the Mountain Demon?” Pyra asked dryly. “That being said, that narrows down our targets to Terra, Volteer, Gust and Liquidelle, all of whom I am sure are currently hiding amongst the public in the city above us as we speak.”

Upon hearing a certain name from that roster, Sona growled ferociously as her eyes once again became to glow their usual hellish red.

“I call dibs on Terra,” she growled only to be scoffed at by Luna.

“Not a chance Bat-girl,” she mocked. “Knowing you, you’ll probably kill her before she even gives you the talisman just for sake of it.”

Pascal couldn’t help but cringe at that, he had heard many tales from Luna about the sheer ferocity between Sona and Terra, to say it was bad blood would have been an understatement. From what Pascal heard, Sona has hated Terra’s guts ever since they were very young, he didn’t know whether it was because Terra was Sona’s elemental opposite being the daughter of the Earth Demon, or that fact that she was just as, if not more headstrong than Sona was, but either way it was apparent that their fights were so savage that many humans had lost their lives in the crossfire.

“Ugh, fine!” Sona groaned, knowing that they would be wasting time if they argued on the matter. “Then I’ll go after Volteer, hopefully the son of the Thunder Demon will be an easy target for me.”

“In that case WE will go after Terra,” Luna replied, giving her servant a small pat on the back. “She shouldn’t be a problem for us.

“We?” Sona exclaimed raising an eyebrow.

“I never go anywhere without Pascal,” Luna stated sternly. “Besides given his strength and training, we should be able to track down Terra AND take down another one of our cousins much faster than you two could on your own.”

Sona rolled her eyes at that, she had no idea why Luna put so much faith in this servant of hers, ever since she got him in the last year of WWII Luna always put so much trust in him as though he we her equal rather than her servant.

“Whatever Luna,” Pyra stated, hoping to get to work as soon as possible. “If that’s the case then I’ll go after Gust and we’ll go after Liquidelle together after we’ve handled our own cases.”

“Sound like a plan to me,” Sona said, cracking her knuckles with eagerness.

“Well then if we’re all happy with our assignments,” Pyra continued, her eyes literally burning with orange flames as she pulled out her own silver talisman, that of course being the Dragon. “Let’s get cooking!”


Within the hour, the small group of demons left the sewer to go out searching for their kin. After receiving all the information they could from Pyra on the last whereabouts of each of their cousins, they all went their separate ways with the exception of Luna and Pascal. While Pyra and Sona each made their own way to find their cousins, Pascal and Luna decided to take the deceptive approach and began tracking down Terra whilst blending in with the public, as such they were walking amongst the humans disguised for the time being. Luna, with her ability with magic, easily altered her appearance to make herself look like a human version of herself, meanwhile Pascal, using the Monkey Talisman, was able to transform into a dog which was at this moment, tracking down Terra by scent using a broken piece of Terra’s horn that Sona had managed to obtain during one of their fights. After what felt like a couple of hours of searching, Pascal finally managed to catch a whiff of something, instantly giving Luna a nod in his canine form, he then led the disguise demon girl down the street in a rushed manner, so much so that they didn’t notice a trio of individuals coming around the corner. One slight bump and Luna was knocked back into the pavement, for the moment, she had the right mind to lash out against the ones she bumped into, however upon looking up to see who it was she instantly had second thoughts.

“Oh, I am so sorry miss,” Jackie Chan said, quickly offering her a hand.

Luna was hesitant at first, she had never met Jackie, Jade or Uncle personally, but she had heard enough stories and witnessed many events regarding them to be cautious of them, and luckily for her they didn’t see through her human guise, otherwise this meeting would have more than likely, gone so much worse.

“Uh… it’s no trouble, really,” Luna said, refusing Jackie’s hand and picking herself up. “Well… bye now!”

And on that final word she took off like a shot, once again following Pascal, the last thing she wanted right now was interference from the Chan Gang now of all times.

“That was… weird,” Jade commented, somewhat confused with the girl’s behaviour.

Normally Jackie would have told Jade off for being rude, but in this case he had to agree with her, however his attention was soon drawn to the old man standing next to him with another deep shiver down his spine.

“Uncle?” Jackie inquired.

“Let me guess, your old pal Willie?” Jade asked worryingly, though positive she knew the answer to that already.

With an uneasy look in his eye, Uncle turned to his relatives and spoke.

“Uncle senses great evil,” he said, his eyes glaring with fear as thunder began to erupt in the night.


After finally catching up with Pascal, Luna couldn’t help but gasp for air as they both finally came to a stop, she never did quite get used to using her legs often, being the daughter of the Moon Demon, she always preferred to float in mid-air.  Seeing as there was no more humans around, Pascal activated the Monkey Talisman that acted as his dog tag, in an instant the magic of the talisman transformed the dog back to his original demon form, after which, he then took the talisman off his person and turned around to Luna bowing down on one knee.

“She’s close Mistress,” he stated. “The scent continues only a short distance further.”

“Really?” Luna asked curiously as she looked up to the building ahead.

“Have my tracking skills ever led you astray before?” asked Pascal proudly, standing up to look back to the source of the scent.

“I suppose not,” Luna said with a slight smile as she began walking towards the building, removing her disguise and levitating herself a few inches of the ground, much to her relief.

The building before them was a baseball stadium, but not just any stadium, in fact during recent days it acted as the stage to a certain event that both Pascal and Luna were all too familiar with.

“Um, Mistress?” Pascal said as they both entered the stadium. “Is this not the same stadium where Shendu and Drago fought and were subsequently banished by those chi wizards?”

At those words, Luna couldn’t help but scratch her head in thought as the came onto the remains of the grassy baseball field.

“Now that you mention it, it is,” she said, dropping herself back down to the ground and looking over her surroundings cautiously. “But why would Terra come here?”

As they looked around, both Pascal and Luna could see the damage left behind from the battle with Future Drago. It was surprising that the human in-charge hadn’t already begun making the repairs to the stadium yet, given the fact that everything else in the city was being rebuilt, it certainly seemed odd. Suddenly the state of the stadium became the least of everyone’s concerns because at that very moment, the ground beneath them began to shake.

“LOOK OUT!” Pascal shouted as he quickly pulled Luna out of the way of a large, stone spike that burst beneath her feet, after which he kept pulling her as more spikes appeared until they finally got out of the way.

As soon as he was sure that they were out of danger for the moment Pascal looked down to his Mistress with caution.

“Are you alright?” he asked considerately.

“Yeah,” Luna replied gratefully “Thank you, Pascal.”

Satisfied that his Mistress was unharmed, Pascal then turned to try and see if he could spot the cause of the attack, luckily he didn’t have to search long.

“Damn it!” screamed another voice, this one rough and feminine.

Shooting their heads up towards the stands, Luna and Pascal were then met with a shocking sight, for they did not only see one, but FOUR other demons looking down on them from their positions in the stands, each of them different in looks and personality. One was a girl that looked like an anthropomorphic ram with rocky red skin, dirty blond hair, two long green horn protruding from her forehead, and wore a light blue leotard that ended at her rocky thighs. Another was a blue skinned girl with murky green hair that wriggled about like it was alive, a serpentine lower body that ended with a translucent blue fin, and wore a mud-brown sweater and woolly hat that complimented her noseless face. The third was a muscular reptilian-looking humanoid wearing green and gold armour and the last one, who stood in front of the others as though he were the leader, was a greyish-purple frog-like humanoid who wore and open leather vest over a bare chest, leather pants tied up by red sash around the waist, leather gloves, and donned a golden Mohawk to finish off his punkish look. Upon seeing these new demons, Luna recognised them immediately.

“Gust? Terra? Liquidelle? AND Volteer?” She said in a surprised tone surprised, looking at the frog, rocky ram, blue serpent and armoured beast respectively. “You’re ALL part of this?”

The blue serpent chuckled at that.

“All part of what cousin?” she said in a suave, mocking tone. “Whatever do you mean?”

However neither Luna nor Pascal were in the mood for Liquidelle’s games, they both knew all too well how slippery the Daughter of Bai Tza can be whenever she uses her words and they were not going to fall for any of her tricks.

“Don’t patronise me!” Luna snapped, rising a little off the ground. “You all know what I’m talking about!”

At those words the ram, now known as Terra couldn’t help but smirk.

“Looks like she knows about our little burglary guys,” she said.

“It certainly seems that way,” the armoured demon, now known as Volteer added with his own chuckle.

That was when the frog, now known as Gust jumped out of the stands and onto the field with ease, preferring to remain on all fours just like his father, the Wind Demon used to do.

“Then perhaps we should enlighten our guests of what’s going down, yo!” he said in a weird tone of speech that was clearly from the punkish 80s, an era of time that this demon had obviously not left behind yet.

Pascal wanted to lunge at Gust right then and there, however being the obedient soldier that he was, he chose to wait until Luna gave the order, thus allowing the other demons to continue their monologue.

“You see, Luna,” Liquidelle said as she slithered down the wall and onto the field next to Gust, “There are too many dangers to using this world, such as that old man and his family that stopped Shendu.”

“And we figured that the magic we already had wasn’t exactly enough protection,” Terra added as she jumped from the stands too, creating a small crater as she landed due to her extremely heavy weight.

Luna narrowed her eyes at that.

“So you decided to steal an extra power boost?” she asked, making it clear to what she was referring to.

“We call it insurance,” Volteer remarked, levitating himself down. “Just a little something extra that may benefit us in our endeavours.”

“Which is?” Pascal asked his gaze fixated on the demons as he readied himself for a fight.

However the other four demons merely looked back at the masked demon with disgust across their faces.

“I see you still haven’t taught your pet his place,” Liquidelle remarked with a sneer. “You would dare address your superior with such disrespect?”

However Pascal wasn’t even given the chance to answer, with one quick swipe of her webbed hand, Liquidelle blasted a current of water directly into Pascal’s chest, catching him off-guard and sending him back. Needless to say Luna wasn’t happy with the mistreatment of her servant.

“HEY!” she screamed with heated anger, her eyes glowing a fiery red. “You keep your slimy claws off my servant! You can do what you like with yours but he’s MINE!”

Liquidelle merely laughed at that.

“Next time, tell him to respect his superiors,” she said, only to have Volteer’s own claw grip her shoulder.

“Now, now Liquidelle, play nicely,” he said. “The kid merely asked a simple question is all,”

“And a valid one at that,” Luna pointed out as she helped Pascal back to his feet. “Just what ARE your new endeavours?”

Gust grinned at that.

“Well you know as well as we do Moon-girl, “he said, pacing across the field on all fours as he spoke. “This world has become too dangerous for our kind, especially with dudes like the Chi Wizards running about the place.”

“So we decided to do something about it,” Terra added, cracking her knuckles.

“But before we did, we needed some extra magic,” Volteer finished. “That’s why we had Terra plough her way through Five Elements Mountain to get the other Talismans.”

“And you didn’t invite the rest of us?” Luna asked in response, raising her eyebrow.

“Oh don’t be too surprised, yo!” Gust said, smirking cunningly with a slight chuckle. “We all know about your little secret alliance with Pyra and Sona. We’re just doing the same.”

“And we wouldn’t want any of you joining us anyway,” Liquidelle added in disdain. “Pyra’s too much like her father to be trusted, no matter how much she tries to deny it.”

“And I wouldn’t want Sona around no matter how much I want to tear her wings off,” Terra finished with an agitated growl.

“Plus even if we could wake him up, Avalanche is too much of a liability with his size.” Volteer pointed out. “And then there’s YOU…

However before anyone else could finish, they were all cut off by a sudden shockwave, emanating from the purple aura beginning to surround Luna’s form.

“Honestly I really couldn’t care less as to why you didn’t want any of us involved,” she said, using her gravity-altering powers to playfully float a couple of stones between two of her arms. “But one question stills remains… why are you here of all places?”

At those words, Gust laughed again.

“Because of Drago’s last spell, yo!” he said smugly. “The barrier between worlds is weakest here, which in turn makes it perfect to… open another door.”

Hearing this both Pascal and Luna looked back at her cousins with widened eyes filled with shock and awe, he couldn’t possibly mean what they think he did.

“You mean to travel across worlds?” Luna asked, receiving a nod from all four of her cousins. “You’re all insane! No one of our level of power has ever attempted such a spell and succeeded!”

Liquidelle smirked at that.

“Maybe not on their own, my dear sweet child,” she said, trying to make herself look tough by mocking the young Moon Demon. “But between the four of us, we thought we would have better luck than any other loser.”

Luna growled at that, Liquidelle did have a point. No one on their level of magic would be able to succeed in such a spell on their own, but four working together? That might just actually be possible. Now normally Luna probably would have just let them go, after all it’ll be four less demons to worry about, however given the situation she couldn’t let them take Pyra’s talismans out of her reach, she may have been a demon but Luna was still a being of her word, and she promised to get those talismans back no matter what. Needless to say Pascal shared in his mistress’s train of thought, in fact he had been itching for a fight ever since he had entered the stadium.

“I won’t allow it!” Luna stated firmly as she hovered next to Pascal, readying herself for a fight as she crushed the stones she had with her gravity until they were nothing but dust. “Not only is your plan insane, but you stole from your cousin. That by itself is unforgivable!”

However that statement only received a roar of laughter from the other four demons.

“You… you really think you can stop us?” Terra chuckled, gasping for breath through each burst of laughter. “We’re not comic-book villains, you know.”

“Damn right yo!” Gust added. “You really think we would just blurt out our plans like an idiot if there was even the slightest chance you could prevent anything?”

“We activated the spell 20 minutes ago,” Liquidelle finished, instantly receiving a look of fear from Luna in response.

Suddenly, as though acting upon Liquidelle’s words, the ground beneath everyone’s feet began to shake and crack, allowing several streams of hellish red light to seep from the earth into the now stormy sky, lighting thrashing over the endless assortment of clouds beginning to circle from the stadium. While Pascal tried his best to keep his balance, Luna merely looked back at her cousins with narrowed eyes.

“So you were all just stalling eh?” she said, a sly grin suddenly etching its way across her face. “Well so was I!!!”

For a brief moment the other four demons were confused by Luna’s words, suddenly, a stream of fire blasted down at an angle towards them forcing them to quickly scatter to avoid getting hit. After which another figure jumped from the damaged roof of the stadium and landed next to Luna, the figure being Pyra with her hands and eyes aflame thanks to the combined power of her own magic and the silver Dragon Talisman in her palm. Not even a few seconds afterward, Sona too dropped down from the sky landing right next to Pyra, neither one of them looked happy to see their cousins, all of whom were looking back at them with shock and awe.

“Pyra!?!” shouted Gust nervously.

Terra growled. “Sona,” Terra growled, her fangs bared at the winged demon before her.

Upon seeing who had just arrived, Luna’s smile widened as she crossed all four of her arms in a smug manner.

“I trust you heard all that?” she asked her reptilian cousin.

“I did,” Pyra answered plainly. “Good call on using the Demonic Link,”

Gust couldn’t help but groan upon overhearing that, how could he have forgotten such a thing? Out of all the eight cousins, Pyra was the only one who inherited her father’s ability to speak to her relatives through the spiritual plain, AKA the Demonic Link, it was a trait greatly used by his own father as well as the rest of his aunts and uncles whenever they wished to speak to each other from great distances. And now Pyra had used her unique skill to her advantage and connected Luna and Sona to each other while they searched for the others, at this point Gust could only be grateful that her link wasn’t as strong as her father’s and thus could only connect with other demons who actually WANT to be found, otherwise she would have discovered the other four’s plans sooner.

“So…” Pyra growled, looking at her kin in disdain. “Not just one, but FOUR of our cousins have stolen from me... This is unforgivable to say the least. But not only that, you intend to take my talismans out of my reach by escaping to another world? I must admit I never pegged all of you as a bunch of cowards before.”

That final part was what set Terra off, if there was one thing she was famous for it was her extremely short temper.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING COWARD!?!” She screamed, lunging at the dragon-girl with the savagery of a wild animal.

However before Terra could come a few feet closer, she was cut off by a powerful kick to the guy by Sona.

“Oh I don’t think so!” Sona snapped, cracking her neck to ready herself for a fight. “I am gonna enjoy taking those talismans away from you, hell, I might just take your arms with them!”

“Oh kike you could, Pipsqueak!” Terra shouted, getting to her jagged stone feet with an enraged scowl.

Everyone else on the other hand, even if it was for a few moments, kept their cool. For a short while everyone simply stared each other down, readying themselves for a brawl.

“It would seem that we have ourselves a stand-off,” Volteer commented with a smirk as another crack appeared below his feet. “I just LOVE a stand-off.”

How like an armour-clad beast to love a chance for a fight, but either way there was no turning back now, as each demon stared each other down, each of their red eyes, yellow if you included Pascal’s, each fixated upon their opponents with a burning rage.

“You may like a stand-off Volteer,” Luna commented, “But we’re gonna make damn sure that none of you are going to survive this one.”

Liquidelle smirked at that.

“Oh really?” she queried mockingly, small orbs of water beginning to form around her body. “Is the cold breath of fate really breathing down our necks? Well we shall have one last fight to determine that.”

“KILL THEM ALL!!!” Gust screamed, blowing a blast of wind directly towards Pascal, who quickly ducked out of the way in time for the air to blast away a chunk of debris behind him.

“Pascal!” Luna screamed, finally giving her servant the okay to fight.

“Understood, Mistress.” Pascal replied, already aware of what he needed to do as he charged towards Gust while Luna instantly took to the sky.

Within moments, every demon was in an all-out battle with each other. Sona and Terra were having a very heated fight as the two were total opposites, their battle was a battle of strength versus skill, Sona being skilled in avoiding her cousin’s punches and returning with a counterattack, but Terra had her beat in strength and endurance, she could easily take a hit and return it with three times the power, with fists literally made out of stone, she could easily break Sona’s bones.

“Give up yet, Bat-baby?”  Terra mocked, delivering a powerful punch only to hit the stadium wall as Sona easily took to the sky to dodge.

“Not on your life!” Sona retorted as she performed an aerial dive back towards Terra to try and pin her down.

Meanwhile Pyra dealt with Liquidelle, and being fire and water respectively, they too were polar opposites. However unlike Sona and Terra, who were fight hand-to-hand, Liquidelle and Pyra resorted to use not just their elements but also the talismans each had in their possession. Pyra’s Dragon Talisman could easily overpower any of her cousin’s water-based attacks, but Liquidelle had the Snake Talisman, which made finding her next to impossible as long as she used it.

“Watch out cousin!” she mocked, once again striking Pyra from behind. “Snake in the grass!”

While those four battled each other down below Luna was given the honour of battling Volteer in the lightning-filled sky. Since both were able to levitate themselves without the need for any talismans, they were pretty much even on that front, however there was a slight hiccup, not only was Luna fighting Volteer in his own element, but couldn’t get close to him since he had both the Pig Talisman to shoot heat vision, and the ability to summon lightning from the sky to target Luna wherever she was. With those six occupied with each other that left Pascal to fight Gust, while his combat skills allowed him to dodge Gust’s powerful blasts of wind, Pascal had extreme difficulty landing a single hit on him due to the fact that he kept jumping around like the frog he was, he may have been a slimy airbag but Gust was certainly no slouch as he was able to land several kicks to Pascal’s gut and mask, almost tearing off one of the tubes that filtered the poisonous gas through his system.

“Oh what’s the matter, yo?” Gust taunted. “Is the poor widdle soldier hurt?”

That was when Pascal seized his moment and delivered a roundhouse kick to Gust’s face as he was caught off guard, sending the Wind Demon hurtling towards the stands.

“I’m just getting warmed up punk!” Pascal chuckled, securing his mask and leaping over towards the downed frog.

And the fight merely continued on from there, fist against fist, fire against claw, talismans against demonic powers, for the past several minutes every single demon was in deadlock. However that was when something other than Volteer managed to catch Luna’s attention.

"Aiiee-yaaaahh!" the shout echoed throughout the entire stadium.

Instantly turning her head towards the source of the voice, Luna looked to the entrance to see the worst possible group of people to arrive at this point, this being Jackie Chan Jade and Uncle, who had obviously followed her after their encounter earlier.

“You see!?!” Uncle screamed, pointing towards the battle. “Never question the willies!”

However Jackie merely stood there flabbergasted at what he was seeing.

“MORE demons!?!” Jade exclaimed. “Just how many are there!?!”

That was when Jackie shook his head to try and regain some train of thought during this crisis.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said, trying to be as calm as he could. “But whatever is going on here it can’t be good.”

Meanwhile back in the sky, Luna could only look in horror, why now? Of all times why did these people had to spear now!?! However Luna should have really paid attention to what she was doing, because at that moment, Volteer saw his opportunity and managed to land a direct hit with one of his heat beam eyes to hit her side. She screamed out in pain and lost control of her levitation, allowing her to start falling to the ground. Thankfully Pascal was able to hear his Mistress scream and looked up to the sky.

“Mistress!” he shouted fearfully.

With a surge of adrenaline, he quickly delivered a powerful punch to Gust’s belly, instantly winding him enough to grasp his gut in pain to allow Pascal to come to Luna’s aid. With one powerful jump he managed to catch her in time and landed onto the ground, cushioning her fall just enough to avoid any more harm to her. Luna groaned in pain caused by the wound she received from Volteer, she, like any other demon, may have been able to heal much faster than a human even without a horse talisman, but it was still going to take at least an hour before this particular wound healed properly. As she looked up to see the mask of her servant, Luna couldn’t help but smile.

“Thanks, Pascal,” she said, practically blushing as he held her in his muscular arms.

“It is my honour Mistress,” Pascal replied, quickly turning his attention to the humans that had entered the stadium. “It seems that we have company.”

“So I’ve noticed,” Luna groaned, grasping her side, green blood oozing between her fingers as she struggled to get to her feet. “We need to… LOOK OUT!”

Thanks to Luna’s warning, Pascal was able to notice Volteer’s aerial attack in time, with one swift movement he managed to grab the Thunder Demon by his head as he was diving, and plunged it directly into the earth beneath his boots, knowing the armour-clad beast out cold.

“Permission to destroy Mistress?” Pascal asked, wanted so desperately to finish the demon off.

“As much as I want to, it’ll have to wait,” Luna instructed. “Get the talismans first.”

Pascal nodded at that, understanding his Mistress orders clearly as he rummaged through Volteer’s armour. After a brief moment of searching, he managed to pull out two talismans, those being the Pig and the Ox. Witnessing this from the side-lines, Gust growled with fury as he suddenly took notice of the humans himself.

“Hurry Uncle!” Jackie said fearfully, only to receive a two-figure whack across his forehead from Uncle who was trying to use Jade’s cell phone.

“You want Uncle to figure out spell to defeat demons?” he retorted. “Yes?  THEN YOU WILL LET UNCLE SPEAK TO TOHRU!”

Looking back down to his feet, Gust could see more of the luminous cracks appearing across the floor, he realised that the spell still needed more time to take effect, time that he was losing due to the fact that Pyra and Sona were finally winning their matches and Pascal had already taken out Volteer.

“Ugh!!!” he groaned furiously. “I don’t have time for this yo!”

With those words, Gust then put two fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistle that pierce everyone’s ears, causing them all to cringe. At first no one knew what it meant, but then Pascal and Luna were suddenly attacked out of nowhere, it felt like a row of sharp knives were slashing at their backs. Staggering forward in pain for a moment, Pascal quickly turned to meet the attacker before once again catching Luna before she collapsed. Standing before them was what appeared to be another deformed human-like demon, though it was impossible to tell for certain since most of his features were hidden. He wore a zipped up leather jacket, along with a pair of military pants and boots similar to what Pascal wore, however while the clothing made his body seem like a mere human, it was the face and hands that gave his demonic features away. The figure’s hands had fingers that looked more like razor-sharp knives made entirely out of Bronze and the face was covered by what appeared to be a steel mask, though usually it would have made the argument that the figure was actually human easier, it was easily u-turned from the fact that there was a long horn sticking out of the right side of his forehead.

“Who the hell…?” Pascal said, sounding disorientated and unable to finish his sentences due to the most recent injury.

However that was when the figure charged forward at Pascal and Luna narrowly missing them with his bladed fingers as they jumped out of the way just in time. While Luna managed scramble out of the way of the fight, Pascal took it upon himself to engage the new being in combat.

“So you must be the new guy huh?” he chuckled between each of the new figure’s swipes of his blades. “I have to say the mask-look must be really catching on nowadays.”

As the two of them fought Pascal couldn’t help but notice the amount of skill and ferocity this new figure had been putting into each punch and kick, needless to say defeating him was going to be difficult. Whenever Pascal tried to deliver a hit, the figure always managed to find some way to either dodge or counter it, and whenever Pascal DID land a punch or a kick, it felt like he was striking solid steel, it was as though the one he was fighting was made out of pure metal.

“For crying out loud, just finish him!!!” Gust screamed.

At those words, the figure then nodded and delivered a powerful swipe of his claws to Pascal’s chest, causing him to scream in pain as he staggered back, after which he delivered a powerful kick and sent the soldier back a few feet. However Pascal wasn’t going to go down so easily.

“Is that all you got?” He gasped smugly, wiping away the acidic blood oozing out of his chest.

But the figure remained silent, just like he did the entire time he and Pascal fought, this one obviously believed that talking while fighting wasn’t part of his combat abilities. At this point almost everyone were beginning to near the end of their fights, Pyra finally managed to land a powerful strike to Liquidelle after predicting where she would attack next, thus allowing to take the two talismans away from the watery creature, and Sona was finally beginning to get the upper hand in her fight with terra after Sona managed to grab her and drop her from a great height, swiping one of Terra’s talismans just before she let go. However before anyone else could make another move, the ground began to shake more violently than ever and the cracks in the earth began to open and crumble, causing to Gust to put on a wide smile as he witness the luminous red glow burst out of the terrain.

“It is done!” he shouted, almost bouncing with joy.

All at once, the wind suddenly began to pick up, but not from the Wind Demon himself, soon enough everyone had to stop fighting as wind grew stronger and the large red, swirling vortex began to spread in the centre of the field. With the wind now becoming too powerful to handle, Sona had no choice but to land to avoid being swept up. Meanwhile Pyra growled in anger as she stared back at her cousin.

“Gust!” she shouted leaping towards the frog as she raised her claw with the Dragon Talisman in palm, firing a large blast of fire.

However Gust merely smirked at the attack, Pascal still hadn’t managed to take his talismans yet and there was one in particular that he wanted to try out. As the flames flew closer towards him, Gust quickly dove his hand into his vest and pulled out the 13th Talisman, the silver markings luminous with magic as the symbol of a Cat lit up just as the fire was about to hit Gust. Within a matter of seconds the fire suddenly slowed to a crawl, it’s gaseous form suddenly solidifying into liquid before turning back towards Pyra, before she could even blink the dragon lady suddenly found herself being knock out cold by the blast of cold water. Needless to say, everyone watching, including the Chan’s gasped in shock at what Gust had just did.

“So, that’s what the Cat Talisman does,” the Wind demon said with a smirk, clearly impressed with the new power. “I’ll have to hang onto this.”

But little did Gust realise that he had spoken all too soon, because at that moment he suddenly found himself fighting against a young Sky Demon as she pounced onto him from behind, trying desperately to get him into a headlock.

“Get off me, yo!” Gust screamed as she tried to throw Sona off his back.

Suddenly, after a few brief moments of struggling, Sona had managed to knock the Cat Talisman out of Gust’s hand, however where it landed was not the most preferable of places, within seconds the Cat Talisman became the first object to enter the portal, falling endlessly into the swirling red adyss.

“What have you done!?!” Gust shouted, still struggling to get Sona off his back before the masked leather-clad figure came to his aid.

After making a slash in Sona’s wing, the figure quickly threw the Sky demon off his master’s back before turning towards him for his next command.

“It’s time we left, my boy!” Gust said, with eyes still burning with hate for the loss of his new talisman. “Grab the others and let’s get out of here!”

With a nod of understanding, the figure then jumped towards the unconscious Volteer and slumped him over his shoulder before ushering Terra and Liquidelle towards him before he made his way towards the portal. Pascal and Luna tried to intervene but all it took was another blast of wind from Gust to once again send them tumbling back, and Pyra and Sona were of no use since Sona was still clutching her wounded wing and Pyra was still out cold. Seeing that things were going his way, even if not entirely due to loosing most of the talismans, Gust let out a slight chuckle.

“It would seem that our standoff has ended, yo!” he said, addressing his fallen cousins. “I would say it’s been a pleasure knowing y’all but in all honesty I’m happy to be rid of you. See ya!”

With that final word, Gust, quickly followed by the other four demons, dove into the swirling vortex. At this point, the demons who were still conscious couldn’t help but groan with despair at their failure. However that was the least of their worries when another human came running into the stadium.

“Sensei, I brought the…!” Tohru said, before gasping at the sight before him. “What on earth…?”

“To put it simply,” Jade replied with a panicked tone. “Demons, talismans and a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense.”

Suddenly Uncle’s gaze hardened as he turned towards his apprentice.

“Quickly!” he shouted, taking out the pufferfish Tohru brought for him and waving it. “We must seal the portal, now!”

“What about the demons?” Jackie Chan shouted to his uncle concerned, his voice barely audible over the powerful wind.

“Portal first!” Uncle retorted. “Tohru!”

“Yes, sensei,” Tohru said with a nod as he pulled out his octopus tentacle.

With that the two Chi wizards began to chant.

“Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao!” they repeated over and over again as their objects began to pulsate with magic.

Sitting up from the latest attack from Gust, Luna quickly managed to catch a glimpse of what Uncle and Tohru were doing, at first she wanted to attack the Chans to stop their spell but at the rate everything was going, the portal wouldn’t remain open long enough for anyone to make a difference. Gust and the others had already escaped with a number of talismans in their possession, and who knows what kind of damage they could do with that new Cat Talisman? Still grasping her bleeding side in pain, Luna knew that there was only one choice now if she wanted to keep her word.

“Are you with me?” Luna asked, looking towards her servant.

“To the death Mistress,” Pascal answered giving her a weak salute.

“Then follow me!”

Upon saying that, Luna then ran for the portal, quickly followed by her loyal servant. With one quick jump they both jumped into the vortex, as they entered, they both suddenly found themselves being swept up in the pull of the portal that drew them further down. Neither one could tell what was happening nor even where they were going, all they could do now was hope for the best as the portal suddenly closed behind them, leaving a small crater in the baseball field. Witnessing all of this from the side-lines, all Sona could do now was stagger towards the unconscious Pyra, a small, purple gem in her hand that she had taken out of her pocket.

“You better get those Talismans back Luna,” she growled, grabbing Pyra by her vest and crushing the gem in her hand into powder. “Otherwise we’re ALL screwed.”

On that final word, the purple powder began to swirl over Sona and Pyra’s bodies, covering them in a mystical mist before they both disappeared from sight, leaving the four humans standing in the stadium, confused as they will ever be.

“Uncle…” Jade said confusingly. “Explain?”
Korra's Demons: Chapter 1
The first chapter of my new crossover Fanfic

NOTE: Special thanks to :iconhotspot0626: for helping me write this
The Judge by Inkheart7
The Judge
The Ghoul of the courtroom. Once a simple court judge named Harold Jackson, but after being arrested himself for seven counts of murder, he was sentenced to be executed by electric chair. However after his execution, he was then buried in the prison graveyard where he was revived by Jebadiah Walker, Thus he was reborn as a mindless ghoul who marks himself with every kill he commits. Now armed with a stone mallet and razor-like fingers, this judge is willing to commit anyone guilty for crimes they didn't commit and send them to the executioners block AKA. The receiving end of his mallet

Catchphrase: "Guilty!!!"
Legend of Korra OCs - The Party Twins by Inkheart7
Legend of Korra OCs - The Party Twins
The Grandchildren of former Fire Nation resident On Ji and resident Nightclub owners of Republic City. 
When Avatar Aang was still alive, their grandmother On Ji, moved away from the Fire Nation and set up roots in Ba Sing Se, where she fell in love with and married a local Earth Bender who lived in the Middle Ring of the city. After many years of happy marriage On Ji eventually bore a son, who in turn had his own children at a young age, those children were the twins, Sapphire and Yao, both of whom as insuperable as they are different in looks, Sapphire being the cute and outgoing Earth-bender girl, while Yao was the tall and messy-looking Non-bender. Growing up in Ba Sing Se, they always loved to hear the stories On JI told them about the Dance Party she attended that was organised by Avatar Aang, thus leading to their own combined love for music. Inspired by the stories their grandmother told them, they hoped to share their passion with the world and moved to Republic City, where they used some of the money their Grandmother left them after her passing to open up a Nightclub, where they would continuously and happily organise many forms of musical entertainment for their customers. One of their favourite customers is always of course, the new Avatar, Korra, whom they are always glad to have around since she always brings more life to the party.
One Piece OC - Snake-eyes Doku by Inkheart7
One Piece OC - Snake-eyes Doku


Aitori Doku












 155,000,000 Beli



West Blue


Role On-board Ship:

Gunner / Animal Handler


Powers and Abilities:

- Snake Snake Fruit - Model Rattlesnake

        - Ability to shape-shift into a giant Rattlesnake / Snake Hybrid
        - Venom filled fangs 
        - Rattlesnake Tail (normally used as a club)
        - Fast reflexes
        - High tolerance to pain and endurance
        - Loyalty of many of his tamed animals


Weapons of Choice:

- Twin Pistols
- Hidden knife in his boot



Normally keeps to himself, save for his Parrot, Aqua, whom has been with him since he was a young boy, as such he has grown quite close to his bird, and would more than likely shoot anyone who would try to harm her. Orphaned and growing up in a country where he and Aqua were badly mistreated by those around him, Doku lost his trust in humanity and sought comfort in animals, believing them to be better than humans in every way, thus he refuses to talk to any human directly except through Aqua, who acts as his personal translator. During a fight, he normally shoots first and asked questions later, however he does have a sense of control whenever his animals are caught up in the crossfire.


Background History:

Not much is known about Doku's past save for the fact that he originated from the West Blue and that he never goes anywhere without his parrot, Aqua, which in turn, gives other sailors a sense of fear whenever he's around. Travelling the Grand Line, jumping from one ship to the next, he primarily focuses on becoming the best gunman on the sea, hoping to  become strong enough achieve his dream of Animal caretaker on the entire ocean. One of the many ways he attempted to achieve this was by eating the Snake Snake Fruit, hoping to become more at one with the beasts he felt more at home with, another was by letting his parrot eat the Anthro-Anthro Fruit, which gained her the ability to think and talk like a human being, whilst also being able to grant other animals the same ability, as such every animal he has ever come across pledged their loyalty to Doku and Aqua in gratitude for their new gifts. Over a short number of years, Doku has gained a tremendous reputation as a cold-blooded killer, who values the lives of beast rather than humans, and in turn, gained a 155,000,000, beli bounty on his head after he shot a Navy Officer for mistreating his dog. Normally Doku wouldn't trust anyone from humanity, however one day, after learning the events of Enies Lobby, Doku came to realise that there are SOME humans worth trusting, and he and Aqua vowed to find the one who declared war on the World Government for the sake of their friends, as such he has been searching the Grand Line for the Straw Hat Pirates ever since.  

One Piece meets MLP - Nakama is Magic - Poster by Inkheart7
One Piece meets MLP - Nakama is Magic - Poster
For the Fanfic of :iconhotspot0626:…

Vectors used belong to:






NOTE: This poster is strictly for the use of the Author of the fanfic and/or the original creator
Hey guys, ok just a little heads up, for those who read my Fanfic, "A Gizmonk in Rainbow Rocks" I thought you should all know that I have decided only to post the remaining chapters on FIMFICTION for here on out. I know this may be disappointing for those of you who were patiently waiting on this site but I will be providing a link to the page like so...…

So you will be able to read it, and if you wish to leave a comment either comment on the FIM commentary or go to the Gizmonk in Ponyville File in my gallery and leave the comment there. Once again, I am sorry but posting the story on two sites is getting to be a bit of a hassle now that I am trying to get back on track with my other projects as well as my potential career.


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Those who will hurt me or my friends will taste my keyblade.

░█░░█░░█░░█░ Put This
░████░░████░ On Your Signature
░█░█░░░█░░░░ If You Role-play

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didn't I already give you the list of links a few days ago?
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thanks for the faves my friend XD
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Not bad :)
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