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Poker Night

“Oh yeah, baby!” Goggles screamed with joy. “Now we’re cooking!”

This had to have been one of Goggles’ more excitable moments in recent days, ever since he basically blurted out the fact that he was able to speak in front of almost the entire town, the ponies of Ponyville have been flocking him with questions. Some he was able to answer with ease, such as when one pony asked him whether he enjoyed it in Ponyville, then of course came the more difficult questions, some of which he found too personal to even answer. Soon enough ponies all over town had begun flocking towards Sweet Apple Acres just to ask another question, eventually it got so out of hoof that Goggles eventually demanded that unless they wanted to buy something then they should leave him to his work, of course this only led most ponies into buying Goggles inventions just so they could ask him another question in the meantime, even if they didn’t need the invention in the first place. Either way, it lead to a massive rise in supply and demand for Goggles’ business, soon enough Goggles found himself building more machines than he could keep track of, and he loved every minute of it. A month had now past since the day he spoke to the town, and this was usually the time of day when Goggles would be in his laboratory cooking up something new. And needless to say, he was really excited about this newest creation.

“What y’all excited about Goggles?” Apple Bloom asked as she walked into the barn that afternoon.

“Only my greatest creation yet, kiddo!” Goggles answered playfully as he threw a dustsheet over it. “However I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a while for the big reveal, it still needs a bit of work.”

“I would have thought you would have finished it by now,” Trixie said, rolling her eyes as she helped lift Goggles of the new machine. “After all you seem to build everything else with a lot of speed.”

Goggles merely chuckled at that.

“Well that’s because with those inventions I knew exactly what I was doing,” he explained. “When it comes to new things, I need to take my time and research every variable.”

“A bit like that Growing Potion you made?” Apple Bloom asked inquisitively.

“Yes, exactly,” Goggles said with a smile. “When I first made that, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. Now two weeks later, I got Silver Lining trading heaps of the stuff to the Gem Mines in Canterlot.”

“Impressive,” Trixie stated, nodding with approval.”

“Yeah,” Apple Bloom said in agreement. “Oh by the way, Sweetie Belle asked me to remind you that we still need your help for the Nightmare Night Show, do y’all think you can still make it?”

Apple Bloom was of course speaking about Goggles’ duties as the CMC Mascot, he may have been a Gizmonk of Business now, but he always remembered that he was their mascot first, after all it was Silver Spoon’s dad who got him in business in the first place so he feels like he still owes the young filly for that. As such, about a week earlier the Cutie Mark Crusaders came up to Goggles one afternoon saying that their school was putting on a show for an upcoming pony holiday called Nightmare Night. At the time Goggles didn’t know what Nightmare Night was since they didn’t celebrate it back in Kappan, but after Scootaloo had explained everything about it to him, he was more than willing to take part in the festivities. Thus as the CMC’s mascot, Goggles had promised to help out with the show in any way he can, duties such as setting up the stage, building the special effects etc. and all done without charging a single bit since he was doing it more as a favour than business transaction. Since then, the four fillies had been coming into his lab now and then to give him small reminders.

“Hey don’t you worry kiddo,” the Gizmonk chuckled, patting Apple Bloom on the head. “Your pal, Goggles, will have everything ready by the day.”

Apple Bloom couldn’t help but smile at that.

“Thanks Goggles,” she said, giving him a small hug. “Ah’ll see ya later okay?”

And with that Apple Bloom left the barn, leaving Goggles to get back to work.

“Sweet kid,” he mused. “Kinda makes your heart melt, don’t she?”

“I guess,” Trixie answered, not really knowing how to respond as she began packing away a few of Goggles’ smaller inventions. “You two are pretty close huh?”

Goggles was taken slightly aback at those words, though he quickly straightened himself up and turned back towards his assistant.

“Close?” he pondered. “You can say that I suppose, after all I wouldn’t even be alive right now if it weren’t for her. I guess you can say we have a mutual care for one another, me being her first pet and all.”

“Pet?” Trixie said, letting out a small laugh in the process. “If you two were the same species, I would have mistaken you for her dad.”

If he had been drinking his morning cup of tea, Goggles would have spat it out in comedic shock, not once had he ever thought of his and Apple bloom’s relationship like that. Although now that he thought about it… no, he needed to get that idea out of his head right now! Clearing his throat, Goggles tried to change the subject.

“So…” he said, trying to find the right thing to say. “What were you thinking of dressing up as for Nightmare Night?”

“Pardon?” Trixie said, looking up from her work.

“Nightmare night,” Goggles repeated. “What’s your costume gonna be?

Now it was Trixie’s turn to be taken aback, which confused Goggles since it was a simple question to answer.

“Oh well…” Trixie said nervously. “I wasn’t really thinking of going out that night actually. I figure I’d probably stay in and read a book or something.”

Now Goggles KNEW that something was up, he had known this Unicorn for well over a month now and not once has she ever been one to just stay in and read, the only time he ever saw Trixie read at all was when she was looking over his shoulder while he was trying to figure out how to mix magic with technology.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Goggles asked plainly, cutting straight to the chase.

“W… whatever do you mean?” Trixie said nervously. “The Great and Powerful Trixie has absolutely nothing to…

But all it took was one stern glare from the Gizmonk to make her stop mid-sentence, she may have known that lying to him wasn’t a sure way to get herself fired, especially since he had been nothing but nice to her and since she came back to town, but she still didn’t want to risk losing her job over a trivial matter.

“Alright,” she sighed. “I’ll tell you. The truth is that I don’t want to go because I think every pony still hates me.”

To say Goggles was shocked to hear such a thing would be accurate, but he kept his face neutral for Trixie as he let her finish speaking.

“I know a month ago, you tried to help me with the folks around town but I don’t really think it worked that well,” Trixie continued. “Granted I’m not getting as many angry looks as I did before but some still give me a cold glare every now and then. I guess I’m still the most unpopular pony in town.”

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad,” Goggles said, trying to reassure his assistant.

“Well I think it is,” Trixie retorted. “You know just once I would like to have adoring fans again, or at least a cheerful smile in my direction every now and then. The reason I don’t want to go out on Nightmare Night is because I’m afraid that I’ll be the only mare out there who every pony else would try to avoid rather than ask to dance.”

Now Goggles was starting to understand, he had been hearing stories about Trixie ever since she arrived back in town, not only from the ponies around town but from the mare herself, all of which seemed to revolve around the terrible things she has done. Some ponies even tried to convince Goggles to fire Trixie at certain points due to the belief that she hasn’t changed in the slightest. But to Goggles, the stories he had heard did not seem to feature the Unicorn standing before him now, at least not in his opinion. And he believed that it was high-time other ponies knew that, including Trixie herself.

“Hey come on,” Goggles said, lifting her chin up with his finger. “Who wouldn’t want to ask you to dance? You’re smart, you’re pretty, you certainly know who to stand your ground, heck if you don’t get asked to dance even once, I will go out onto that dance floor wearing nothing but a tutu.”

Hearing these words, Trixie couldn’t help but blush, it certainly was nice to receive such a complement after what she had been through, and the last part of Goggles’ sentence, did make her giggle a bit. Seeing that his words have made his blue friend feel at least a little better, Goggles turned away and got back to work, but not before looking over his shoulder to say one more thing.

“Oh by the way,” he said. “You got everything ready for tonight?”

“Would Trixie be such a smart and pretty assistant if she didn’t?” Trixie answered playfully, batting her eyelashes and running a hoof through her mane.

At that Goggles merely chuckled.

“Still as humble as ever I see,” he said sarcastically.


Later that night, while the rest of the Apple Family were sound asleep in their beds, Applejack awoke from her slumber, her throat parched as she struggled to get back to sleep. After throwing back her bed sheets, she quietly opened her door and made her way downstairs, towards the kitchen, hoping to pour herself a small glass of water to help her get back to sleep. After getting a glass and allowing a small gush out of the kitchen faucet, Applejack downed everything in a single gulp, however before she could go back upstairs, she noticed something at the corner of her eye. Staring through the kitchen window, Applejack looked towards the barn, a dim light creeping out of the slightly ajar door.

“What in tarnation?” Applejack exclaimed, raising an eyebrow.

Was Goggles working late? Granted he had a few extra orders to fill as of late but he was never one to stay up, even Apple Bloom said he went to bed just before she did. Deciding that this required investigation, Applejack quietly made her way towards the front door and stepped outside. Upon reaching the barn, she slowly crept towards the gap in the door, several voices echoing from inside as she leaned in to get a look at what was going on in there. What she saw next took her by surprise a little bit, beneath a hanging oil lamp, a large, round table had been set up in the middle of Goggles’ lab, a green velvet sheet spread out over it’s top as several individuals had taken a seat around it, all of which Applejack seemed to recognise. First there was Goggles, next to him was Applejack’s friend Pinkie Pie, next to her a light bronze Pegasus with a light brown mane topped with a Klein Blue beret, whom Applejack recognised as the mare who worked at the local tavern, next to her was Trixie, sitting on her side was another Unicorn, Lyra if Applejack remembered right, and finally next to her were… the Diamond Dogs!?! Applejack had the right mind to bust in there and beat some sense into those three, however the Diamond Dogs didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong at the moment, in fact everyone at that table seemed to be… having fun? As Applejack continued to look through the gap, she noticed that all eight of them seem to be in the middle of a card game, a small pile of gems and bits in the middle of the table as they all held up a set of cards in their hooves and paws.

“So what do ya say guys?” Goggles said, peering over his cards, his head topped with a green visor hat, much like the ones normally seen in Los Pegasus.

“I’m all in,” Trixie smirked as she pushed whatever bits she had left in the middle of the table.

“Not me,” Lyra huffed as she placed her cards face-down on the table. “I would rather lose my hooves to a Timberwolf than stay in THIS pot.”

The same reaction came from Pinkie Pie and two of the Diamond Dogs, however the large one, Fido merely grinned and pushed his small pile of sapphires into the pot, indicating that he was all in too. It was then that everyone’s head turned towards the Pegasus, who merely shrugged in response.

“What the heck,” she said calmly. “I’ll try my luck.”

She then pushed her bits into the pot, leaving everyone to turn towards Goggles, who did the same thing.

“I call,” he said, his remaining bits shimmering against the dull lamp-light as he pushed the last one into the pile.

Upon those words everyone revealed their cards, the bronze Pegasus had a two-pair, Fido only had a single pair, Trixie however trumped both of them with a three-of-a-kind.

“YES!” she cheered, reaching in for the pot. “The Great and Powerful Trixie always wins in the end!”

However Goggles had yet to reveal his cards, and thus blocked Trixie’s path with a paw.

“Ah-ah,” he said waving a finger. “Not this time kiddo.”

He then slammed his cards onto the table, revealing what he had.

“Four-of-a-kind!” he announced, much to everyone else’s dismay. “Sorry folks, I win again.”

“Oh come on!” Fido groaned, astounded that he had once again lost to the Gizmonk for a third time.

“Well there goes my wages for this week,” the bronze Pegasus added, slamming her face into the table after seeing that she had been cleaned out.

“Sorry DF,” Goggle chuckled as he pulled in his winnings. “But if you can’t afford to pay, then you shouldn’t play.”

“Ooh nice one!” Pinkie Pie giggled, pulling out a small notebook out of her mane and writing something down. “That’s another great rhyme for the burn book.”

Witnessing everything from where she was, Applejack simply let her jaw drop upon seeing what she did, especially since it seemed that the Diamond Dogs were having as much fun as everyone else was, even though Fido seemed to be crying a little bit while his two comrades couldn’t help but hold back a laugh.

“I have to say monkey-boy, this is starting to turn into one of the best games I ever played,” Rover said, slapping his paw against the Gizmonk’s back.

“Yeah,” Spot chuckled. “Not every day we get to play for our gems.”

“But I lost everything!!!” Fido sobbed, his head buried in his paws out of sheer embarrassment.

“Oh quit your whining Fido!” Rover snapped, turning towards the larger Diamond Dog. “We got plenty more gems back home thanks to Goggle here, besides I plan on winning THESE babies back right now.”

Seeing this as a friendly challenge, Goggles merely smirked.

“Oh I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” he said. “But if you want to keep going, I wouldn’t mind winning the rest of your loot. How’re bout the rest of you guys? You still in?”

“Not me,” the Pegasus, DF, replied. “Got nothing left to bet.”

“Same here,” Trixie moaned. “And I was so sure I was going to win this time!”

Goggles tried to hide a smirk at that, after all the money Trixie had just lost are the wages he had paid her that very morning.  

“Well I’m still in for a few more hooves,” Lyra stated, reshuffling the cards. “Although personally I think there should be a better name...”

It was midway through that last sentence that Applejack had decided that she had seen enough and now believed that it was time to stop watching and start intervening. With one push of the barn door she had caused every head to turn in her direction.

“What in Tarnation is going on in here!?!” she demanded.

For a few brief moments there was nothing but silence from everyone, but of course being the most eccentric pony that she was, Pinkie decided to end the silence by over-reacting.

“SCATTER!!!” she screamed.

Instantly reacting to those words, almost everyone around the poker table instantly jumped from their seats and bolted for it. Lyra and DF ran out past Applejack through the barn door, Pinkie somehow managed to drive herself through the wall, leaving a Pinkie Pie-shaped hole, and the Diamond Dogs simply flipped the Poker table over and dove into the hole that was under it. After that few seconds of excitement, only Trixie and Goggles were left. However upon seeing Applejack’s glare, Trixie wasn’t planning on staying around long either.

“Uh… I’ll be in my caravan!” she said nervously, before running out through the barn door, leaving her boss alone with Applejack.

“Oh great,” Goggles groaned jumping out of his seat and picking up cards of the floor. “Thanks AJ, do you have any idea, how much cash you just cost me?”

Ignoring that last comment, Applejack began talking back.

“Goggles, what the hay was all that about!?!” she asked.

“It’s my weekly poker night,” Goggles answered simply, not even bothering to hide it. “Ever since I showed every pony that I was able to speak, me and Silver Lining got a few ponies together and began hosting a weekly game. We figured it would be a good way to get to know ponies in town, socially. Plus it’s been helping Trixie out a little too.”

However while Applejack was more-or-less fine with Goggles having a card game or two, there were a few certain players that she most definitely didn’t approve of.

“And the Diamond Dogs!?!” she snapped. “Have y’all forgotten what they did to Apple Bloom!?!”

However that was when Goggles suddenly got defensive.

“Hey they’re not so bad once you get to know them,” he retorted. “Besides ever since that whole kidnapping incident those three have become great customers and you can also say friends of mine.”

Applejack was flabbergasted that Goggles would even say such a thing, but regardless she decided to give the Gizmonk a chance to explain himself.

“And besides Apple Bloom already knows about it,” Goggles continued, much to Applejack’s surprise. “About a fortnight ago, Apple Bloom was helping me and Trixie with one of my jobs, until all of a sudden all three of them dug beneath the floor of my lab, looking for more Growth Potion.”

“That does explain the hole,” Applejack pointed out.

“Anyways we got to talking and we came to a deal,” Goggles explained. “I make them some new Growth Potion along with some new mining tools and they agree to give me a small fraction of the gems they dig out. After a while of sneaking in the goods via that tunnel there, we all came to learn that The Diamond Dogs are pretty decent guys, a little rough around the edges and downright greedy, sure, but still decent enough for Apple Bloom to forgive and forget. The only reason me and Apple Bloom agreed to keep it a secret from you is because we knew you’d freak out like you are now.”

At those words, Applejack didn’t know what to say in response. She knew what those Diamond Dogs were like but so far Goggles had been a somewhat good judge of character, not to mention that he also had a way of connecting with many different kinds of individuals, after all he did give Trixie of all ponies a job. Plus Apple Bloom was definitely one pony who was an expert on character, after all Zecora wouldn’t have ended up being on of Applejack’s closest friends if it weren’t for her. With Goggles and Apple Boom’s judge of character working together on this then there might be something here after all, after all if someone like Discord, if somewhat lightly, can be reformed, then maybe it might be possible to give the dogs a chance. Seeing this look of thought upon AJ’s face, Goggles spoke up again.

“Look,” he said. “Why don’t you join our game next week, perhaps you’ll be able to see what I mean.”

Applejack pondered for a moment at that, finally a small smile appeared on her face.

“Alright Goggles,” she said. “Ah’ll play along. But if something goes wrong, ah’ll be booting them dogs to the curb, got it?”

“Got it,” Goggles responded, giving a large toothy grin.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 15
The Latest chapter of my new MLP fic
A Fresh Start

Finally, after a week of constant nagging from both the Apples and Trixie, Goggle was ready to journey out of his lab and interact with the ponies of Ponyville, only this time properly. Taking a deep, cleansing breath Goggles raised his paws and pushed the barn doors wide open, as the morning sun washed over his light blue fur, he couldn’t help but feel a sickening twist in his stomach. Granted he had been used to his fear of ponies throughout his entire life, but now it feels as though a new form of anxiety was beginning to etch its way into his mind. For a moment, he felt the need to turn back around, run back into the barn and shut the door behind him, however a certain blue Unicorn blocked his path and stopped him from doing so.

“No turning back Goggles,” she said sternly. “You go out there, and take this like a Stallion.”

“I’m not even a pony!” Goggles argued.

“You know what I mean!” Trixie snapped back. “Look, I’ll be with you the whole way, trust me the ponies are going to be more ticked off with me than they will be of you. A lot of them still haven’t forgiven me for what I had done.”

Goggles heart sank at that, Trixie didn’t like going out herself because of what happened and yet here she was, at his request, helping him make a fresh start with the residents of the town. Narrowing his eyes with a new confidence, he turned back towards the entrance to Sweet Apple Acres and proceeded to walk.

“Let’s do this.” he said.


The trip to Ponyville was as short as it normally was, so far no pony seemed to pass the Unicorn and the Gizmonk on the way over, suddenly the buildings came into view, as did the number of residents of Ponyville.

“M… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” Goggles said nervously

“I said no turning back,” Trixie said sternly. “You got me out here to help you, and by Celestia you are going into that town!”

Seeing no point in arguing any further, Goggles sighed and continued walking towards the town.

Once the two arrived in the main part of town, they were both met with a number of different expression from all the residents. Some were wide-eyed with surprise, others looked upon them with concern, the only common factor that all these looks had was the sense of curiosity. Suddenly Goggles noticed something at the corner of his eye.

“Oh great,” he said with a cringe. “They’re whispering.”

Trixie then turned her head towards a pair of ponies whispering to each other near the flower shop, who both shot a glare once they noticed her looking at them.

“Actually, I don’t think it’s you they’re talking about,” Trixie sighed, trying to shield her face with her hoof.

However Trixie was only half right, as a matter of fact, every pony was whispering about both of them. What made things worse was when the smalls groups of ponies seem to grow with every building they passed, they just HAD to pick market day to go into town. Finally Trixie and Goggles soon found themselves completely surrounded by ponies, all of which had their eyes on them, with a nervous sweat dripping from her brow, Trixie nudged Goggles slightly in front of her.

“Now or never boss,” she whispered in his ear. “Come on, speak up,”

However Goggles didn’t usher a word, at least not for a minute, it was bad enough that he was breaking his personal code yet again, but now he felt like the crowd of ponies surrounding him would pounce if he did. Finally he tried his best to words out at least one word.

“Uh…hi?” he squeaked.

However the word that Goggle had managed to force out was barely audible amongst the crowd of ponies, some would say that it wasn’t even a whisper.

“A little louder Goggles,” Trixie growled, starting to get really irritated with the Gizmonk. “I don’t think a bug could’ve hear you that time.”

Goggle wanted to speak, Celestia know he did, he couldn’t tell whether it was habit or fear, but for some reason Goggles didn’t speak again. As the ponies surrounding him edged their way closer towards him, Goggle began to feel so much pressure it was beginning to suffocate him and he soon found himself hyperventilating. In a matter of moments the whispering began again, only this time Goggles could hear them.

“…I hear he spoke down to a rapid beast like a hunter…” he heard one pony say

“…and what is that mare doing here anyway?...” said another

“…it’s kinda weird if you ask me…” said a third.

Finally Goggles take it anymore, not only was the fear getting to him but also the pressure, every single face within the crowd began to weigh down on him like a growing pile of bricks, since he was unable to break his first defensive instinct of silence Goggles decided there and then to act upon his second instinct. Seconds later Goggles found himself jumping his way out of the crowd of ponies and running as fast as he paws could carry him.

“Goggles!” Trixie shouted. “Come back!”

But those words fell upon deaf ears, as Goggles continued to run he eventually found himself followed by a group of ponies who were so curious that they desperately wanted to hear Goggles speak just to satisfy their interests.


After what felt like an hour, Goggles began to climb down from the tree that acted as his hiding place. It took him ages to lose the hordes of ponies that were after him, but eventually Goggles had managed to give them the slip and hide in the foliage of a tree until they lost interest. After the last 10 minutes, Goggles felt it was safe enough to leave his space and head back to the farm, though he certainly knew that he was going to get a scolding from Trixie upon his return, Celestia know he would probably have to double her pay just to calm her down. Suddenly his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of cracking emanated from his right hand, looking up he saw that the twig of a branch he had grabbed had easily broken in two as he found himself plummeting to the ground, only to land on an unsuspecting pony in a cloak who had been walking by.

“Oh Scrap-Bunnies!” he blurted out as he painfully picked himself up. “I am so sorry, here let me help.”

He then proceeded to help the pony he had landed on back to her hooves, only now that the hood of her cloak had fallen back from the fall, Goggles could now see that this pony was far different than the ones around town. She was a light grey mare with darker grey stripes all over her body, she wore golden jewellery including a pair of hoop earrings and a set of golden rings around her neck, and sported what appeared to be a Mohawk that was the same stripy colour as the rest of her. It was then that Goggles realised that the pony he was help was in fact a Zebra.

“You are most kind,” she said in a deep, soothing voice. “Would asking your name be of any mind?”

At first Goggles was so mesmerised by the zebra’s unique appearance that he had completely forgotten himself, however he quickly snapped back into reality and spoke again.

“Oh of course I don’t mind,” he said nervously, the fear of speaking to a pony still inside him. “Though I’m surmised you don’t know already, m… my name is Goggles.”

In response, the Zebra raised an eyebrow with a look of thought on her face, she knew she had heard that name before.

“Goggles?” she said tapping her chin. “Ah yes, the Gizmonk with the technological fame, please to meet you, Zecora is my name.”

Goggles had absolutely no idea as to why the Zebra was speaking in rhyme but he didn’t mind, in fact he was fascinated by Zecora’s distinctive rhythm in her voice, it felt calming. Suddenly he realised that he too had heard a familiar name, one that Apple Bloom had mentioned several times.

“Zecora?” he said. “Wait, I’ve heard of you, you’re that Zebra who lives in the Everfree forest, right?”

Zecora smiled at that.

“Indeed that is me,” she answered. “Perhaps you can join me for a cup of tea?”

No other words could have filled Goggles with such joy at that point, the very mention of his favourite drink was enough to make him say yes to anything, and after the morning he has had he felt like he really needed it. Ten minutes later, he found himself sitting across a table from Zecora, in front of a small tea-shop that Zecora liked to come to whenever she was in town. Thankfully it was in a part of town that wasn’t as populated as the rest of Ponyville, Goggles could only thank the heavens that Zecora was one to love the peace and quiet. As he sat there drinking a cup of his favourite beverage, the events of what happened earlier still etched in his mind like a termite trying to eat its way through the trunk of a tree, Goggles only knew it was only a matter of time before it snapped. Needless to say, Zecora noticed this and spoke to the Gizmonk.

“Goggles, you appear to be feeling low,” she said. “Tell me, what is it that troubles you so?”

At first Goggles didn’t want to answer, in fact just out of habit he didn’t really want to speak at all. Goggle didn’t understand why though, after all he was able to talk to the Apple Family, Silver Lining and Trixie just fine, heck, he even spoke down to the Diamond Dogs without hesitation. Perhaps it was because at the time, the fear he would normally feel had been clouded by adrenaline and the panic for one of his friends. Seeing no alternative solution, Goggles opened his mouth and told Zecora what was on his mind.

“I hear that you’re good at giving advice?” he said with an inquisitive look.

“That is what many ponies say,” Zecora answered with a smile. “So what help can I give you today?”

With a deep sigh, Goggles proceeded to explain his situation. Starting from his time in Kappan, and then leading up to the events with the Diamond Dogs. With each word Goggles spoke, Zecora listened intently, stopping him every once in a while to ask the occasional question to clear up something she didn’t quite understand. Goggles then finished his explanation by telling Zecora what had happened earlier that morning, when Trixie had brought him to Ponyville, after which Zecora closed her eyes and took a deep, cleansing breath, pondering the right words to say to Goggles.

“What you are suffering from is obviously a rational fear,” she said, taking another sip of her Green Tea. “Your turmoil in the other land has clearly made you cling to it so dear. But with this problem I can definitely suggest, that allowing the ponies here your trust would be best.”

She may have said it in rhyme, but Goggles was able to absorb the basis of what Zecroa was trying to say.

“It’s not that I don’t trust anyone,” he pointed out. “It’s just that I’ve kept my secret for so long that it’s become almost impossible to speak to any pony without shivering in fear.”

“And yet you freely speak to me,” Zecora retorted calmly. “As well as the Apples, Silver Lining and Trixie.”

Goggles looked down at the table at those words, this Zebra certainly knew how to cut straight to the point even if she did do it in rhyme.

“You have spent many a year hiding behind the role of a beast,” Zecora continued. “And yet you showed your intelligence freely and not thought of it in the least. It is clear to me that while you were scared for your life back home, your biggest fear now is of being alone.”

Definitely knew how to cut straight to the point. It was like this Zebra had a way of reaching into your soul and pick at the deepest emotions one can feel, even if the one she’s talking to doesn’t even realise it himself.

“I guess you could say that,” Goggles admitted. “Even before I came here I used to show off my intelligence to ponies despite not being able to speak to them, because of my code. Being the only one of my species around, I had to make do with what I had. When I came here, I came to know the kindness of ponies rather than their judgement, but now that my secret’s out, I’m terrified that they would cast me aside because of it.”

It was hard to admit it to himself but Goggles knew it was the solid truth, he may have said it many times to those who already know his secret, but he was hoping that it was just something random that came out of his mouth at the time. Noticing his frustrations, Zecora lifted his chin up and looked deep into his eyes as she spoke.

“If I may say just one more thing,” she said, her voice gentle and full of care. “I too know what being alone brings.”

Neddless to say this Surprised Goggles but regardless he didn’t allow himself to interrupt Zecora while she was talking.

“I used to be unwelcome in the town because of what ponies saw,” Zecora explained, gesturing to her stripes. “However once they grew to know me then many simply looked at me with awe.”

Goggles couldn’t help but smile at that.

“You have already earned the ponies’ trust with what is in here and here,” Zecora continued, gesturing to his head and heart. “Do not simply throw it away because of what you fear.”

Goggles couldn’t help but tear up happiness, never in his life had anyone spoken to him with such care and wisdom. It was as though he were speaking to one he would consider a mother figure if had known what it actually felt like. Needless to say, Zecora’s words sunk deep into Goggles’ mind and spirit, so much so that he now bore a new look of confidence across his face, one that easily trumped to supposed one he had while leaving the barn that morning.

“Thanks Zecora,” he said, rising from his seat. “You know, I haven’t made anything for you yet. Perhaps I can come over to your hut and make you something to say thanks for the advice.”

“Oh do not worry about me,” Zecora giggled with delight. “I really never was a fan of modern machinery.”

With that Goggles gave a polite shrug and began to walk away, knowing full well as to what he had to do next. However before he could disappear around the corner, he heard Zecora’s voice calling out after him.

“Oh and if you meet up with Trixie again, perhaps you could help her with her own pain!” she said.

Goggles may have blinked but he could have sworn that Zecora gave him a wink at that last remark. Help Trixie with her own pain? Of course that meant what Trixie was saying earlier about the angry looks ponies have been giving her ever since she came back into town. Suddenly the orb at the End of Goggles tail lit up, indicating that he had another brilliant idea.

“Will do!” he called back, looking at Zecora for a final time before disappearing around the corner. “Thanks Zecora, bye!”

As soon as Goggle was gone, Zecora couldn’t help but quietly laugh to herself.

“If only he knew, what these turns of events would eventually lead to.” She said.


It may have taken shot of another half an hour, but eventually Goggles had managed to find Trixie again, her face fuming with anger as she hid in the alley between two houses, trying to find a way back to Sweet Apple Acres without having to face the other ponies after the embarrassing display earlier. Needless to say she jumped in shock when Goggles silently tapped her on the shoulder.

“Where have you been!?!” she snapped angrily, clearly still ticked off with him “I’ve been looking all over…”

However Goggles simply press his paw against her mouth to shut her up, his new look of confidence still etched across his face.

“Trixie, for once in your life stop being snappy and calm down,” he said sternly before taking away his paw. “I know I was little edgy earlier but now I’m truly ready. Are you?”

Trixie raise an eyebrow at that.

“What do you mean?” she asked confusingly.

“It’s not just ME that needs help fitting into this town,” Goggles answered plainly. “If you know what I mean.”

Of course Trixie new EXACTLY what Goggles meant, and as such she was taken aback by his statement.

“Well… Well I,” she stuttered, looking down at the Gizmonk, hoping to refuse but faltered upon seeing the stern look in Goggles’ eyes. “Fine.”

Before long both Trixie and Goggles once again stood in the busier section of town, the crowd of I interested ponies leaning in to see if the Gizmonk will actually talk this time.

“Are you sure about this?” Trixie asked, quietly making sure no pony in the crowd heard her.

Goggles responded with a nod, on the way over he had talked with Trixie about how he was going to help her and himself at the same time, so she knew full well what was going to happen. As the ponies leaned further in, to look upon Goggles in closer detail, the Gizmonk in question began to take a deep, cleansing breath. Listening to the faint sounds all around him, he began to feel a distinctive rhythm to them, at that point, Goggles did more than talk… he sang:

Let me say hello to all you ponies,
I know, right? The talking gives you chills,
Be with me and Trix, both standing here,
Let us make your concerns disappear,
Together, right here in Ponyville!

Of course even though every pony in town had heard the rumours, most ponies never truly believed it. But now that he was here, dancing and singing, their curiosity was met with a mixture of shock, concern and in some cases, delight. Goggle then nodded towards his assistant, indicating that it was now her turn.

Actually, I'd rather not be standing here now,
Cause I know, you ponies think I’m swill,
But for the sake of my dear Gizmonk boss,
I shall stay with my hooves crossed,
Frightened, but here in Ponyville!

Of course, most ponies scoffed at Trixie’s public attempt, but regardless they continued to listen to her and Goggles sing.

It’s true I’ve kept this secret, but now I’m coming clean,
My voice can utter words all clear and true,

And I know I have been boastful, egotistical and mean,
And that is only just to name a few,

At this point, the two were met with mixed variety of looks from smiles to just plain confusion, however neither one of the two was willing to give up on their endeavour yet.

Me and Trix, stand here to plead you ponies,
For some love, and a chance to show our skills,
She’s a magic mare with lots of funk,

And he can make such art from junk,

We’re begging, forgive us Ponyville!

Now every pony was taken aback, Trixie and Goggles were publicly apologising? They understood why Trixie had to, obviously, however they were just confused as to why Goggles was apologising. It was at that point that Applejack and the rest of her friends, along with the Cutie Mark crusaders, had appeared amongst the crowd, all of which were surprised to see Goggles out and about. Suddenly Pinkie Pie had an idea, which of course involved pulling a piano out of nowhere and setting Spike in its seat, of course every pony else simply decided to go with the moment and allowed Spike to play the piano along to the tune. Catching onto the beat, the rest of the ponies in the crowd began to sing too.

Goggles boy, aren’t you just the cutest,

Trix was bad, but I guess I’ll show some goodwill,

I’ll still waiting for my new light,
That Gizmonk’s tech gave me such delight,
Ever since he moved to Ponyville!

Now every pony was catching on to the beat, of course seeing the crowd act this way made Goggles feel good inside, so much so that any fear that he had felt before was simply melting away. Trixie however felt more embarrassed than flattered, it would seem that her ego still needed to be taken down a peg before she was ready to be fully accepted. Regardless she listened with some small delight as the song continued.

These two folks, deserve some recognition,
Forgiveness is such a hard cup to fill,

Let’s crank up the beat for our new friends,

The fun in town just never ends,

Just another day in Ponyville!

At this point Goggles, couldn’t help but dance with joy as Vinyl Scratch began playing her turntables to add to the music, everything seems to be going incredibly well. He knew that musical numbers were a common event in Ponyville but had always thought that was just Pinkie Pie’s thing, but now he felt that this particular one was helping him solve his problems, which was only confirmed when Twilight and Silver Spoon walked up to him.

GOGGLES if you’d allow us, we’d like to welcome you,

We hope you really like it in our town,

Even Trixie seemed to get a small compliment from a reluctant grey Earth Pony, who had walked up to her.

And if it makes her happy, we welcome Trixie too,

Oh that’s just great, just kick me when I’m down,

Now Trixie could only hide her face in her hooves with embarrassment, she REALLY needed to sort her pride out. Goggles on the other hand, was so happy, he began jumping in and out amongst all the ponies in the crowd.

I tell you now, I’m glad I got to meet ya,
From Aloe, right down to Iron Will,
And the fears I had are gone for good,

And I'd go with them if I could,

Finally, just to give the song a big finish, Goggles jumped from the crowd, of ponies, to the nearest tree, only to climb up it and jump onto the nearest rooftop.

I've got no strings on me,
I'm feeling fancy-free,
It’s wonderful to be…

Here in Ponyville!!!

And with that, Goggles jumped off the roof and gracefully landed onto Trixie’s back, much to her annoyance. As soon as the song ended each and every ponies was left stunned, allowing Goggles to break the silence.

“So…” he said with a smile, “Who wants to ask the first question?”
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 14
The Newest Chapter of my new mlp fic

Author's Note:

The featured Song is inspired by "On the Open Road" from "A Goofy Movie" all credit goes to Disney…

One week later

A week had passed since the incident with the Diamond Dogs and the news of what had happened in their caverns spread quickly. Or, to be more accurate, once Pinkie Pie had blabbed the events to every pony in town, the fact that Goggles was fully capable of speech has become a hot-topic for gossip. Not wanting to deal with the masses for the moment, the Gizmonk in question had decided to avoid the public and locked himself away in the barn, even going as far as to put his business on hold due to his fear of how his clients would react. However while he may not have been selling anything at the moment, Goggles continued to invent, mostly just to keep himself from getting bored and to give Trixie something to do as well. One morning, while the Apple Family was out of the house, Goggles was met with a surprise when Trixie came through the door of the barn.

“Goggles!” she called out. “Mr Silver Lining is here to see you!”

Goggles almost jumped behind his invention of fear and instinct, however knowing that there was no way no avoid his business partner for long, he simply sighed and turned towards the stallion in question

“Goggles, my good fellow!” he said cheerfully, keeping his gaze upon the Gizmonk as he approached him. “Now, don’t bother with the notepad, my daughter has told me everything, especially the fact that you can speak perfectly.”

Goggle didn’t realise at first but he had indeed took his notepad out of his vest pocket, a habit that he had gotten quite used to over the years. However things had now changed, and there was really no need for it anymore, with sigh he placed the notepad back into his pocket.

“So you know huh?” he said, crossing his arms.

“Well I’m not surprised,” Trixie chimed in as she walked by carrying a box of materials from Goggles’ work-bench. “I suppose the whole of Ponyville has heard about the talking monkey by now.”

At first Goggle glared at her, however after spending several days in the same lab at her he had grown used to Trixie’s comments and sarcasm. Shrugging it off, he turned back toward Silver Lining

“I suppose you’re here to cancel our deal?” he said, fearing the worst.

However Silver Lining was taken aback by Goggles’ words, if only for a moment, he then proceeded to chuckle.

“On the contrary my good sir,” he said. “I’m here to discuss additional clauses for it.”

Needless to say this surprised Goggles quite a bit, even Trixie widened her eye with surprise once her ears had picked up what Silver Lining had just said.

“What?” Goggles said confusingly. “Why?”

“Because my boy, now we can actually have a decent conversation without the need for paperwork,” Silver Lining sniggered, placing a hoof on Goggles’ shoulder. “Not only can that, but now you and I can now talk things over so we can make this business even better, that’s why I came to discuss a few changes to our contract.”

Goggle couldn’t believe a word he was hearing, first Applejack accepts him and now Silver Lining? Was there no end to the kindness of these Equestrian ponies?

“You’re not upset that your business partner has been keeping secrets?” Goggles asked nervously.

However Silver Lining only chuckled.

“Upset? Certainly not,” he replied. “Every pony has secrets my boy, and as far as I know your particular secret doesn’t affect your working the slightest. Besides, I’m certain you’ve had your reasons for keeping such a secret, correct?

“You can say that,” Goggles said with a shrug, smiling back at the Earth Pony.

“Is there anything ELSE I ought to know?” Silver Lining said, continuing his chuckle “Don't tell me you can fly too.”

“Not unless I invent a way sprout myself wings,” Goggle laughed. “Care for a cup of tea?”

At those words, Silver Lining stopped laughing and straightened his glasses.

“Certainly,” he said as Goggles turned to his work-bench and put the kettle on. “Tell me, were you able to learn to speak as quickly as ponies do?”

“Quicker actually,” Goggles responded as he poured two cups of tea. “We Gizmonks have extremely high intelligence even from the first year of life.”

Silver Lining smiled at that.

“Most impressive,” he said as Goggles brought over his cup of tea. “And are ALL your people so tech-savvy?”

Goggles was taken aback at those words, in fact the second they left Silver Lining’s mouth, he felt saddened.

“Yeah,” he said with a heavy sigh. “They were.”

At first Silver Lining was confused as to why Goggles was acting like this all of a sudden, however he then had something whispered into his ear by Trixie, who had been listening into the conversation. Before long Silver Lining knew what Goggles had told her and the Apples about the fate of his species. Needless to say, he had thought himself foolish for bringing up such a sensitive subject.

“Oh dear, I am so sorry, I didn't know,” he said to the dismayed Gizmonk. “Please forgive me,”

But Goggle only lifted up his head and forced a smile.

“There's nothing to forgive my friend,” he said, giving Silver Lining his tea and trying to find a way to change the subject. “So anyway, you were talking about making changes to our contract?”


Meanwhile in the Golden Oaks Library, another meeting was taking place, one that consisted of Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and of course Spike who kept himself busy by handing out refreshments for the Mane Six.

“Thank y’all for coming every pony,” Applejack said, clearing her throat. “And thanks again for allowing us to meet here Twilight.”

“No problem Applejack,” Twilight said with a smile. “I’m always happy to help.”

“So what’s this all about, AJ?” Rainbow Dash asked impatiently.

“Well as you’re probably already know by now,” Applejack began, her eyes directed at Pinkie Pie. “The family’s new house pet-turned-business tycoon has been keeping a certain secret from every pony.”

“I assume you are referring to the fact that he is capable of speech?” Rarity questioned, earning a few nods of agreement from the other ponies.

“Ah am,” Applejack said plainly. “Ah suppose it came as shock to y’all as much as it were for me?”

“Well I must admit, it is a fascinating piece of news,” Twilight said, tapping her chin with thought. “But I just assumed that it was just mindless gossip.”

“Oh I assure you that it’s quite true, Twilight,” Rarity explained. “Pinkie Pie and I heard him ourselves, not to mention the half dozen ponies standing nearby when he did.”

“Yeah,” Pinkie Pie added cheerfully. “Although why wouldn’t he speak until now? Maybe he took a vow of silence, or maybe he’s a spy! Sent here to steal Ponyville’s secrets.”

Every pony else couldn’t help but deadpan at that.

“Yeah, I highly doubt that monkey’s a spy for anyone,” Rainbow Dash said rolling her eyes, only to have Pinkie Pie lean in close into her ear.

“That means his plan is working,” she whispered, almost creepily.

Deciding to brush of Pinkie Pie’s usual moment of randomness, every pony else decided to get back on track.

“Maybe he was just shy?” Fluttershy suggested nervously. “He WAS a little on edge when Apple Bloom brought him to my cottage.”

However Applejack shook her head at that.

“No he weren’t nervous or anything like that,” she said, gaining everyone’s attention. “The little feller just simply had a code to live by.”

“A code?” Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

“What kind of code could he have?” Spike added.

At any other time Applejack would have swooned at Spike’s curiosity, but since this was a serious moment she tried her best to keep her focus

“It was something he said last week,” she explained. “When the family confronted him he said that the reason he didn’t speak was because it was part of a code he lived by, one that was to help him survive in his homeland, Kappan I think he said it was.”

At the mention of the word “Kappan” Twilight’s eyes widened, she had heard the name of that country before. Before any pony else could blink, she ran upstairs to her room, coming back down a minute later with a rolled up piece of parchment.

“What’s that Twilight?” Fluttershy asked curiously.

It’s a letter from Princess Celestia that arrived this morning, I think you all should read this.

Leaning over each other to get a look at the letter, every pony listened intently as Twilight began to read it aloud:

My Dearest Twilight,

How have you been? I trust that taking up all this extra studying has put your mind at such a stressful state. But you needn’t worry for I have the information you have requested on the creature you called a Gizmonk.
However as you would probably guess, this information does not come in the form of any book or scroll since I’m afraid that there was none to be found. It was actually quite astounding that you were able to acquire any information regarding them in your own library due to the rarity of such a book.
The information I am able to give is the record of a meeting that I had 100 years ago, when a group of Ponies that had arrived from the Country of Kappan arrived here in Canterlot seeking assistance to deal with a “Population Problem” As the meeting continued, I came to learn that they we speaking of another breed of creature that populated their land at the time, creatures known as Gizmonks. From what the Kappanese Ponies told me, the Gizmonks rivalled them in intelligence and they feared that they would one day usurp them as the dominant species.
However the methods they had in mind were so savage I dare not even write them in this letter, so as you could imagine I refused to take part in such an action against the poor creatures. After that I had never heard from those ponies again after they returned to Kappan, I could only hope that they didn’t do anything rash since Kappan was out of my jurisdiction. While I may be the one to raise the sun, the ponies who rule Kappan have a different set of laws that even I must abide to, less risk open confrontation between the two countries.
I hope this information was useful to you Twilight, please write me again if you find out more.

Your friend and mentor,  
Princess Celestia

When Twilight finished reading the letter every pony was left speechless, especially Applejack, who knew what some of the information meant. Finally Twilight broke the silence.

“Well the book I had was accurate when it said that Gizmonks came from the Far East anyway,” she said. “Just not so accurate as to say which country though, at least we know something more about the little guy right?”

“I guess,” Rainbow Dash said rubbing her head. “What else did Goggles tell you AJ? AJ?

However Applejack seemed to be lost in thought, it took several minutes before some pony was able to get through to her, or to be more accurate, before Pinkie Pie yelled her name through a bull-horn.

“HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOO???” she yelled, almost deafening everyone in the room. “IS ANY PONY HOME!?!”

“Pinkie!!!” Applejack snapped, taking the bull-horn off the hyperactive Earth Pony.

“What’s wrong Applejack?” Twilight asked with concern. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Those Kappanese ponies DID do something Twi,” Applejack replied, her mind still stininging form the realisation.

“What do you mean AJ?” Rainbow dash asked.

With a heavy sigh, Applejack proceeded to explain what Goggles had told her and her family in more detail, more specifically the fact that the ponies for Kappan did indeed wipe out almost all the Gizmonks there. By the time she was finished, every pony’s face was riddled with horror, however Fluttershy seemed to be the one taking it the hardest since she was soon on the verge of tears.

“By Celestia, that’s… that’s awful!” she wept, her caring nature for animals seeping out with every tear.

“How could any pony do such a thing!?!” Twilight snapped. “It’s genocide!!!”

“Ah didn’t want to believe it at first either,” Applejack sighed. “But with what Princess Celestia wrote in that letter, it only confirms Goggles’ story.”

“Poor guy,” Spike said, gripping his arm with shame, he had no idea that Goggles had it so rough before he came to Ponyville.

“So THAT’S why he didn’t say anything before now,” Rarity added. “That code was the only thing keeping him alive his whole life. I suppose it was a habit that he couldn’t break even after coming here.”

“And the worst part is that now that his secret’s out, he feels ashamed for keeping it from us,” Applejack pointed out.  “The poor guy’s been hiding away in his lab for a week now, even Apple Bloom couldn’t get him out, keeps saying that ponies might not react well now that every pony knows about it.“

“And did they?” Rainbow Dash asked inquisitively.

At those words, Applejack pondered for a moment, try to figure out the best choice of words.

“Ah have talked to many ponies around town this last week,” he said, tapping her chip with her hoof. “Kinda hard not to with all the questions going around town. Ponies seem to be fine with it, but that Gizmonk is one stubborn critter.”

The room once again became silent for a moment, no pony really knowing what to say next, finally Spike spoke up.

“Maybe we should do something for him,” he suggested. “Show him that he’s still welcome here.”

Applejack could have sworn she felt her heart skip a beat at that moment, she always loved it when Spike showed his generous side, after all that was what made him one of a kind. Needless to say every pony thought that his suggestion was a brilliant idea, however none more so than Pinkie Pie.

“We should totally throw him a Welcome-to-Ponyville party!” she said in her usual cheerful manner, added with her signature smile. “I’ll bet he’d REALLY like that.”

However Twilight shook her head at that.

“Let’s just call that plan B,” she suggest calmly. “It’s probably better if we ease him into it rather than just throw something big in his face. After all we don’t want to spook the little guy.”

“Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!” Pinkie Pie moaned, clearly disappointed.

However Applejack couldn’t help but smile, upon seeing that her friends were willing to help she felt her soul fill with pride for having known them.

“Alright every Pony,” she said happily. “Let’s start putting our heads together,”

And with that they all crowded up together to discuss what to do.


Back in Goggles’ lab, Silver Lining and Trixie were baring witness to the unveiling of the Gizmonk’s newest creation. After going over the new details of their contract, Silver Lining and Goggles had come to the agreement that he should expand his talents further and begin testing out new things, which luckily enough, he had already started doing anyway. To prove his abilities, Goggles felt it was necessary to show his business partner his latest project.

“Gem-induced lasers?” Trixie asked with a raised eyebrow, not having the slightest clue as to what she was looking at.

The machine Goggles was showing off was indeed an interesting looking device, it was a short, octagon tube, with a padded handle and a somewhat large red ruby fitted into its centre, at first glance it looked as though it were only made for someone with paws to hold, however Goggles reassured the two ponies that this was just the prototype and adjustments would be made later.

“So what exactly is the device purposed for?” Silver Lining questioned as he looked over the details of the device. “If I may be so bold to ask.”

“Well basically, it’s a very powerful source of light,” Goggle explained. “With some magnetic confinement for ultra-precision. Upon further study of the gems from the Diamond Dog mines, I’ve deducted that each and every one has its own source of magical power. I figured that if that power could be harnessed, then the possible uses of them could be endless, for example…”

Before Goggles decided to finish his sentence, he turned towards his work-bench and picked up an emerald from the pile of gems he had, with one quick burst of movement, he threw the emerald in the air, pushed a button on his new device and swung at the gem as it came down, slicing the stone in two with a small beam of red light.

“…A dandy cutting tool.” Goggles said triumphal as he held up the device and turned it off.

Needless to say, both ponies were impressed, in fact it took Trixie a few moments before she could get her jaw to stop hanging.

“Incredible,” Silver Lining chuckled. “This has to be your finest work yet.”

Goggles couldn’t help but blush at that, after all he was always happy whenever his creations were appreciated. However Trixie couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow upon looking closer at Goggles’ new cutting tool.

“Where’d you even find the materials to make this?” she asked inquisitively. “I’m no expert, but I doubt you would have been able to create something like this with just metal and lumber this guy’s giving you. No offence.”

“None taken,” Silver Lining said with a shrug, he too would like to know more about the invention.

Luckily Goggles had an answer for Trixie’s question.

“Some pony named Korwin or Kracker... or whatever his name was, came through town last week, trying to sell off some scrap metal for extra cash,” he explained, trying to recollect the events. “I’m still a little surprised he was trying to get rid of such high-tech, even if some of it was damaged. Probably just some crackpot who went out of business and was trying to clear out his stuff, wore a weird black coat covered in all sorts of junk. Still, at least he gave me the starting point of a new endeavour, with what I’ve been able to learn from the tech he sold me I now have ton of new ideas bristling in my head, however I will need different materials if I want to make them.”

Silver Lining couldn’t help but chuckle at Goggles’ enthusiasm, the Gizmonk had the exact same happy look on his face that he had when Silver Lining had first came to the Apple Family’s home.

“Well then write me a list and I’ll have them delivered post-haste,” he said, trying to hold back his laughter. “You really don’t know when to stop do you?”

At those words, Goggles chuckled too.

“Well what else would you expect from a genius like me?” he smirked. “You expect me to just sit on my rump all day eating bananas?”

“Still full of yourself as ever I see,” Silver Lining bantered.

“Hey, I like to take pride in my creations, is that so wrong?” Goggles playfully retorted.

At those words, Trixie rolled her eyes.

“No, but there is such a thing as humility,” she said, though it was laughable since she had only just started to realise the meaning of the word.

“I have humility!” Goggles argued. “It’s just that my creative spark sort of drowns it out from time to time.”

“Try ALL the time,” Trixie muttered under her breath.

“What was that?” goggles inquired, catching a slight whisper of the Unicorn’s last comment.

“Nothing!” Trixie quickly responded.

However Trixie wasn’t done speaking just yet, she may not have been the kindest of ponies in the past, but she felt that she at least owed Goggles a small favour for giving her a job. And due to recent events, she knew just how to help him out.

“Although it would be pointless to get new materials if no pony is going to buy the new creations,” she said in a sly manner, grabbing both Goggles’ and Silver Lining’s attention.

Of course Silver Lining knew that Trixie had a point and decided to say his piece too.

“She does have a point my boy,” he said. “You know you can’t hide forever.”

At those words, Goggle merely crossed his armed and sighed in slight defeat.

“I know,” he admitted. “But throughout my entire life, my first instinct was to run and hide from any danger, I guess you can say I’m terrified of what ponies will think of me now that my secret’s out.”

Silver Lining of course responded with Goggles’ sentence with a look of sympathy, however Trixie merely scoffed.

“You think YOU got problems?” she snapped, much to the surprise of Goggles and Silver Lining. “I still have to put up with many angry looks from ponies whenever I go to the market in town, along with the occasional food pelting now and then. But I still go out there because I know that I can get through it, and I’m pretty sure you can too.”

Trixie certainly knew how to make her words cut deep, so much so that Goggles seemed almost intimidated by Trixie’s judgment. What made it worse was when Silver Lining decided to add to her sentence.

“I’d listen to your assistant dear boy,” he said. “After all if you don’t go out there, then there won’t be a business anymore, since you don’t have any customers to interact with and therefore, no pony to sell to.”

Goggles thought hard upon hearing this, for the last week ponies have been trying to coax him out of hiding, Applejack tried the same reasoning Silver Lining had pointed out, even Apple Bloom tried by saying that she and the CMC miss him. And now Trixie, the most well-known egotistical boaster in Ponyville was giving him a lecture. If this many ponies really wanted him to come outside then maybe there was a chance that ponies will in fact, accept him. Finally Goggles spoke.

“Alright, I’ll go,” he said, suddenly fixing his gaze towards his assistant. “But only if you come with me Trixie.”

Needless to say, Trixie scoffed at that remark too.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie is not your mother!” she protested, resulting in a slight chuckle from Silver Lining “Does she have to hold your paw too!?!”

However after knowing Trixie for a good while now, Goggles knew exactly how to respond to that, with a smirk he cross his arms and spoke again.

“Do it or you don’t get paid,” he said.

As expected, she growled with irritated defeat and utter a single sentence in response.

“I hate you,”
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 13
Another Chapter in my new MLP fanfic

Author's Note:

The character Korwin (mentioned by Goggles) is the Brony OC by :iconnoble-six-rulez:, + special thanks to him for helping write this chapter

Image of Korwin


When the dust finally began to settle after the explosion, everyone soon found themselves groaning in pain as they rose back their hooves and coughed whatever they had inhaled.

“Something tells me I used the wrong ingredients,” Goggles said, rubbing his head as he, Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom sat up.

“No, really?” Applejack’s voice said sarcastically, he may have been able to see her through the dust cloud at the moment but Goggles can certainly tell she wasn’t happy.

However it wasn’t Applejack that had Goggles worried about at the moment, at that very moment a large shadow hovered about him through the smoke, followed by an angry snarl from a certain Diamond Dog leader. When the shroud of dust finally dispersed, Rover’s furious gaze began to pierce the very air around him directly at his prey. There was no way he was going to let Goggles get away with what just happened.

“Think you can outsmart me eh?” he said, cracking his knuckles, making the two fillies shiver in fear. “Well then let’s just see how smart you are when I bash your skull in!!!”

However just as Rover was about to raise his fists, something caught his eye, a faint twinkle that reflected off of the goggles atop the Gizmonk’s head. Upon seeing the reflection within the green lenses, Rover quickly turned around, his jaw dropping as he gasped in awe at what he saw, needless to say everyone else had the same reaction. Before their eyes, in the very same position as to where the first sapphire stood when Goggles dropped the potion he made upon it, was a large wall completely made of sapphire. Like a seed sprouting into a tree, that one sapphire made managed to grow into a structure that stretched from one side of the cave to the other, completely sealing on of the tunnels off, luckily it wasn’t the tunnel the ponies needed to get out. As everyone stared in awe at the sparkling momument, they couldn’t help but be entranced but its magical beauty.

“My goodness,” Silver Spoon gasped. ”It’s huge!”

“It gone and filled up the whole tunnel!” Apple Bloom added.

“So Pretty!!!” Pinkie Pie squeed as she ran up towards the wall, not wasting any time to pull silly faces at her reflection upon it.

“I must say, this just simply divine!” Rarity stated as she stroked the smooth flows of gem erupting from the floor. “I can’t believe this is…”

However Rarity wasn’t able to finish her sentence due to the trio of Diamond Dogs shoving her to side and climbing over themselves to hug the sapphire wall.

“Gems!!!” Rover screamed with joy as he and his two comrades proceeded to kiss and slober all over the sapphire, much to Rarity’s disgust. “SO MUCH GEMS!!!!”

After what seemed like several minutes, all three Diamond Dogs’ heads swiftly turned towards Goggles, who couldn’t help but step back with fright. However instead of attacking him, as everyone had expected, all three Diamond Dogs suddenly fell to their knees and started begging.

“What does the Monkey want for magic growing juice!?!” Rover asked frantically.

“Yes, we’ll give anything!” Fido added in the same manner.

“ANYTHING!” Spot squealed.

“PLEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEE!!!!!!!” all three of them pleaded simultaneously.

No pony had any idea how to react to this display, just a few minutes ago these Diamond Dogs had Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon at their mercy but now here they were, begging Goggles for something he had as though it were a matter of life and death, of course for Diamond Dogs this was probably true. With a slight smirk, Goggles only uttered one word in response.



“HAHAHA!!! Hook Line and Sinker!”

That was the only thing Goggles could manage to get out between the endless laughter he kept spurting out as he and the ponies left the Diamond Dogs’ caverns, with at least three large carts of gems in tow. As it turns out, Goggles was able to trade one tiny vial of his potion and in return not only did the Dogs let everyone go, but they gave them a ton of gems as a thanks, believing that the potion they now possess would give them at least 10 times what they had given up and then some. As they all got further away from the caves and back towards Ponyville, the ponies couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

“I have to admit, that was a little exciting,” Silver Spoon admitted. “Scary as Tartarus, but still exciting.”

“Ah can’t believe your plan actually worked Goggles,” Apple Bloom said, smiling up at the Gizmonk sitting on the hoard of gems Applejack was pulling.

“Of course it worked!” Goggles said smugly. “Diamond Dogs may be crafty but we Gizmonks are certified geniuses, wouldn’t you agree?”

However that was when he noticed Applejack looking back at him with a cold glare, undoubtedly she was still angry at him for keeping the fact he was able to speak from every pony.

“I suppose I have a bit of explaining to do when we get back?” Goggles asked sheepishly.

“Oh ya think?” Applejack snapped, sarcastically.

“Figured as much.” Goggles sighed, having a very good idea of what needed to come next. “Scrap-Bunnies.”


By the time everyone made it back to Sweet Apple Acres, Goggles was already beginning to sweat out pints, as soon as the all dropped off the load of gems at the front of the barn, Apple Bloom could see the clear look of fear upon the Gizmonk’s face. Knowing that Applejack would want to keep this within her family for the moment, Rarity and Pinkie Pie felt it would be best to leave her and Goggles to discuss things privately while they both took Silver Spoon home. Before Goggles knew it, he found himself sitting on a stool in the middle of the Apples’ living room, the entire family all looking upon him at they all sat on the sofa in front of him. By now, Applejack had told Granny Smith and Big Mac everything she knew and after listening to Goggles for themselves, they quickly believed her. Even Trixie was astounded by seeing her employer actually speak, though Applejack ideally wanted to keep things between her family for now, she also found it pointless to keep Trixie out of the loop given the fact that she practically lives on the farm too, so of course she also took a seat in the living room, ready for the Gizmonk’s explanation.

“I still can’t believe this,” she stated. “Granted, Trixie was aware of the intelligence you possess but she would have never have guess that you were able to speak.”

“Well now that we know that he can, perhaps he can give us some answers.” Applejack said with a scowl.

“Oh, um, well then…” Goggles stuttered nervously, just as Apple Bloom came into the living room with a tea tray and set down on the coffee table.

“Here ya go Goggles,” she said kindly before passing a cup to the Gizmonk. “Camomile tea, just how you like it.”

“Thank you dear,” Goggles replied, taking the cup with gratitude as he gulped down the sweet beverage, hoping that it would calm his nerves.

Apple Bloom smiled at this, ever since she had found this creature in the Everfree Forest she had always seemed to be the one that he had grown the closest to, and just like any child looking out for their treasured friend, Apple Bloom wasn’t going to let Goggles’ spilled secret ruin it. However that didn’t stop the rest of her family and Trixie giving her a slight glare in disapproval.

“What?” she said defensively. “He’s still a guest.”

Deciding to stay on topic, every pony else simply brushed off Apple Bloom’s gesture and proceeded to question the Gizmonk.

“So how long have y’all been able to talk, little feller?” Granny Smith asked, narrowing one eye and keeping the other widened to focus on Goggles.

Now that he had some of his favourite beverage in his system, Goggles felt more relaxed and felt no pressure in answering.

“Well let’s see, today’s Tuesday so… always.” He said jokingly as he set his cup back down on the coffee table.

“But how is it even possible?” Trixie asked. “Trixie has seen plenty of strange things in my time, but she has never quite seen anything like you.”

Goggle couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“Well you wouldn’t around these parts,” he said, playing with his fingers. “My species is a very rare breed normally found across the sea, in the Far East, in the far off country of Kappan.”

“That still don’t explain how you’re able to talk,” Applejack pointed out.

“Nnope,” Big Mac added.

At those words, Goggles knew that explaining everything wasn’t going to be easy, so he tried to make things as basic and understanding as possible.

“Well let me put it this way,” he said. “Have you ever heard the phrase, Monkey see – Monkey do?”

In response every pony either gave him a shrug of the shoulders of a shake of the head, indicating that none of them have.

“Well let’s just say that’s how we Gizmonks learnt the ways of the ponies,” Goggle explained. “You see, apart from being fiercely intelligent, we Gizmonks are a very observant species. From the minute we are born, we gaze upon the world around us and our highly intelligent minds instantly creates solutions to any problems we may face in our lives. Whenever we get a brilliant idea, the ends of our tails light up and we instantly begin to work on those solutions, normally these come in the form of gizmos and gadgets to help with the task we face, hence the name, Gizmonks. Of course talking came as quickly to us as it would any other idea that pops into our head.”

“So why haven’t you talked before now?” Apple Bloom asked curiously. “Were you nervous or something?”

Goggles sighed at that.

“No it was nothing like that,” he said. “The reason I haven’t spoken to any of you ponies is because we Gizmonks have to follow a certain code in order to survive in our homeland, we must never talk  to another species under any circumstances.”

“A code huh?” Applejack said, not really buying into Goggles’ story. “And this is to protect your kind from what exactly.”

Goggles was taken aback at that question, in all honesty he was hoping that he would have been able to avoid it, however the fierce look Applejack gave him suggested otherwise. As he looked upon the group of ponies staring back at him, he felt his heart racing so past it felt like it was vibrating. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to get out of answering this question, and also knowing that lying would be pointless given the fact that he had witnessed Applejack’s ability to spot a liar every day since he arrived, Goggles sighed in defeat and answered her.

“The code is to protect us from… ponies.” he exhaled, looking down at the floor as he spoke.

Now it was the ponies’ turn to be taken aback, for a few moments the room remained quiet, until Apple bloom broke the silence.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

At those words Goggles’ heart became filled with sorrow, and judging from the look upon his face the ponies could easily tell that this was a question that he didn’t really wanted to answer. However it was too late to turn back now, rising up from the stool, goggles began to pace across the room and spoke.

“Years ago my species flourished,” he said sadly. “That is until ponies came along. Threatened by our intelligence, they began destroying our homes, driving us into the jungles and hunting us… to near-extinction.”

Goggles then turned away from everyone, trying desperately not to let them see the tears welling up in his eyes. However that didn’t stop them from gasping in horror.

“What?” Apple Bloom exclaimed, slightly mortified at what she had just heard.

“You… you can’t be serious,” Applejack added.

But judging from the look of sorrow, Applejack knew that what Goggles was saying was the truth, she didn’t want to believe that ponies were capable of such things but there was no denying the tone in Goggles words.

“Believe it or not, while you ponies here in Equestria are shown to be kind and gentle, the brutes that now live in Kappan are simply pure evil,” Goggles continued, grinding his teeth at the very mention of the heartless monsters he remembered. “In order to survive, our elders decreed that all Gizmonks are to behave like mere animals around all other species, so that they may never discover our true abilities and allow us a chance to live another day.”

With every word Goggles spoke, a little piece of Applejack’s stern expression softened, in fact she and Apple Bloom were on the verge of tears. Even Trixie looked saddened by Goggles’ story.

“You poor little youngin,” Granny Smith said.

“Oh Goggles, I am so sorry.” Applejack added.

At those words, Goggles took in a deep breath and regained his composure.

“Don’t be,” he said, looking back towards the family. “It’s not your fault, I for one don’t blame ALL ponies for what those brutes in the east have done. “

Realising that talking about this sort of thing was clearly too painful for the Gizmonk, Apple bloom decided to try and change the subject

“So… how did you end up here?” she asked nervously.

At those words, Goggles couldn’t help but smile at Apple Bloom’s consideration.

“Well if you truly want to know, then I have to warn you that it’s kind of a long story,” he said.

“Would you please tell us?” Granny Smith asked.

“Very well,” Goggles sighed. “I suppose the best way to explain this is by starting from the beginning. Years back, I was born in a jungle that resided at the eastern regions of Kappan, my parents were loving and would do anything to keep me safe and happy. However one day, when I was only 3 years old, they disappeared while I slept in our tree, after that I never saw them again.”

As Goggles continued his story, Applejack’s heart felt like it was cracking, after all she knew full well of the pain of losing a loved one.

“In order to survive in the world around me, I followed the code my parents had taught me and acted like a regular monkey whenever I was around other creatures,” Goggles continued. “One day, while I was searching through the jungles for food, I soon found myself caught in a hunters net and was then sold to some ravelling animal trader. After countless days on the road, I was soon bought and taken in as a pet by a wealthy family, and at first my life from then on seemed better, at least for the most part. However due to circumstances that I don’t wish to discuss, I was forced to flee from that place.”

Applejack couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at that last part, what could have happened that would make Goggles act so cryptic? Deciding to leave the subject alone for the moment, Applejack shook her head and let Goggles continue.

“After that I began traveling westward and eventually ended up stowing away on a cargo ship that went across the sea and arrived in Baltimare. I soon found myself running even further west and wandering into the Everfree forest, where I eventually ended up taking a swan-dive off a waterfall while trying to escape from a pack of Timberwolves. I’m sure young Apple Bloom can tell you what happened after that.”

Apple Bloom nodded her head at that, she knew that Goggles was clearly referring to when she had found him under that bush when she went to visit Zecora that day. When Goggles had finished his story, there was a brief moment of silence, which was shortly broken when the Gizmonk spoke again.

“Listen,” he said calmly. “I’m sure that you all probably hate me for practically lying to you these last few weeks. But regardless all I can say now, is that I am truly sorry for doing so.”

No pony responded to that, it was clear that Goggles was being sincere but after hearing what he had to say for the last few minutes had left them speechless, finally Goggles spoke again.

“Well I guess that’s that then,” he sighed, making his way out of the living room.

“Goggles?” Apple Bloom said. “Where y’all going?”

Goggles then stopped for a moment and turned his head towards them.

“To go pack my things,” he said plainly before proceeding to walk away again. “I think it’s probably best if I take my leave now, perhaps I can hitch a ride on the next train out of town.”

“WHAT!?!” Apple Bloom gasped in shock as she ran ahead of him, blocking his path towards the stairs. “Why!?!”

Needless to say every pony else shared Apple Bloom’s shock, following the filly’s example they all rose from their seat and walked over towards Goggles so he couldn’t walk away from them, basically indicating their demand for an answer.

“Well given the trouble you good ponies have endured because of me, and the fact that I have kept such a huge secret from you all, I suspect that I have now overstayed my welcome,” Goggles answered, not even daring to look Apple bloom in the eye out of shame. “So perhaps now would be a good time to close up shop and say goodbye.”

After living with the Apples for a while now, Goggle had expected them to move aside and respect his wishes, however the reaction he received was not what he was expecting at all for Goggles had clearly overlooked the stubbornness and care that they share with each other.

“Goggles, you can’t leave!” Applejack stated, much to the Gizmonk’s surprise, he was sure that SHE would have been the first one to see him leave.

“Yeah, after all you still haven’t paid me my wages yet,” Trixie added, instantly receiving a few glares from everyone else in response. “What?”

“She’s right little feller,” Granny Smith said, placing a hoof on Goggles’ shoulder. “Y’all can’t just up and go just like that.”

“Nnope,” Big Mac added in agreement.

“But surely you wouldn’t what someone like me staying under your roof,” Goggles argued. “I’ve already caused enough damage.”

However much to Goggles surprise, Applejack only chuckled.

“What critter DOESN’T do damage one in a while?” she said. “So you’re full of energy, so you’re over-eccentric, so you’re constantly hyped up on tea and have the ability to speak, SO WHAT!?! Everyone has their quirks, Sugarcube.”

Goggles couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he had kept a big secret form her, practically drove her made with all of his antics, and only just today had put her little sister in danger, and yet here was Applejack, giving him a forgiving smile and accepting him. After everything he had been through in his life, he couldn’t believe that such a pony could exist.

“But I…” he tried to speak, only to be silenced by Applejack raising her hoof.

“No buts mister,” she said looking down at him sternly. “Ah ain’t throwing you out and ah’m pretty sure no pony here wants you to leave either.”

“Darn-tootin!” Apple Bloom chimed in.

“I may not really know you that well, but I am definitely not letting you leave until you at least give me my first pay wage.” Trixie added, receiving a slight chuckle from Goggles in response.

At this point Goggles was on the verge of tears, tears of joy that he hadn’t shed for a long while, finally he spoke again.

“You… you would really let me stay?” he asked nervously.

Applejack smiled warmly at that.

“Just as long as you’re 100% honest from here on out,” she said, gently thrusting her hoof towards him. “Deal?”

Goggles didn’t even need a single second to consider his answer to that question.

“Deal!” he shrieked happily, grasping her hoof in his paw and cheerfully shaking it.

It was a happy moment then in the Apple Family house, with Goggles in the centre, he could see the love and affection from every pony’s face that surrounded him. Even Trixie couldn’t help but let a small giggle escape, even though she did try to hide it seconds later before any Pony noticed, although that didn’t stop a certain Gizmonk from spotting it, clearly the pony’s ego was something he would need to work on if she was going to continue being his assistant. Suddenly that reminded Goggles of something important.

“Though I have to say,” he said, getting on the subject while it was fresh in his mind. “Word is going to spread pretty quickly around Ponyville about this and I’m sure that a lot of ponies might not have the same courtesy as you fine ponies. And Celestia knows what’s going to happen to my business when every pony does find out that I’ve been keeping such a big secret from everyone.”

“He does have a point AJ,” Applebloom pointed out.

“Undoubtedly,” Trixie added.

However Applejack didn’t seem to be the least bit phased.

“Y’all just let me worry about that,” she said calmly. “Now how about another cup of tea?”

Another surprise for the Gizmonk, this had to be the first time that Applejack had offered to make HIM a cup of tea, Goggles may not have had much experience with kind ponies like her but it felt nice.

“You know what?” he chuckled. “That does sound pretty good.”

With that final word, everyone then walked back into the living room and sat down to enjoy the tea that was on the coffee table, only this time Goggles felt more at home.

“By the way Goggles,” Applejack said, grabbing the Gizmonks attention. “When you say ‘observant species’, HOW observant do y’all mean exactly?”

Seeing no reason to hide anything else, Goggle gladly answered as he took another sip of tea.

“Well, let me see…” he said, trying to remember a few examples. “You all keep a spare house key buried at the base of one of the nearby apple trees, Big Macintosh keeps a stash of emergency money underneath a fake bottom in the cookie jar. Oh, by the way, dear Trixie owes said cookie jar 10 bits.”

“Snitch!” Trixie snapped, quickly shrinking into her seat as she received many glares from the Apples.

“Apple Bloom still keeps the bunny suit she wore during Zap Apple Season in her wardrobe,” Goggles continued, causing the said filly to blush a little. “And the combination of the padlock on your diary is…”

Suddenly Goggles realised that he had said too much, upon hearing that last part Applejack instantly spat out her tea and gasped.

“Y’all read my Journal!?!” she snapped, her eyes widened with shock and embarrassment.

“Um… no,” Goggles, answered unconvincingly as his eyes shifted from side to side, the only thing going through his mind now being to figure out the best method of escape.

“GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE VARMINT!!!” Applejack screamed as she chased the now fleeing Gizmonk out of the front door.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 12
The newest chapter of my new MLP fic
Dog and Pony Show

“You mean to tell me that cutesy-animal routine has all been just an act!?!”

Applejack’s words were so loud that almost every pony within a 1-mile radius heard her, but she didn’t care. If there was one thing Applejack absolutely hated it was a liar, and at this point she saw Goggles fitting that description perfectly. However Goggles knew he couldn’t just stand where he was taking Applejack’s scolding when he knew there was still an emergency going on.

“Yes but I don’t think it matters at this point!” he shouted back, snapping out of his state of fear. “Look, Apple Bloom, Silver Spoon and I were collecting gems on the outskirts of town when a bunch of paws burst out from underground and grabbed them! I tried to help, but they pulled the girls underground!”

Applejack listened intently upon hearing mention of her little sister, as Goggle proceeded to explain the situation, her face became blanketed with terror. Suddenly Rarity’s eyes widened with realisation.

“Diamond Dogs!” she gasped.

“You know them?” Goggles asked.

“Let’s just say we’ve had experience in the matter,” Rarity growled, the memory still burning on her mind.

Now that she mentioned it, Goggles did recall Apple Bloom mentioning something about Rarity’s experience with Diamond Dogs earlier. He may not have met them himself, but he was now certain that it had to be the same creatures from the way Rarity’s expression appeared.

“You bet we did,” Pinkie Pie added cheerfully. “I simply loved all the running, and the chasing, and the digging the holes, and Holy Moly, was there a lotta holeys!”

“PINKIE!” rarity, Applejack, and Goggle snapped simultaneously, silencing her instantly.

Ignoring Pinkie Pie’s usual outburst of hyperactivity, Applejack went back on subject.

“If it was the Diamond Dogs then they must have taken the girls back to their underground lair,” she said, fire in her eyes as she spoke.

“Then what are we standing around here for!?!” Goggles said as he turned back towards the way he came. “We gotta go get them!”

However before he even ran two feet, Applejack stamped onto his tail and held him back.

“YOU are going back to the farm, Goggles!” she snapped.

“What!?!” Goggles gasped, not believing what he was hearing. “But why?”

“Because not only have you kept secrets from us, but you have also put my little sister in danger,” Applejack answered angrily as she walked past him. “You’ve done enough damage for one day, come on girls!

And with that final word, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie ran off towards the edge of town.

“Applejack wait!!!” Goggles screamed, but to no avail as all three ponies disappeared into the distance.

Once Applejack and her friends were gone, Goggles state of panic quickly began to return to him, only worse considering the fact that he had only just now realised that he had blurted out the fact that he was able to speak in the middle of a crowded area. However even as a mass of ponies began staring at him, some with their mouths agape, some whispering amongst themselves, Goggles mind remained fixated on what to do about Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon.

“Oh Scrap-Bunnies, this is bad!” he grumbled to himself, clutching his head. “Okay Goggles, think, think! THINK!!!”

He then proceeded to slam his fists into his head hoping to come up with some sort of idea, after a few brief seconds, the orb at the end of his tail it up.

“I got it!” he announced. “Hang on kiddos, Goggles is on the way!”

He then made a quick dash back towards Sweet Apple Acres, running so fast that he left a cloud of dust blowing into every pony’s face.


“You sure this is the right way Rarity?” Applejack asked through heavy breaths before she and her two friends stopped running towards a nearby cave.

The area the three ponies ran to was definitely familiar, the earthy surface beneath their hooves was still the same as before, and even the cave itself remained unchanged.

“Absolutely,” Rarity said, gazing upon her surroundings. “This is definitely the same cavern we came out of the last time we ran into those brutes, it should lead us directly into that musky lair of theirs.

“Then let’s hop to it!” Pinkie Pie announced as she happy bounced ahead of the other two.

With a confident look and a strong nod between each other, Rarity and Applejack followed her inside.


Meanwhile, deep inside the underground caverns beneath the earth, there was an argument in progress. As Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon cowered by the gem-encrusted wall, the three Diamond Dogs towering above them were shooting their mouths off. One was a medium-sized dog, and was the leader of the trio, named Rover, the second was a large-sized one named Fido and the third was a small, bulldog-like creature named Spot. And at that moment all three Diamond Dogs had looks of pure scorn directed at each other.

“YOU NIMRODS!!!” Rover snapped at his two partners. “You numskulls grabbed the wrong ones!”

“Well it was YOU’RE idea to just grab them without looking!” Fido snapped back.

“Yeah, what kind of stupid plan was that?” Spot added.

“A plan that would have worked if you two would have been where I told you to dig!” Rover snarled. Now thanks to you idiots’ stupid sense of direction, we’re stuck here with two small ponies!”

“Well then we can just put them to work!” Spot pointed out, much to the terror of the two fillies, who were listening into the conversation.

“HOW!?!” Rover retorted. “They’re so small, they won’t even be able to pull the carts! They’re USELESS!”

“HEY!” Apple Bloom yelled, she may have been scared but regardless she was still insulted by Rover’s comment.

“Oh shut up!” Rover growled, staring down at the two.

Apple Bloom cringed under his gaze and stepped back, she may have been insulted but she was also smart enough not to get her kidnappers angry.

“We might as well let them go then,” Fido sighed. “Not much point keeping them around.”

That would have been a big relief for the two scared fillies, however Rover only chuckled at that remark.

“Oh yes, that’s a brilliant plan,” he said sarcastically. “And then they’ll go running back to their mommies and bring them back here, no doubt with that whining pony in tow. You idiot!”

Upon those words, Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom looked at each other with confusion.

“They must be talking about Miss Rarity,” Silver Spoon whispered, making sure the dogs didn’t hear her.

“Sounds like they’re scared of her or something,” Apple Bloom whispered back.

Indeed they was a definite look of terror upon the Diamond Dogs’ faces, Apple Bloom may not have gotten the full details as to what happened with Sweetie Belle’s big sister, but she was sure that whatever happened certainly got these guys spooked.

“There is no way I am going through that torture again, Fido!” Rover growled, pointing a clawed finger at the large Diamond Dog’s nose. “My ears still ache from the last time she was here!”

“But won’t ponies eventually come looking for them anyway?” Spot argued, slapping Rover’s paw away from Fido. “I’m pretty sure someone is bound to miss them.”

“Yeah,” Fido added. “And that silver one looks like one of those rich ponies, you can tell by looking at the pearls she’s wearing.”

Needless to say, Silver Spoon’s eyes widened with terror as all three Diamond Dogs looked down at her, luckily Apple Bloom there to place her hoof around her to stop her from crying. However Apple Bloom’s comfort only did so much as suddenly the cogs in Rover’s brain started to turn, a grin creepily spreading across his face as a twisted idea popped into his head.

“A rich pony eh?” he chuckled, sinisterly. “Maybe these ponies might be worth something after all.”

“What do you mean Rover?” Fido asked, raising an eyebrow.

Rover face-palmed at that.

“Think about it!” he snapped. “If the silver one really IS a rich pony, then I’ll bet her mummy and daddy will pay handsomely to get her back, and by handsomely I mean Geeeeeemmmmmmms!”

Both Fido’s and Spot’s eyes then widened with realisation, finally understanding the meaning of Rover’s words.

“Oooooooohhhhhhh, Gems!” they said simultaneously, their mouths salivating that the very thought of the precious stones.

Suddenly, Rover’s attentions were now completely on Silver Spoon, who could only look back up at him in terror as she couldn’t back up against the wall anymore.

“Now then,” he smirked, leaning down towards her. “How should we do this? Perhaps we snip off a bit of hair and send it to her home first?”

“No wait! Please!!!” Silver Spoon pleaded.

“Leave her alone!” Apple Bloom added as Rover reached his paw towards them.

Suddenly the caved echoed with another voice.

“Get you’re stinking paws off my sister’s friend, you darn dirty dog!” it said with a familiar sounding accent.

“Huh?” all three dogs, exclaimed, turning around to see the owner of the voice.

Sure enough, the owner of the voice, and Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom’s rescuers had appeared before them in all her sisterly glory. As Applejack glared upon the Diamond Dogs with rarity and Pinkie Pie by her side, Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom couldn’t help but beam back at them with a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

“You vile beasts!” Rarity scorned, glowering upon her former kidnappers. “How dare you kidnap innocent fillies!?!”

“Needless to say that upon seeing Rarity, all three Diamond Dogs’ eyes widened with terror.

“Aaahhh!!!! It’s that whining pony again!” Rover shrieked. “Quick, the earplugs!!!

Not needling to be told twice, all three Diamond Dogs each quickly took out a pair of ear-plugs from their vest pockets and stuck them in their ears, only to have that fall out seconds later due to the amount of wax built-up in their ears. Upon that display, all ponies simply looked at them with confusion and a slight bit of disgust.

“Honestly now?” Rarity deadpanned.

Deciding to ignore that obviously awkward moment, Apple Bloom called out to her sister/

“Applejack!” she cried.

“Apple Bloom! Silver Spoon! Are you okay?” Applejack responded.

“Let them go, you mongrels,! Rarity added.

“And you can apologise too!” Pinkie Pie Chirped in. ”Seriously you kidnap some pony and don’t even give them any snacks while they wait for their rescuers!?! What kind of hosts are you!?!”

Of course, Pinkie’s words confused the trio of Diamond Dogs, who looked back at her with puzzled looks upon their faces.

“Uuuhhh?” Spot exclaimed, not really knowing what else to say.

Suddenly Rover snapped back into reality.

“Oh for crying out loud!” he snarled, astounded by comrades stupidity as he swiftly grabbed Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon by their tails.

“GIRLS!!!” Applejack shrieked, fearing what Rover was planning to do with her little sister.

“Now we don’t want any trouble,” Rover growled sinisterly as he held up both girls in front of him. “All we want is… the monkey.”

However the reaction rover got was not what he expected, instead of looks of terror all he got were more looks of confusion, even from his comrades.

“Rover, what are you doing?” Spot asked.

“Yeah, I thought we were gonna ask for gems,” Fido added, scratching his head.

“What does it look like numskull!?!” Rover snapped. “I’m trying to make a deal here.”

However everyone still remained confused, even Pinkie Pie seemed to not get the idea yet.

“A monkey?” she said scratching her head with her hoof. “That’s a weird thing to ask for isn’t it? I would probably understand better if you wanted cake, or chocolate or even those little…”

“No! We want the monkey!” Rover snapped again, only this time even louder. “You know, blue fur, about yay tall, looks like nerd…”

“You want Goggles!?!” Apple Bloom gasped.

“Why on earth would you want Goggles?” Rarity added.

Rover may not have known Goggles’ name before now, but by the way the ponies reacted, he knew instantly that they were all talking about the same creature. Satisfied that everyone was now on the same page, he began to explain.

“It’s simple,” he said. “The Monkey-thing stays here with us, he then makes us those toys of his, and we use them on our mines. You get your little ponies back, and we get tons of precious gems, nice and easy.”

“Ooh, good thinking Rover.” Fido praised his leader.

“Yeah, very brainy.” Spot added.

“So what do you say ponies?” Rover asked, grinning inanely As the thought of all the possible gems filled his mind. “You bring us that blue monkey, and we’ll let the little ones go free.”

However every pony only gasped in horror upon Rover’s demand, especially Pinkie Pie, who had pulled a drink out of her hair, only to drink some and spit it out for emphasis on the drama.

“WHAT!?!” she shrieked.” You bunch of meanies! We would never trade a dear friend like that! Nu-uh, no way, no sir, no thank you, non, nein, NEVER!!!”

“Quite right,” Rarity added, furiously. “If you think that we’re just going to give someone over you to you then you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Darn right we won’t!” Applejack included, much to the big surprise of the Diamond Dogs, considering that one of the ponies they had was her little sister. “Apple Bloom may be my baby sister, but ah know for a fact that she’d never forgive me if we gave you Goggles just like that. Even if he is a little liar.”

Of course that last part she merely mumbled under her breath so that Apple Bloom couldn’t hear her, however the words Apple Bloom did hear made her smile with pride, she may have been terrified and her blood was already rushing to her head from being held upside down by Rover, but seeing her big sister defend not only her but Goggles as well made her heart glow.

“You tell em, Big Sis!” she cheered.

“Yeah!” Silver Spoon added, sharing Apple Bloom’s care and enthusiasm.

However upon hearing Applejack’s answer, Rover only growled with fury, if there was one thing the Diamond Dogs hated more than Rarity’s whining, it was not getting what they wanted.

“Well then,” he growled furiously. “I guess we’ll just have to keep these little ponies here forever won’t we?”

Rover then turned to run down towards a nearby escape tunnel, however before he or his comrades could move Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie rushed over towards them and blocked their path.

“Why you…” Rover snarled as he clenched his free hand into a fist, ready to fight his way through the Earth Pony.

Rarity and Pinkie Pie stepped back at this, but Applejack didn’t even flinch, whatever it took to save her sister, she was willing to do anything, even if it meant beating these arrogant Diamond Dogs to a pulp. However before anyone else could even move another inch, the entire cavern echoed with one loud call.


Instantly reacting, everyone turned their heads to try and find the source of the voice, the fact that it didn’t come from any of them being obvious.

“Who said that!?!” Fido called out, almost spooked by the non-presence of the new voice.

“I did, you mangy mutt!” the voice shouted in response.

Now receiving a clearer sound from the voice, everyone turned their heads towards the direction that Applejack and her friends came from. What they saw made their eyes widen with surprise, as a shadowy silhouette of a certain Gizmonk came making their way towards them from the darkness.

“G…Goggles?” Apple Bloom stuttered.

Indeed it was Goggles, a scornful glare upon his face and what appeared to be a small, Gizmonk-sized briefcase in his right paw. As he got closer towards the group,  the ponies noticed that as his features became more clear, he didn’t really look like the cute little Gizmonk that have come to know, as he glared upon the Diamond Dogs with the burning fire in his eyes, they saw something different, something that made him look… dominant. Of course it was no surprise to Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie that he was the one who spoke, however to Apple Bloom, Silver Spoon and the Diamond Dogs it was quite the shock.

“You… you can talk?” Apple Bloom stuttered, still trying to absorb what she was witnessing.

“Yeah, I know it’s shocking,” Goggles replied sarcastically as he continued his way towards the Diamond Dogs. “The cute little family pet is capable of speech, go figure.”

“I don’t believe it,” Silver Spoon gasped, her head spinning as she too tried to make sense of what was going on.

“Believe it kiddo, it talks! But never mind that now,” he chuckled before stopping in front of the leader of the Diamond Dogs, putting on a mischievous smile as he addressed him. “Look, Rover was it? Now I’m sure you’re a smart fellow, perhaps we can come to some sort of deal of our own. Maybe NOT get these innocent ponies involved!”

Rover couldn’t believe what he was seeing, was this creature, an animal that was only a fraction of his size, seriously trying to negotiate with him?

“Don’t try to be smart with us Monkey!” he snapped, tightening his grip on the fillies’ tails. “These little ones are the main reason we are even having this little talk, and YOU are the only thing we want in exchange for them.”

Goggles then sighed and placed his briefcase down on the floor of the cave, crossing his harms with an irritated look upon his face.

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint but as you can already figure out from every Pony’s reaction, I am not for sale,” he said. “But perhaps you and I can arrange some sort of substitution?”

Rover only laughed at that.

“Oh really?” he chuckled. “Well if you aren’t willing to come with us, then what ARE you willing to trade for them?”

This time it was Goggle who chuckled.

“Oh come now,” he said. “You and I both know what this whole situation is REALLY about, what you dogs crave above all else… gems! And lots of them!”

This statement not only caught the Diamond Dogs’ attention, but also every pony else’s, even now that they knew he was capable of speech, Goggles still managed to boggle their minds.

“And I’m not just talking about trading or digging for them,” he continued. “What if I told you that I know a way to get you Diamond Dogs all the gems you could ever want and more?”

“Goggles what y’all talking about?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow, confused as anyone else who had been listening to the Gizmonk’s ramblings.

Goggles merely grinned at that question as though he were waiting to be asked it, he then turned back towards the briefcase he had set down.

“Watch and observe,” he said opening the briefcase.

Everyone then found themselves watching intently as Goggle proceeded to take something out of the briefcase, at  this point the atmosphere had become so tense that no one could do anything else. What Goggles took out of the case was a small glass vial containing what appeared to be a pure white liquid, while everyone else remained confused, only Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon knew what the vial’s contents were since they bore witness to its creation earlier that day.

“Normally my field of work would consist of creating mechanical gizmos, but this little doozy is the result of my newest reaches into science,” Goggles explained as he held up the vial for all to see. “After some experimentation and research into the books of the local library, I happened to come across a formula for a potion that will allow the growth of plants. However I managed to fiddle around with the mixture a bit so that it would be able to make anything grow.”

However this explanation only went over everyone else’s head, especially the Diamond Dogs, who were the least bright of the lot.

“What’s the strange Monkey-thing talking about?” Fido asked, scratching his chin.

“Yeah, what are you talking about?” Rover added, his eye narrowing at the sight of the vial.

“Goggles?” Applejack said, her gaze trying to find a way to demand a clear answer from the Gizmonk.

Upon hearing these words, Goggles once again grinned.

“Perhaps a demonstration is in order,” he said calmly “PINKIE!”

Upon hearing her name, Pinkie Pie instantly appeared right next to Goggles, causing the Diamond Dogs some confusion since she used to be on the other side of them seconds earlier.

“Yes Goggles?” Pinkie Pie answered with her usual smile.

“May I borrow a gem please?” Goggles asked politely.

“Okie Dokie Loki,” Pinkie answered cheerfully as she pulled out a sapphire from her curly mane, why she even had something like that in her hair was anyone’s guess.

“Someone want to tell me what is going on?” Spot whispered, leaning in towards Rarity and Applejack, who only shrugged in response since they were as confused as he was.

Everyone then watched intently as Goggles took the sapphire from Pinkie and placed it on the floor, he then removed the cork from the vial and turned his head towards Rover.

“This is what I’m offering dog-boy,” he said, narrowing his eye. “All it takes is one drop of this liquid, and this one sapphire will grow into something much more impressive.”

Rover’s eye then widened with realisation, with Goggles had just said, he was now able to put 2 and 2 together and understand where he was coming from.

“The… the gem will grow big?” he sputtered, his mouth watering as his greed began to grow in his mind.

“It will grow VERY big!” Goggles said with a smirk as he raised the vial over the gem.

Before anyone could say another word, Goggles tilted the vial and let a single drop fall onto the sapphire, which in turn began to glow and shake violently upon coming into contact with the strange substance. Upon seeing this, Goggles’ eyes widened with tension, as did Silver Spoon’s and Apple Bloom’s for all three of them had a strong feeling as to what was going to happen next.

“Now you all might want to step back,” Goggles said nervously as he crept around the shaking gem, towards Rover. “I haven’t quite tested it yet.”

“Say what now?” Rover responded, snapping back to reality for a moment after being captivated by the magical display occurring.

Suddenly everything seemed to happen all at once, with one quick movement Goggles jumped onto Rover’s face and poked him in both eyes, causing him to scream in pain as he dropped Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon to clutch his eyes in agony. Upon being freed, the two fillies suddenly found themselves thrown to the ground as the sapphire exploded into a massive ball of blue light and smoke accompanied by a massive bang that shook the entire cavern.
A Gizmonk in Ponyville - Chapter 11
The newest chapter of my new mlp fic
Hey guys, for those who have read my fanfics, you would know that a good chunk of them remain unfinished. I know I said that I was just taking a hiatus on them but the sad truth is that I am completely out of ideas for them. Not only that but because I can't give a real answer to those who are asking for the next chapters, I've decided to stop writing them... permanently.

Don't fret, I still might come up with a new fic when I can come up with something good and follow through with it, however the others that I have already posted are no longer in production, reasons being that I have no idea what to write next, there are too many fics to keep on track, plus I have lost interest in pretty much all of them. I know you guys reading the fics are going to be disappointed and I am sorry about that, but frankly I need a clean slate because not only do I have other things to do in my life but if I am going to write a new fic then I want it to be good and not a half-assed rush job.

Furthermore, I've decided that the fics I haven't finished are not worth keeping on DA, oh don't worry, I won't be deleting the finished ones, just the ones that I have decided not to move forward with.

Again, sorry guys but I need a clean slate, thanks for the support though it's very much appreciated.


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